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Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo left Country R the next afternoon. At midnight, the two had just landed at Dicheng Airport, and Bei Mingmo received a call from Li Yuanyuan, saying that there was an urgent matter that she needed to deal with.

    Therefore, she took a short nap directly in the VIP lounge of the airport, and then joined Lieyuan Shen and Ling Shaofeng, and embarked on the plane to country M.

    Fortunately, Lieyuan Shen bought the business class, so Bei Mingmo planned to get on the plane and began to sleep.

    It was only that she sat down, and when she was about to put on her blindfold, there was a familiar figure beside her.

    The man is tall and wears trousers, because Bei Mingmo sits with a relatively low line of sight, so when he looks up like this, he feels particularly slender and straight.

    It didn't seem to expect to meet Beimingmo here, Xuanyuan Che was obviously startled, then immediately nodded her head lightly and sat down.

    Bei Mingmo also nodded at him, and then took out his blindfold, ready to start rejuvenating.

    But at this moment, Ling Shaofeng in the front row suddenly turned his head: "My dear, you say you don't want to compound, then I can always chase you again, right?"

    He said nothing but blinked his peachy eyes: "After all, people gave you for the first time!"

    Bei Mingmo: "Go!"

    After she finished speaking, she subconsciously glanced at Xuanyuan Che beside her, and saw that he had already taken out the document and was looking at it, and did not even look at her.

    Therefore, when Ling Shaofeng said such misleading words, there was no need for further clarification.

    After all, she and Xuanyuan Che are already people of two worlds.

    "Shaofeng, going out this time is to do a good job, don't harass Sabrina if you are fine." In front, Li Yuan said in a deep voice.

    "It takes seven or eight hours to go to country M. The long road is long and I don't want to sleep." Ling Shaofeng said, and turned to find Beimingmo: "My dear, I was wrong. I really don't know that it is your girlfriend, so I say more. Two sentences. And, it ’s not that I want to go to talk, it ’s my third brother! My third brother asked me to talk! ”

    Bei Mingmo pointed to his blindfold: "I'm going to sleep."

    Ling Shaofeng didn't seem to hear it, "Baby, I'm not you, don't you marry. Do you have the patience to watch me rely on my left and right hands all my life?"

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyes and slowly approached Ling Shaofeng: "I will give you a suggestion."

    Ling Shaofeng was brilliant immediately: "You said, baby."

    "You can go to a special school and learn how a person without hands can accomplish what his hands can do with his feet. Maybe after a few years of training, you can still marry your left and right feet, wouldn't it be two more wives ? "Bei Mingmo finished, leaning back and leaning back on the back of the chair.

    She glanced and found that the document in Xuanyuan Che's hand stayed on the first page for a long time.

    In front of him, Ling Shaofeng was obviously hit, and his head sullenly dragged his head: "My dear, what on earth are you trying to make?"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the man beside Bei Mingmo suddenly raised his eyes and looked over at him.

    Those eyes can't be said to be cold or hot, but they are a bit scary and calm.

    Ling Shaofeng swallowed inexplicably, and then he said: "Handsome, you always feel tired when you turn my head around. You are next to my girlfriend. She and I are awkward. We can change places and it is convenient for me. Talk to her, you see ... "

    Xuan Yuan Che didn't speak. After glancing at Ling Shaofeng, he turned his eyes back to the document again, without any expression on his face.

    Ling Shaofeng suddenly said a few words: "Oh, even if it's inconvenient ..."

    After he finished speaking, he glanced at Beiming Mo again, turned his head over, and became quiet.

    At this time, the people on the plane were almost up, the cabin door was about to close, Bei Mingmo turned his head, and rushed to Xuanyuan Che beside him: "Thank you."

    His eyes were still stuck on the document, his head was not raised, and his tone was indifferent: "You're welcome, just don't want to be noisy."

    Bei Mingmo instantly understood what he meant, because, once he really changed positions with Ling Shaofeng, Ling Shaofeng would inevitably stay in the back row, and he could not handle the mail.

    nyway, thankyou! "Beijing Mingmo said, put on the blindfold and started to sleep."

    She was really sleepy. Because of the excitement in Country R, ​​she chatted with Song Yiren and Song Ziheng until midnight. Everyone hardly slept. Besides, when she came back from Country R, ​​the wind and dust all the way. The jet lag did not have time to fall.

    Therefore, even though Xuanyuan Che was sitting beside him, it was barely a ‘old friend’, but Beiming Mo fell asleep within two minutes.

    The plane took off quickly, and after a smooth flight, there was a flight attendant to pour water for everyone.

    Xuanyuan Che asked for a cup of coffee. When the flight attendant gave him, he turned his eyes slightly and found that the blanket on Bei Mingmo slipped.

    He put down his coffee and gave a hesitant look at the person next to him, but he didn't move.

    But at this moment, the flight attendant brother suddenly lighted his eyes: "Momo?"

    Xuanyuan Che heard the words and raised his eyes.

    The flight attendant said something to the stewardess behind him, and then quickly left. When he came again, there was already a blanket in his hand.

    Then, he walked up to Bei Mingmo, first picked up the blanket that Bei Mingmo slid off, took it away by himself, and then put another piece of Beiming Mo just put on it.

    Xuanyuan Che looked at the flight attendant's behavior suspiciously, frowning slightly.

    However, due to the working relationship, after the flight attendant finished this, he couldn't stay here anymore when he saw that Bei Mingmo didn't wake up.

    Bei Mingmo slept for five hours. She kept the same sleeping position. She felt a little tired in her dream, so she turned a little and changed her direction.

    Xuanyuan Che just finished his work. This time he came to talk with Gong Lingye about something.

    Because Gong Lingye had to stay in country M for about a week, there were several urgent matters that required him to run.

    Just when he closed the file and was going to sleep for a while, suddenly the girl next to him felt a movement, and then her body slowly slid towards him.

    Xuanyuan Che frowned, instinctively wanting to avoid, but before he could move, his shoulders sank.

    The girl next to him seemed to finally find a place to support, so he hummed gently with his nasal sounds and continued to fall asleep.

    Xuanyuan Che turned his eyes and looked down at Bei Mingmo, whose half of his face was covered by the blindfold, and hesitated to support her.

    It was just at this moment that there was a faint fragrance in the nose.

    I don't know how to describe this kind of taste. Some fruits are mixed with natural floral fragrance. It is said to be sweet but fresh and unusual, as if you can still feel the smell of dewdrops in the forest in the morning.

    Let people smell it, and they will never forget it again.

    I heard that she is now the perfumer of Unique. Is this the unique perfume she prepared for herself?

    Xuanyuan Che was thinking this way and saw that the flight attendant had just come over.

    I have to say that this flight attendant looks really young, and it should look like twenty-three to four. He is tall and beautiful, and is a typical handsome man.

    He walked in front of Xuanyuan Che and bent slightly, his voice low, but he didn't conceal his offensive power: "Who are you Momo?"