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#24 Birthday party

After taking away all her loved ones, the heartbroken man did not let her best friend go!

    Song Yi's hands were clenched into fists, and his nails were deeply embedded in the flesh. At this moment, the pain was so painful that he couldn't breathe.

    However, she also knows that she still has a lot of things to do. She carries several lives on her back and she must survive!

    Song Yi people wiped away their tears. Although their hands were shaking tremendously, they still pretended to be hackers. Several people in QQ sent out fraudulent messages similar to borrowing money, including Beiming Mo.

    Less than half an hour after she sent the message, Ning Guo across the sea, Chu Mingyao's cell phone rang a hint.

    He picked it up and saw the message from his assistant: "President Chu, the QQ number of Miss Song Yiren was stolen."

    Chu Mingyao's pupils tightened suddenly, his fingers lightly clasped the table, picked up the phone, and hit the assistant.

    "Mr. Chu, you have always let me pay attention to Miss Song's contact information. In the past year, Miss Song's QQ no longer has any messages, but tonight, it appears to be logged in the Imperial City of China. I just checked and found It was because the number was stolen. The person who stolen the number should want to cheat money because he randomly sent a lot of fraud messages. "

    Chu Mingyao thought for a moment and said, "You have people check, he only steals this number, or there are other numbers. In addition, give me a list of his friends who sent fraud messages."

    "Okay." The assistant responded.

    Chu Mingyao added another sentence: "Guide all chat records, and then completely clear them."

    Hanging up the phone, Chu Mingyao took a drink from the glass and whispered to himself: "Yiren, is it really a coincidence, or someone wants to help you make a comeback?"

    In the next few days, the teammates around Song Yiren discovered that she seemed to be silent.

    Every time someone asks like this, Song Yi people smile: "It's fine."

    In fact, she has been trying to find out the news of Bei Mingmo.

    Even, she used the identity of Bei Mingmo as a classmate to contact Bei Mingmo's mother and wanted to know something.

    However, regardless of the clues provided by Bei Mingmo's mother or the limited news left by Bei Mingmo, she was at a loss.

    It has been two years since the disappearance of Bei Mingmo. Even if there were any clues that year, I am afraid that they have already been wiped out by Chu Mingyao. Song Yiren understands that he hates, worries, and refuses to reconcile himself.

    She can only try to make herself strong and desperately grow up to be able to contend with Chu Mingyao, in order to avenge all those who were injured by that bird.

    As soon as the time shook, it was already Gong Mochen's birthday.

    Early that day, Gong Mochen really asked his special assistant Zhang Mingyu to pick her up at Song Yiren's school.

    The birthday feast was on the cruise ship, so Zhang Mingyu took Song Yi directly to the pier.

    Because Gong Mochen invited all young people this time, there were no elders, and the Song Yi people also dressed more casually. It was the white skirt Gong Lingye sent her.

    Lao Yuan saw Gong Mochen's small cruise ship, a white three-tier cruise ship, with the letters on it saying: "Mochen."

    "Miss Yu, when you arrive, please pay attention to your feet." Zhang Mingyu reminded.

    Song Yi nodded and walked on the paved wooden path to the cruise ship.

    Today's sea surface, the waves are larger than usual, and the Song Yi people stepped forward and felt a slight bump.

    In an instant, the feelings of those three years suddenly hit my heart. She grabbed the white fence next to it with some force.

    Three years ago, she was taken on a cruise ship by Chu Mingyao and closed in the basement.

    When everyone thought that she and her friend were going to sea in danger and ‘dead’, it was only herself, alone in the dark basement, suffering from physical and mental pain!

    At this moment, the shaking at her feet made her return to that place. She thought that she could overcome the fear on the sea, but now she found that such a nightmare, even if you experienced it all over again, it was still so boneless that it made the soul chill!

    "Miss Yu?" Zhang Mingyu saw that Song Yi was not leaving, so he reminded beside him: "Gong Shao is already waiting for you inside."

    Song Yiren found that she could not move, she tried to calm her emotions, took a deep breath, lifted her eyes and wanted to soothe her emotions by looking at the distance.

    At this moment, a tall, familiar figure on the shore broke into the line of sight and was slowly walking towards the cruise ship.

    Gong Lingye rarely wore less formal clothes today, black casual trousers and gray short-sleeved plaid shirt.

    The shirt is slim, and the lines of the wrapped pectoral muscles are quite clear. The two buttons on the top are opened, and the collarbone can be seen faintly.

    Song Yiren saw him wearing it for the first time, and suddenly felt that he looked a bit less distance than in the past, but it feels like a peer.

    But if I think about it carefully, I heard that Gong Lingye was only 30 this year, specifically when it was 30 months old, and she would not know it.

    Gong Lingye walked in front, his special assistant Bae Jun was half behind him, hula la followed a group of imp behind.