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Over there, after Pei Jun delivered the He Wanshuang family, he went directly to the genetic identification institution.

After taking the sealed bag, he returned to the Tiangong Group.

At this moment, Gong Lingye had just finished the shareholders' meeting and returned to the office to see Song Yi who was asleep on the sofa.

She should have been sleeping while waiting for him. Although her past was not very good, she didn't look like she did all day long.

She didn't make up the 800 ml of blood for a few months, I'm afraid it couldn't be recovered.

He felt distressed, walked over, gently picked her up, and took her to the back lounge to sleep.

She woke up and asked him, "Is the meeting finished?"

He nodded: "Nuan Nuan, you can sleep in peace, woke us to eat together."

At this time, there was a sound of lightly buckling the door outside, it was Bae Jun.

Gong Lingye covered the Song Yi people with a quilt, came out, and saw the sealed bag in the hand of Pei Jun, so he took it and asked, "How is Xiaoshuang over there?"

"The case has been signed and cancelled." Pei Jun said: "She signed the divorce agreement, but Lieyuan Shen did not sign it, but I left the agreement to him."

"Well." Gong Lingye nodded: "Lawyer Zhang, if you need cooperation, you can provide information at any time."

"Okay." Bae Jun responded and retreated.

In the office, Gong Lingye opened the sealed bag.

His gaze swept through the previous content, and looked directly at the final conclusion.

There are two appraisal reports, one is by Yu Ruonuan and Yu Ruoxia. The above shows that the two have a relative relationship.

The second one, Yu Ruannuan and Yu Xingfan, shows that there is no kinship between the two.

In both reports, there is no need to test anything at all. Everything has been explained. Yu Ruonuan and Yu Ruoxia should be half-same.

Therefore, she and Yu Xingfan will not have any relatives!

And Yu Ruo Nuan’s mother has passed away. All available information shows that she had never had a man before marrying Yu Chengzhi. After marrying, there is nothing good.

How could she give birth to other men's children?

Gong Lingye was also the first to encounter such a mystery. It seems that she can only wait for Song Yiren to wake up to see if she can search for Yu Ruonuan's memory.

The Song Yi people slept for a long time and were a little confused when they woke up.

She came out of the lounge and saw the bright sky outside, only to realize that it was still daytime.

Gong Lingye approached her and asked, "Warm, are you hungry?"

She nodded: "It's really hungry, but I want to drink some water first."

He went to pour water for her, she looked at him, her lips raised, her eyes bright.

I am really touched. Last year, how did she think that one day she would sit in the office of the president of Tiangong Group and wait for the big president to pour her water?

Gong Ling night saw Song Yi people drinking water and looked at him, could not help reaching out to touch his cheek: "Drinking makeup?"

Song Yiren listened to him saying that he almost didn't choke: "How can you spend your makeup so light?"

He still felt that the man's makeup was particularly awkward, and he couldn't help but squeeze his eyebrows, and then said: "Nuan Nuan, I'll let Bae Jun order food."

She nodded, and now she might not want to go out to eat because she was just awake and her body was soft.

After Gong Lingye came back, he picked up the appraisal report, walked to the sofa next to Song Yiren and sat down: "Warm warm, the result came out."

The Song Yi people took the past and looked directly at the final result.

She looked at it twice and was shocked: "So, Yu Chengzhi is not Yu Ruonuan's biological father?!"

Gong Lingye nodded: "If you think about it, is there any clue? Or think about if Ruo Nuan grew so big, is there any man who secretly went to see her and took care of her?"

Regarding this, Song Yiren shook his head directly: "In her memory, never."

Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "So no one knows about this? Maybe, was it an accident?"

Song Yiren heard him say this, and immediately agreed: "It is possible! Maybe it was night, love or something, or, it was the man who raped Yu Ruan Nuan or secretly touched Yu Ruonuan's mother, so, No one knows."

She thought about it and said, "Because, before her mother died, she still remembered Yu Chengzhi. Although she was divorced from Yu Chengzhi, she had been waiting for him without complaining."

"It seems so." Gong Ling Yedao said: "I just don't know, what is your biological father's biological father's identity, whether it is related to the original Shangguan family again."

Song Yiren sighed: "I seem to be more and more confused."

Gong Lingye rubbed her hair: "For now, we still have a clue, that is the flying eagle tattoo. Nuan Nuan, wait for you to be better, let's go to Ningguo together."

Song Yi nodded: "Okay."

Soon, lunch came and the two ate in the office.

In the afternoon, the Song Yi people returned to their office area. She has accumulated a lot of work that she didn't do before, but now it's a little tricky to handle.

I always feel that time is not enough, I wish to split it in half every minute.

A few days later, after careful care by the nutritionist, Gong Lingye looked much better, and the Song Yi people became soft without moving.

On the weekend, Gong Lingye took the Song Yi people back to the old house.

The old lady Gong heard that her son had gone to country f just after getting married, and was very worried.

Now that I saw people coming back, I heard that I don’t have to go for the time being. I was relieved and pulled Song Yi people to chat. I was in a good mood.

In the evening, the two dine in the old house.

After dinner, Song Yiren teased a few children downstairs, and Gong Lingye went upstairs to tell her mother what happened before.

Because he had been instructed before, the food sent by Gu's family could not be eaten, so although he only told his mother now, it would have no effect.

After listening to his son, Mrs. Gong sat on the sofa for a long time without saying a word.

Gong Lingye reached out and patted her on the back: "Mom, it's all right."

Mrs. Gong's eyes were full of sorrow: "It's all me! If I didn't please Gu Chiyun, my three sons wouldn't..."

Gong Lingye shook his head: "Mom, he has such a mindset, and he may also hate the Gong family for other things, so sometimes it can't be prevented at all. Fortunately, in the generation of Mo Chen, the influence of drugs on the ancestors can be ignored. I have been cured, and in our future, there will be no more curse!"

Mrs. Gong nodded her head, controlled her emotions for a long time, and then raised her eyes: "Ling Ye, you are not too young this year. When will you let me hold my grandson?"

Gong Lingye smiled and said: "Mom, we have just recovered, we have to raise our bodies first, almost half a year!"

"Okay, that's half a year." Mrs. Gong is a little old and small: "I can remember, if there is no movement by then, I have to ask your wife!"

"Good." Gong Lingye coaxed the old man.