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#129 She changed

Beiming foam heard song Yiren's words, eyes are shocked to see her.

"Mo Mo, I'll go ahead and talk to you in detail." Song Yiren said, and walked into the courtyard.

When Beiming foam looked at her, she was still looking at Beiming foam.

In the past, although Beiming foam was fashionable in clothes, she never had her hair permed.

At the moment, the wavy big curly hair replaced the original black long straight, the original smooth forehead had more broken hair and left the sea, although it was still the past facial features, but there was a little more reserved and fashionable temperament between the eyebrows.

If Song Yi people were not familiar with her soul, I'm afraid at first glance, they would not recognize that it was the former Beiming foam.

Sure enough, these three years, they are different.

This small courtyard is an old-fashioned quadrangle. When the two enter, Bei Mingmo and Song Yi take a seat on the stone bench in the courtyard. At the bottom of her eyes, she is still on guard: "are you really Yi?"

Song Yi nodded and pondered for a moment. "Mo Mo, when you were 11 years old, you wrote a love letter to the boy in the next class. As a result, you got his name wrong and was exposed by the boy on the spot. It was embarrassing for a semester."

"When you were 13 years old, you came to my aunt for the first time. I didn't come at that time. You soiled your pants. I tied my coat to your waist. As a result, that night, I also came to my aunt. You said with a smile, even the first aunt of a good sister came together. "

"You are 17 years old. You took me to the bar for the first time. We got drunk together and lost our wallets. We didn't dare to tell our family. We escaped in the dark together and ran for two streets."

"You are 21 years old, and your family arranged a blind date for you. As a result, you put chili water in the red wine cup of the blind date, but he thought you were particularly interesting because of this, and you couldn't get rid of it."

"I am 24-year-old engaged. You designed everything. People say that I have a big fortune. I can hire talented designer Sabrina, but no one knows. Even Y & M brand was founded by you for me..."

Song Yi people said here, the opposite Beiming foam has already sobbed.

She looked at the completely strange face in front of her, though she thought it was incredible, but she firmly believed that the real person in front of her was the Songyi people she knew!

She stood up and hugged the Songyi people: "Yi, I am foam! Yi, why have you changed What's wrong with your forehead? "

"I bumped my forehead carelessly. It's OK. I'll be fine in two days." Song Yi people also tightened their arms, and their voice trembled: "Mo Mo, I have died once Three years ago, as you guessed, I didn't die. I was locked up by Chu Mingyao. But half a year ago, he killed my father and me. My soul didn't know why. It drifted into this body. I was reborn. Now it's called Yu Ruonan. It's from the Imperial City... "

Beiming foam hears the words and releases the song Yiren. She holds the song Yiren's face, looks at it carefully, touches it and pinches it. She is crying, but smiles again: "Yi, the world really has a soul. Fortunately, there is a soul. Otherwise, I don't know what to do! You're prettier than ever! "

After that, the bottom of the eyes was filled with hatred: "it's really him! I suspected him two years ago! He found out when he went to investigate, found someone to chase me, and I was forced to jump into the sea... "

Song Yi's people were shocked: "Mo Mo, what happened later? Where are you these two years? "

"I was rescued by fishermen after jumping into the sea, but I may have hit my retina when I jumped into the sea, so I couldn't see." "But my mind is clear, so I dare not go to the hospital. As a result, I was taken away by several people who went to the island. "

She sat down with the sonnets and began to talk.

At that time, after she was rescued, she couldn't see anything for many days. Every day, she ate what the fishermen gave her. She felt worried and painful.

In fact, at the moment of being hunted, Beiming foam had already determined his own guess. Song Yi people disappeared for so long, maybe, it's really bad.

She did not dare to inform anyone or know what she could do. She could only wait for the opportunity day by day.

Finally, someone came to the island, should be looking for what plant extracts, at the same time, also found her.

During the communication, she found it was an opportunity, so she left with them.

Since then, she has gone to a completely strange country, a little bit to adapt to all over there.

Because it can't be seen, other senses become more obvious. Beiming foam starts to learn fragrance by using its suddenly clear smell.

Later, she and their boss gradually trusted each other and asked each other to help them find clues.

However, there is still nothing.

During that time, beimingmo's eyes were treated several times, and finally recovered the light six months ago.

At the same time, the perfume she put out also opened up a new market.

They came to Pingcheng this time to talk about business. At the same time, Bei Mingmo wanted to try again to see if he could find any clues from the Songyi people.

She found out that there was something wrong with the cruise ship, but then she couldn't find it. Chu Mingyao really destroyed the evidence completely.

Until, this time, she came to see the small advertisement at the gate of the courtyard.

Song Yiren listens to Beiming foam and finishes talking. She leans up and kisses Beiming foam's eyes: "Mo Mo Mo, I've got you involved."

Beiming Mo pinched the face of Song Yi: "what do you say? Besides, I'm going to be angry! "

Song Yi laughed, and approached the North foam: "I smell what perfume my family froth!"

Beiming foam was tickled by her hair. She couldn't help laughing: "Wow, it's better to take advantage of my mother if I change my appearance!"

She said, suddenly her eyes brightened: "I've changed my body. I haven't touched it yet. I need to touch it enough this time!"

Song Yi people ran quickly, and Bei Ming Mo ran after them. They twisted together.

Beiming foam took the opportunity to grab a handful of the chest of the Songyi people, and the stains said: "yes, it's very interesting. It seems that it's more than half a mask. Cup?"

Song Yi people stare at her and touch her: "foam, how small?"

"It's small without you rubbing it for me!" Beiming foam said, and went to see the face of Song Yi people again: "it's so beautiful, ah, tell me honestly, how old are you now?"

"Just 20." Song Yi people are silent.

"Ah ah, how young!" Beiming foam jumps in place: "I'm 27 this year, you're only 20, Wuwu, you're going to call my sister..."

"My foam has always been beautiful and young! Three years no see, foam is more beautiful! " Song Yiren pulls Beiming foam to look back and forth, and suddenly blinks: "you said just now, with the people over there, hum, do you have Yan? Meet?"

Beiming Mo coughed and coughed for a while: "just made a boyfriend to calculate?"