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Bei Mingmo thought he had heard it wrong.

    She narrowed her eyes and looked up at Xuanyuan Che: "What?"

    Xuanyuan Che repeated it again: "Let's socialize!"

    Bei Mingmo was about to suspend her shoes. She looked at Xuanyuan Che for a few seconds to make sure that he was really not kidding, and then cut the railroad: "No."

    He didn't seem to expect that she refused so simply, the whole person was startled, and then asked: "Why?"

    "There is no reason why." Bei Mingmo has driven away the impact of Xuanyuan Che's sentence to her. She changed shoes calmly, and her expression did not change at all: "We are not suitable, I don't think there is any need for communication. . "

    She thought, she really had no energy to guess what he was thinking, and no energy to bear all the points.

    They do not trust each other, and his character is not able to be meticulous and intimate. Even if they are really together, they may not get along for long, and they find that they are not suitable and break up.

    Since it will be separated sooner or later, it is better not to be together at the beginning.

    And what she said at the party before, she wanted to settle down, it was true.

    In the future, find someone who suits you, have a serious relationship, and then get married and have children, completely stabilized.

    But he is obviously not that person.

    Bei Mingmo changed his shoes and took the bag: "I'm gone, you are free."

    After all, she opened the door and went out.

    Xuanyuan Che looked at Bei Mingmo's back and stuck it in his throat when it was originally prepared. He squeezed the car key quickly to catch up and entered the elevator with her.

    The mirror of the elevator is bright, reflecting each other's faces clearly. Bei Mingmo took the red and put on makeup carefully.

    Seeing the lipstick, Xuanyuan Che suddenly thought of Bei Mingmo's conversation with Luo Tianqi that day.

    His eyes turned, he saw the logo on the lipstick, and then wrote it down silently.

    The two didn't say anything until Xuanyuan Che saw Bei Mingmo wanting to drive by herself, so she had to get her into the car and saw her driving out, so she drove out.

    When he arrived at the office, he called Luo Tianqi first.

    Luo Tianqi was a little surprised: "Brother Che, why did you miss me so early?"

    Xuanyuan Che said directly: "Did you buy lipstick for Sabrina that day?"

    Luo Tianqi stunned: "Brother Che, when are you interested in this kind of thing?"

    Xuanyuan Che said: "You tell me directly, did you buy it?"

    Although Luo Tianqi was puzzled, he still said: "We are talking about playing, and you don't know that acting ..."

    Before Luo Tianqi finished his speech, the sound of "beeping" came from the receiver.

    He glanced at the phone silently, a little angry, and hit Xuanyuan Che again.

    However, there was a prompt saying ‘in conversation 'over there.

    So, just now he was not hung by Xuanyuan Che, but accidentally broke, and Xuanyuan Che has returned to fight back, right?

    Luo Tianqi felt that his injured heart was better, so he waited for the phone to ring.

    Ten seconds passed, half a minute passed, two minutes, ten minutes passed ...

    His phone never rang again.

    At the moment, Xuanyuan Che put the phone aside and felt a little more comfortable.

    He just called and asked his cousin to buy lipstick. The cousin also used the brand Beimingmo, so he introduced him a bunch.

    In the end, he thought that Bei Mingmo said that he wanted all the colors, so he asked his cousin to buy them all.

    The cousin said that there are two colors out of stock, and she happened to be going abroad on weekends.

    Although, at the end, he was inevitably asked some emotional questions, but Xuanyuan Che finally got things done, and felt that he seemed a little bit happy.

    He never chased the girls, and I really don't know how to win them. However, when I heard Bei Mingmo said that he likes lipstick, then he can do what he wants, should he?

    On that day, Bei Mingmo was busy for a long time. When he finally breathed a sigh of relief, he remembered and told Song Yiren what happened yesterday.

    She picked up her cell phone and called Song Yi people, and it quickly got through.

    Song Yiren also just finished an operation test. She wiped her hands and slipped to answer: "Momo!"

    Bei Mingmo thought of yesterday's Song Yi people's question, could not help but ridicule: "How many times did you use it yesterday?"

    Song Yi people turned their eyes and glanced at the partners around them. When they saw that none of them noticed, they lowered their voices: "It's almost coaxed before the first time, am I right?"

    "Yo, just use the prelude to coax it?" Bei Mingmo smiled: "The chick is now very skillful!"

    Song Yiren laughed: "You don't know, I made a joke yesterday! I didn't even know he was having a video conference, so I just ..."

    Bei Mingmo: "Don't you say you pushed him directly in front of everyone ?!"

    Song Yi said: "Fortunately, it's not that exaggerated. I just sat on his lap in the past, and he responded fast enough, and immediately turned off the computer, so those senior executives only thought that the dazzle was wrong.

    After hearing Beimingmo, he couldn't breathe and laughed for a long time before he remembered and asked, "Baby, how did you make him angry? I don't think he's an angry person?"

    "Yesterday, Chu Mingyao sent someone to kidnap me." Song Yi said humanely: "You know, there are people around me to protect, but I wanted to make Chu Mingyao feel innocent, so I got rid of the person who protected me and let Chu Ming Yao ’s people caught me. "

    She said nothing and explained the whole story.

    After listening to Bei Mingmo, he said, "I want to say you this time. No wonder Ye Shao is so angry. I'm angry when I hear it! You don't know, I thought you were dead at that time ..."

    Song Yiren said softly and suddenly: "Well, Momo is not angry anymore, I was wrong, how about I give you lipstick?"

    Bei Mingmo proudly said: "I don't want lipstick, the lipstick wants my future husband to send it! If you want, just take out the set that you picked up and tease Ye Shao, and serve me once!"

    "You little nizi, do you have hardware?" Song Yiren smiled.

    Bei Mingmo exaggerated and said: "Wow, Yi Yi, you have broken your studies! You see, you have enjoyed the hardware, and now you start to scorn me! But seriously, it must be cool yesterday? You changed a few positions. ? What is the average duration? "

    Song Yiren: "Beijing Mingmo! I have recorded the recording you asked me, and I will show it to your future husband!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled, and then remembered that he was off topic: "Yes, yesterday I was also kidnapped by Chu Mingyao's people, but your husband's people appeared in time and took the people away on the spot."

    "Ah?" Song Yi people startled: "Does Chu Mingyao know that you are ..."

    Bei Mingmo said: "He must have known! But I am not as open-minded as you, and I didn't have the opportunity to do anything at the time, so it was necessary to be discovered."

    "What do you do?" Song Yi said humanly: "Aren't you dangerous now?"

    "Your husband added another manpower last night. Besides, Chu Mingyao will not be able to take a second action immediately, so I am fine." Bei Mingmo said: "In short, I will tell you, no matter what, you be careful."

    "Well, I know. You too, pay attention to safety!" Song Yiren sighed: "I didn't expect him to be suddenly in trouble."

    Bei Mingmo said: "It is estimated that the dog hastily jumped the wall! Some things are planned on one hand, but they may be planned in advance suddenly!"