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#19 Want to kill

Gong Lingye glances at the summary, which shows:

"General physical condition: excellent."

"Hormone level, bone blood index and organ health are all in normal value, without any sign of disease."

Gong Lingye simply looked at the detailed report at the back, was browsing, and listened to Pei jundao sitting in the front row: "president, something seems to have happened there..."

Gong Ling night raised his eyes and looked out of the window. He saw an alley in front of him. Several men surrounded a girl. Because the street lamp is dim and yellow, I can't see the faces of all people clearly, but it's not good to see at a glance.

"Alarm." Palace Ling night light spit out two words.

Pei Jun is taking out his cell phone to call 110. He says "eh". As the car approaches, he seems to know the girl.

"President, it seems to be Miss Yu." Pei Jun is afraid that Gong Lingye doesn't know Miss Yu. He also explains: "it's the young master's girlfriend, Miss Yu Ruonan."

Gong Lingye's heart sank without any reason. His pupils suddenly tightened: "get off the bus and clear the scene!"

On the street, Song Yi people struggled desperately, but she was a girl after all, where could she earn several big men?

She was caught on the wrist and turned to bite.

The man felt a pain, released her wrists, raised his foot and kicked it on her stomach.

Song Yi suddenly felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen and fell to the ground.

When the men saw her fall, they immediately laughed, gathered together and pressed her down. One of them also put a piece of medicine in her mouth.

Song Yi people wanted to spit out, but the medicine was melted at the entrance, and she was holding her chin, unable to move.

She took a small dagger to defend herself, but at the moment, her hands and feet were all held down, and the dagger could not be pulled out at all.

I don't know if I've just been kicked. At the moment, the people of Songyi feel the pain in their lower abdomen is more severe. For a while, they have been soaked in cold sweat and can't make any strength on their body.

The bottom of her eyes was determined and unwilling. She asked those people, "who sent you?"

"Ha ha, I only blame you for offending the wrong person!" The head of a man said, eyes color become dark unknown: "grow so beautiful, our business is also worth it! In a moment, we don't want to touch you. You will ask us for it! "

After that, his face was already full of obscene laughter. He beckoned his brother to hold down song Yiren, and he was going to untie the belt.

But at this time, the Song Yi people did not know where to come from the strength, suddenly took out his left leg, facing the man the most important place is to kick hard!

Several people didn't expect that she could resist, but just when they wanted to catch her again, she had an extra dagger in her hand, and one put it on her carotid artery.

Her eyes were scarlet, and she locked several people in front of her: "your employer, you should not have killed you, right? If you die, can you really escape from the imperial city? "

As soon as their faces changed, they all hesitated.

Just at the moment when they were distracted, the Songyi people thrust a dagger into the chest of the nearest person!

All of a sudden, the whole world seemed to be still for two seconds, and then, that man was howling!

Song Yi people pulled the dagger out of the man's chest, and the blood immediately dyed her hands red. Her eyes were crazy: "who else dare to come?"

Ha ha, it's so easy for her to get a chance of rebirth. Her parents' revenge hasn't been avenged and her brother is waiting for her. How can she die easily?!

If she is caught by the police today, it can only be said that she has defended too much at most. Besides, she was just very measured. This man seems to have shed a lot of blood. In fact, he should be sent to the doctor in time. There is no danger to his life at all.

Several men did not expect that the Songyi people actually dared to kill people. They were so scared that they almost looked at each other and wanted to escape.

However, they were only a few steps away when they were stopped by two people.