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#443 I love you

Yu Xingfan walked to the stage, facing everyone, he was a little nervous, but more blood.

He never thought that he could also stand at a game conference and share what he once had.

"Hello everyone, I'm Yu Xingfan." His hands holding the microphone are all sweat: "I want to say that I have loved games since I was a kid, and my father taught me to learn finance, but when I was studying abroad, I was also secretly playing games. Learning nothing, she left, don’t want me, but still playing games."

"But now, I have participated in the plot and level planning of Starry Night Games, and I have earned the first pot of gold in my life."

"I have developed my hobbies into careers, and in the future, I will develop to a deeper place. I feel that I am full every day now, not before, because I always learn those things that are not financial, and once hesitated. And self-doubt..."

"In my sister's words, everything is two-sided, depending on how you use it. Money can be donated to Hope Primary School in some people, so that children who can't afford to study have the opportunity to learn. In the hands of some people, it has become a source of sin."

"The game itself is not good or bad, the key is, how to use it reasonably." Yu Xingfan took a deep breath: "I'm finished... Oh, yes, my vest in the game is called Xinghai Menggui, welcome friends to add me !"

After he finished speaking, he seemed really nervous, bowed, and ran away.

Song Yiren stood in front of the stage, picked up the microphone, and smiled at the old lady: "Old lady, if you are free, you can bring your grandson over, and I will teach him personally. I have also had time to skip classes and decline in school, but, Later, I regained my self, participated in the college robot contest, and won the double championship of the team and the individual."

"As a family member, you should encourage him, not give up him." Song Yiren said, glancing at everyone present: "Now, all our players also have an agreement that everyone can't drop their academic performance. I will open a forum area in the game service area when the time comes, and if my score rises, I will give a gift package!"

After the Song Yi people finished, everyone was excited and shouted: "In order to warm the baby, we will never decline in performance!"

Song Yi people twitched their lips, warm baby? How do they know the nickname Bei Mingmo gave her?

Or, what happened to her during this period?

At this moment, even if the conference was successfully concluded.

Song Yiren and all the staff, including Chi Jingyu and Yu Xingfan, stood in front of the stage and waved goodbye to everyone.

Off the stage, Shangguan Yan was almost crazy, and has been bombarding his friends indiscriminately: "This baby can't wait, I will go to Starry Night to cast a resume this afternoon!"

"Right, call me warm baby in the future, thank you!"


Thousands of miles away, Shangguan Ao watched the whole conference, and the expression on his face was sometimes happy and dignified.

If he had doubts about the ability of the Song Yi people before, at this moment, he really believed that the other party did have two brushes!

Gong Lingye wasn't stunned, and he was in love with the Song Yi people. Besides his appearance, he also had talent.

He is not stupid. The Song Yi people suddenly left the scene when they struck the bell. It should be what happened.

Afterwards, the three actors lost their appointments together, and the old lady who mixed in at last... This is clearly a serial account for the Song Yi people.

However, it was all settled down by her.

Moreover, they also fought beautifully to make the atmosphere even higher.

Therefore, all the means of the opponent failed to destroy her, but instead became a combustion aid that made her successful.

This woman...

He narrowed his eyes, stood up, and called the housekeeper to the study.

In the living room, the woman looked at the back of her house owner's departure, but felt that her heart was clogged.

Doesn’t it mean that a few consecutive chains, Song Yi people can’t be all right?

Why was the press conference so successful, and she, instead, let the house owner watch a beautiful show? !

The woman was in flames and her husband's phone came over.

"Wife, where is it?" Shangguan Hedao said.

"At home, water the flowers," the woman said.

"Watering flowers?" Shangguan He sneered: "Aren't you watching TV with your uncle?"

The woman's heart snapped and sank. It seems that her man already knows which servant must have said it.

"We just finished watching." the woman murmured.

"Aren't you going to divide yourself at home? Just know that you're holding back!" Shangguan He's angry voice came: "I didn't ask you to help me in my career, but at home, you can't at least mess up with me! Uncle originally Just look at Zhonggong Lingye. Now, even Gonggong Lingye's wife is fancy, how many chances do I think I still have?"

"Uncle just watched the press conference once, but not yet..." The woman's voice flinched.

She and Shangguan He were in a business marriage, but less than two years after the marriage, her company encountered problems. Now, Shang Guan He doesn't even have much good looks for her.

"Only once? Yes, only once!" Shangguan He sneered: "But if it was you on the stage at that time, how do you think about how you can behave? Can you have someone halfway?"

The woman was speechless: "Her husband, I'm sorry."

"You have to stay at home and reflect on yourself!" Shangguan He finished and hung up the phone with a snap.

He was about to put away his mobile phone, and he saw the Weibo Gong Gongye had just sent--

Gong Lingye V: "It turns out that my family's warm fans are called warm baby? Who is the group owner? I also want to join warm baby, please bring!"

Just after Gong Lingye sent the message, the following comment began to grow wildly.

Shangguan He saw that almost all of them praised the good feelings of the couple and the goddess of warmth and warmth. Others said that they were already bursting with dog food today. I am afraid they will not eat in the near future.

He tweeted Gong Lingye's Weibo, and found that since Gong Lingye automatically posted a few years ago, only occasionally there will be one or two industry information and reposts.

However, since he got married, Gong Lingye will ‘send dog food’ almost every three weeks, and there is no envy between the lines.

He suddenly discovered that he was 33 years old and never actually fell in love with someone.

Chasing fame and fortune for half his life, at this moment, thinking of the woman at home, he felt like he didn't want to go home...

At the moment, Song Yiren just came out from the press conference and then received a call from Gong Lingye.

"Baby, is that over?" Gong Lingye asked.

"Well, it's just over." Song Yiren exhaled a long breath: "It's almost exhausting! I don't know who is yelling at me, and the means are endless."

"My wife is so powerful, they can only become wives to practice their wives." Gong Ling Yedao.

Song Yiren was teased and said again: "But I didn't say anything to you just on stage, it means you made a decision..."

Gong Ling Ye immediately said: "Wife's decision is my decision, if there is a similar situation in the future, just use it."

"Hey, you are a little faint like this." Song Yiren smiled.

"I am not a faint king, I am a warm baby." Gong Ling night said: "Just joined."