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When he heard the word ‘old age’, Gong Lingye breathed subconsciously.

    Yeah, if he can grow old with her, really, he can exchange all his life.

    How could it be unwilling?

    He nodded and looked straight at the Song Yi people, his eyes full of piety: "I will."

    Song Yiren didn't know what Gong Lingye thought at the moment.

    She stared at him with an unspeakable sourness in her heart.

    If the oath can come true, then I really wish that he could go hand in hand with him for a long time.

    When Bae Jun originally asked this sentence, he just walked the flow. But at the moment, when the words were blurted, it was cruel to realize that he asked.

    However, he still turned his head and said to Song Yi: "Miss Yu, may you voluntarily marry Mr. Gong, regardless of poverty, wealth, health and suffering, will you still love him, accompany him, take care of him until old?

    Song Yiren smiled hard and collected the trembling in his voice: "I will."

    When she talked, she never looked away from Gong Lingye.

    Bae Jun was also very emotional, and then said: "I announced that Mr. Gong Lingye and Miss Yu Ruonuan formally married, and the two can exchange rings!"

    Gong Lingye raised Song Yiren's hand and carefully put the wedding ring he had prepared on her left ring finger.

    Song Yiren also picked up the men's wedding ring and put it on Gong Lingye carefully.

    Two chic wedding rings, her grace, his atmosphere, the diamonds above refract dazzling light in the sunlight.

    He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

    There was a golden sun above their heads. They stood on the vast land, and the thousand-year-old history felt like an invisible aura, surrounding each other.

    At that moment, they forgot everything they need to face after tomorrow, because at this moment, only the lover in front of them.

    For a long time, Gong Lingye slightly released Song Yiren.

    He looked at some of Jingying's eyes and asked distressedly, "Baby, why are you crying?"

    She shook her head and raised her lips: "I'm laughing."

    He tightened his arms and brought her into his arms.

    Under the audience, Mrs. Gong wiped the water around her eyes with relief.

    Her youngest son is finally married and married! It's just a pity that her grandchildren don't even have an object now!

    Mrs. Gong looked towards the best man in the front, and Gong Mochen kept looking at the direction of the stage. The look looked a little pitiful.

    She has watched this grandson grow up since she was a child, how come she doesn't know his thoughts?

    However, her son is meat, and her grandson is also meat. She can't get a bowl full of water. Plus, obviously Song Yi people like Gong Lingye.

    "Forget it, let the young people deal with the matter of their children and grandchildren!" Mrs. Gong turned to Yue Wenqing who was beside him.

    What Yue Wenqing wanted to say, but the wood was a boat.

    She pouted: "Mom, yeah, I believe Mo Chen will definitely find you a better granddaughter!"

    Mrs. Gong knew she was angry, but she was too lazy to say anything at the moment.

    On both sides of the stage, the musicians played again.

    Gong Lingye and Song Yi people danced today's first dance together.

    There are no lights and no special rotating stage, but they can use the sky as the background and the ground as the stage. Every rotation is perfectly tacit.

    At the end of the song, the two children of the Gong family pushed a cake cart over. On the cake cart, Zahara and Ares stood side by side. When they reached the stage, they said at the same time: "Happy wedding!"

    Then, the fireworks bloom, even in the daytime, still dyeing the sky with colorful colors.

    Gong Lingye and Song Yiren cut the cake, and then, together, held up the tray and went to meet their parents.

    Song Yi ’s parents are no longer there, even Yu Ruo Nuan ’s mother has died, and her father is still in prison.

    Therefore, as the eldest sister, Yu Ruoxia temporarily sat in the parent's seat, and the old lady Bi Gong was wrong.

    Song Yi first came to the old lady Gong, bent over to hand over tea and cake, and sweetly called ‘Mom. ’

    Mrs. Gong took her over with a look of relief, then stuffed a big red envelope to the Song Yi people.

    Then, she patted Gong Lingye's shoulder: "Ling Ye, you will also have a wife in the future, take good care of Ruo Nuan."

    "Mom, I will." Gong Lingye nodded.

    The two came to Yu Ruoxia again.

    Yu Ruoxia's eyes were red, and when she took the cake handed over by Song Yiren, a tear broke down.

    She quickly wiped it and held Song Yiren's hand tightly: "Youngest, my sister sees that one of us is finally happy and feels very happy!"

    Song Yiren's eyes also turned red all at once. She knew that Sister Yu Ruonuan, who had such a father since childhood, how could she have enjoyed real happiness?

    It's a pity that the real Yu Ruonuan is no longer there, but she can't tell the two sisters. Can only earnestly continue to live for Yu Ruonuan, to make up for the shortcomings of their three sisters.

    "Sister, you can rest assured that I am fine now, and you will be fine in the future." Song Yi said humanely.

    Yu Ruoxia nodded and said to Gong Lingye: "Brother-in-law, my third sister will hand over to you in the future. She suffered a lot when she was a child. You take good care of her."

    Gong Lingye picked it up and took Song Yi's hand, saying Yu Ruoxia seriously: "Sister, I will."

    After the tea ceremony was over, the two little guys took another flower ball, held it high and handed it to Song Yiren: "Aunt, throw the flower ball!"

    Song Yiren leaned over and smiled to pick it up, and suddenly thought of seeing these children for the first time. Gong Mochen deliberately said that she was a bad woman. She cooperated and said that she likes to eat the children's heart.

    So they were scared away by her, and one of them cried and said she was looking for her mother.

    She felt funny and could not help but bowed her head to kiss the childish faces of the little girls and boys and whispered: "Auntie will invite you to eat candy for a while!"

    Although the children of the Gong family usually eat and wear the best, but for the snacks such as sugar, the children are really greedy because of the strict control at home.

    Therefore, when Song Yiren said this, two little guys, four or five years old, immediately put out their little fingers and sternly said to Song Yiren: "Aunt must not lie!"

    Song Yi people laughed and hooked their fingers: "Aunt doesn't lie to you!"

    The two little guys were promised, and they were extremely happy. They were on the other side and kissed Song Yi.

    Beside him, Gong Lingye had been watching their interaction, and his heart was surging.

    She seems to like children very much? If they had their own children, would she love it too?

    I really want to be able to see the warm picture of her interaction with her son and daughter, that must be the most beautiful scene in life ...

    He recalled the past and was strictly required from birth, and then he has been working hard to protect the palace.

    He sent away his elder brothers one after another. After experiencing the loss of his loved ones, he gradually became his own way.

    He felt that his life might be short-lived, so he would just want to spend his time.

    He used fierce and fierce means in the mall, never cared about anything, only felt that his fist was hard, so everyone would listen to him.

    However, she was an exception, breaking into his life.