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#108 The truth of the year

The time was fast, and it was Li Xiaozi's wedding day.

    Early in the morning, Song Yi went to the hotel room where Li Xiaozi was.

    Three make-up artists also arrived, applying makeup to Song Yiren, He Wanshuang and Li Xiaozi.

    I haven't seen them for a few days. Li Xiaozi has really lost his shape. The height of one meter six is ​​less than seventy pounds. The original fitted wedding dress seems to be loose at the moment.

    Song Yiren looked at her thin cheeks and was sad that she couldn't tell.

    She has not yet received a call from Bei Mingmo, but unfortunately, the twin sisters have no chance to meet after all?

    At that time, Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo said yes, as long as the other is married, they will be the bridesmaid of the other. Now, Song Yiren stood beside Li Xiaozi, looking at the girl beside him, in a trance, as if he saw Bei Mingmo.

    At this moment, Li Xiaozi answered the phone, and then her lips overflowed with a smile and said to Song Yi: "If it is warm, do you remember the aunt I saw in the hospital ward that day? I and she don't know why, They all have a kind feeling towards each other, so she later recognized me as her dry daughter! Today, she will also come to my wedding! "

    In an instant, Song Yiren's throat seemed to be blocked, and his eyes were a little hot.

    She slowed down before she smiled: "That's great, that aunt I looked good at, and she must miss her daughter very much. Your mother is no longer there, it's better to be her biological mother!" "

    "I think so too." Li Xiaozi smiled, looking at Song Yiren, with envy and nostalgia in his eyes: "If it is warm, I think health is really good!"

    Song Yiren didn't know what to say, stretched out his arms and hugged Li Xiaozi: "Azi, you will be the most beautiful and happiest bride today!"

    Time passed quickly, until 9:30 in the morning, looking down from the hotel floor-to-ceiling windows, He Wanshuang saw a luxury convoy.

    "They're here!" He Wanshuang stood up, sorted out her long skirt, and then helped Li Xiaozi to the bed.

    Shortly afterwards, the groom and best man outside also arrived.

    Originally, the best man was Gong Lingye and Xuan Yuan Che, but because Xuan Yuan Che was temporarily unable to come from Ning Guo, he was replaced by Gong Mochen.

    The moment the hotel door opened, Song Yiren looked up and saw Gong Lingye walking behind Luo Tianqi.

    He is wearing a formal suit today, a suit with a ribbon cut that wraps his figure slenderly and without tension, with neat short hair and a sharp jaw line. The whole person looks handsome but cold and unforgiving.

    He didn't look at her, but Gong Mochen turned his eyes down. When he saw the Song Yi people, he seemed to be amazed, and then quickly returned his eyes.

    Over there, Luo Tianqi has picked up Li Xiaozi and walked out of the hotel.

    He is wearing a black suit today, his tie is red, a red rose is tied to his chest, his lips are smiling, and the whole person looks handsome and sunny.

    He took Li Xiaozi into the car. Later, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye also got on the bus one after another, and drove to the hotel under the Rockefeller.

    I wonder if it was arranged deliberately, the Song Yi people and Gong Ling Ye were in the same car. Both were sitting in the back row. Song Yi was wearing a pink bridesmaid dress. In the convertible sports car, the skirt flew to Gong Lingye's lap in the wind.

    She quickly reached out to pull and said quickly and embarrassedly: "Sorry."

    He replied: "It doesn't matter."

    I wonder if it is because the atmosphere is particularly embarrassing, Song Yi people always feel that this road is particularly long.

    Her skirt was always blown through, and even, because of several quick turns, her body could not help leaning to Gong Lingye.

    My heart was extremely annoyed. Even Song Yiren wanted to thank him for the information he gave. However, the words rolled over his lips several times, but he still couldn't say it.

    Finally, just arrived at the wedding scene, Song Yiren finally relieved.

    Gong Ling got out of the car at night and walked gently to her side to help her pull the car door.

    When she bowed out, she raised her eyes and saw the sharp lines on his neck.

    She said, "Thank you."

    He said lightly: "You're welcome."

    When he spoke, his throat knot rolled lightly, and the knot was sharp and sharp, like the tip of a knife on the Arctic ice peak.

    At that moment, Song Yiren found that Gong Lingye's coldness was carved in his bones, unlike Gong Mochen, which at first glance seemed cold but only on the surface.

    The groomsmen and bridesmaids entered the hall one after another. Because the wedding was not yet time, everyone was greeting the guests.

    Not many people were invited today, they were all due to Luo Tianqi.

    Luo Tianqi has a warm personality. Although he spent a lot of time in Ningguo in the past few years, he still has many friends.

    He took Li Xiaozi to the lounge to rest first, but he was outside to talk to his uncle's friends.

    At this moment, a man was pushed over by a couple with a strange face.

    "Mr. Luo, this is Zhang Aihui. I don't know if I can delay you for some time?" Said the man in the wheelchair.

    Luo Tianqi's expression slightly paused, then said: "Okay, let's go over there and say."

    The two came to a secluded place, Luo Tianqi first said: "Azi is in a bad state now, Mr. Zhang, your identity is embarrassing, don't come to mix things between me and her!"

    "Mr. Luo, you misunderstood." Zhang Aihui had just a few days after the operation. His appearance was very poor and he spoke slowly: "I don't know if Mr. Luo would like to listen to a story."

    He said nothing, and began to talk: "Azi and I are college classmates. She has a normal family background and talked about a boyfriend with a worse family background. That person is you. I already knew this."

    "You have been together for three years, everything was fine, as long as you graduate and find a job, in fact, you can pass even hard. But at that time, Azi's mother fell ill and needed a lot of medicine. fee."

    "Azi has tried everything she can, but still can't get the money. Her mother's surgery is coming, she has no choice but to go out and borrow a loan shark."

    "Ultrashark's money was used to perform an operation on her mother, but before her mother woke up, she was found at the door.

    "She dare not say this to you, the only thing she can do is break up."

    "And it happened that I was forced to marry at home during that time. I was a gay, I like men, and Azi always knew. I heard that she was short of money, and my family was doing well in business. , I gave her a loan shark, and she helped me cope with my parents. "

    "This is the origin of our marriage."

    Zhang Aihui said this and lifted her eyes: "You know the things behind. She has loved you for so many years, and she has never betrayed you. I came here today just to say that she is on this path It is not easy to walk, I hope you will cherish her in her last time. "

    "I wish you happiness."

    When he finished, he turned the wheelchair and left.

    Luo Tianqi instantly reddened his eyes.