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#98 Gene identification results

Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren's back and was a little happy.

    In other words, his little woman is now more and more lawless in front of him, why is he so happy?

    It seems that she should regard him as a true self-family.

    The Song Yi people came out and sat down, and the coffee they ordered had arrived.

    She stirred the milk froth on the coffee, tasted it, and added some sugar.

    In fact, drinking coffee generally adds milk and no sugar, but opposite is Chu Mingyao, a man who knows the eating habits of the Song Yi people very well. She has to guard against these details.

    "Girls like to eat sweets." Chu Mingyao smiled: "Yu Xiaomate, I think there are some desserts over there. I didn't dare to give you something. Look at which one you like?"

    Song Yiren smiled and was very polite: "It's okay, I'm not hungry."

    Gong Mochen said next to him, "Go ahead, just buy some."

    Now that he had spoken, the Song Yi people immediately got up and went to buy a tiramisu.

    She was about to pay, and she saw Gong Mochen next to her, as if she wanted to pay with her wallet.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye, who had returned from the bathroom, also came over. He pointed to a box of half-cooked cheese and said, "Come here.

    After all, just take out the card and hand it to the waiter.

    Gong Mochen silently collected his wallet back.

    The three returned to their seats and Gong Lingye took out the box of half-cooked cheese and said, "Mr. Chu, please."

    Chu Mingyao has a habit of not eating what others bring him from the outside. He wanted to eat everything he bought by looking at the other person himself.

    So he shook his head: "I'm not hungry, thank you Mr. Gong."

    Gong Lingye took a piece, tasted it, and said to Song Yi: "If it is warm, try it."

    Song Yi people subconsciously glanced at Gong Mochen, who saw that he didn't seem to think much about what Gong Lingye called her. Dessert? "

    Gong Lingye said lightly: "The cats at home like it, and I also tasted it. I think it is really good."

    Gong Mochen wondered, why didn't he know when his uncle adopted a cat?

    Chu Mingyao didn't think much, but just said in a warm voice: "Mr. Gong is very loving, it seems that the cats in your family must be pampered and very precious."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "The one in my house is very precious, I can't say it, I can't be fierce.

    He said, raising his feet under the table and gently touching the legs of the Song Yi people opposite, as if to imply: "Mao, it's you."

    This man, don't tease her will die?

    She retracted her leg and ignored him.

    Chu Mingyao smiled: "I have never raised a small animal, but the cat you mentioned is really interesting, and I keep one back."

    Gong Lingye seemed very sorry: "Mr. Chu may not be able to keep such a cat, because such a cat is the only one in the world, and I am not willing to cut the love!"

    Gong Lingye is different from Chu Mingyao. Chu Mingyao was born in a humble beginning. After being adopted by the Song family, he always felt like he was hiding under the fence. Move, and give the opponent a fatal blow.

    However, Gong Lingye was arrogant since childhood, and he was not the loser at all. Chu Mingyao's words made him uncomfortable, and he directly declared his sovereignty in front of him, and did not give the other party half face.

    At this moment, he feels that he is already very gentle!

    "Mr. Gong is really humorous!" Chu Mingyao apparently didn't care, haha ​​turned to the topic with a smile: "I don't hide it, I asked the little classmate to drink coffee this time, just asked her if she had the intention to join our Haisheng Group Yes, but since it ’s Mr. Gong ’s girlfriend, I wo n’t cut it off! ”

    Gong Mochen said lightly: "Well, after graduation, she will go to Tiangong Group."

    "I understand." Chu Mingyao took a sip of coffee and smiled friendly: "In any case, it is an honor for me to meet several people in the Imperial City this time! No matter whether you are a cooperative relationship or a competitive relationship, that is all It ’s official, privately, we will all be friends in the future, and we hope that Mr. Gong will take care of us! I also hope that our classmate Yu Xiao will have a chance to visit our Haisheng with Mr. Gong if we have a chance! "

    "It's easy to say." Gong Lingye nodded, and beside him, Gong Mochen also responded lightly.

    Song Yiren also smiled: "Okay, last time I went to Ningguo, I haven't been to Haisheng yet! I have read reports that Haisheng's unmanned driving technology is leading the world, and I always want to see the new unmanned driving. What a car is like. "

    Chu Mingyao said with a smile: "That car has been tested for nearly half a year, so it will be put on the market in the near future, and then Xiaoyu Yu will see it!"

    Song Yiren asked: "I watched the news and said that it will be officially launched in the market next month?"

    "Yes, the date happens to be my fiancee's birthday, August 21st." Chu Mingyao said with a little bit of memory in his eyes.

    Song Yi's hand clenched into a fist in an instant.

    How ironic! This man, even after doing those sad and mad things, can still show such painful memory in front of her victim with such a grandeur!

    The Song Yi people had coffee in their hands, and they really wanted to splash on the other party's face.

    However, she just bit her lip and said curiously, "Chu Chu, can I ask you a personal question?"

    Chu Mingyao said generously: "Yu Xiao asked casually."

    "Will your girlfriend be jealous?" She said embarrassedly, all of which looked like gossip.

    Chu Mingyao could not help but say: "She understands me, no one can replace the position of my fiancee in my heart."

    Gong Lingye heard this, inexplicably a little uncomfortable.

    However, he quickly adjusted his emotions and only said lightly: "Mr. Chu is a nostalgic person."

    When several people talked about their old friends, it seemed that they became a bit speechless, plus the original plan failed, so Chu Mingyao excused himself.

    Coming out of the cafe, Gong Mochen asked Song Yiren: "Where are you going?"

    Song Yi said: "I go back to school."

    Gong Mochen took the car key and seemed to give her away.

    Song Yiren stopped him: "Mo Chen, I have an appointment with my classmates, she is still waiting for me over the venue, and I will pass first."

    Gong Mochen heard the words, somehow unhappy, but still "hmm", and then Chong Gongling greeted him, then strode away.

    Although Song Yiren had a strong desire to survive on Gong Ling Ye, she still had to do it. Therefore, she did indeed walk towards the venue.

    Only around a corner, there was a car parked next to it.

    Gong Ling dropped the car window at night and said, "Get in the car."

    It was Bae Jun who was driving, and Amian was not in the car. Pei Jun turned his head and smiled, "Miss Yu is good."

    Song Yiren greeted him and asked Gong Lingye: "Where are we going?"

    "Go to the hospital." Gong Lingye simply explained: "Li Xiaozi has been at Tianqi's house these days, but she suddenly fainted this morning and is now in the hospital for rescue."

    Song Yi was shocked and quickly said: "Then let's go check it out!"

    While on the road, a song sounded from Song Yi's cell phone.

    She picked it up and saw it from an email sent by Bei Mingmo's mother. The words were excited between the lines: "Where is that girl? I did a genetic test and she is my daughter! My biological daughter! Will she be Mo? foam?"