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#94 Same as someone!

At the end of the award presentation, Song Yiren and others naturally had a group meal with other students at noon.

    Guests such as Gong Lingye and Chu Mingyao were banqueted by the organizer and dine together at a nearby restaurant.

    Taking a two-hour break at noon and counting the meal time is actually not very ample.

    After eating lunch, Song Yi went to the temporary lounge arranged by the organizer.

    The members of their Xuanyuan team, only she and Xiao Pei will participate in the final individual tournament finals, so the other two winners have been completely relaxed and very excitedly said: "Hey, seeing you two, we thought of a poem: This is The same root is born, why is it too urgent! "

    Xiao Pei kicked Xu Xingzhou.

    Immediately, he turned to Song Yi and said: "We all go out."

    Song Yi nodded.

    She understands that it is the best respect for opponents to go all out.

    The afternoon game started quickly, and at this time, there was one more person on the guest seat below.

    When the Song Yi people saw Gong Mochen, they were a little surprised. Unexpectedly, Gong Lingye came, Gong Gongchen also came!

    Gong Mochen sat on the other side of Chu Mingyao, and when he sat down, Chu Mingyao also smiled and nodded at him.

    However, Gong Mochen always had very little expression on his face. He just shook hands with Chu Mingyao politely, and he didn't have any redundant words.

    Tiangong Group is now focusing on building self-driving cars. It can be said that Hehai Sheng Group is a competitor. Gong Mochen does not like face-saving projects, nor does he have any thoughts or words about Chu Mingyao.

    The public lottery began on the court, and the Song Yi people were more fortunate that she and Xiao Pei did not meet in the first round.

    The first game was a match between a Song Yiren and a boy from the University of Science and Technology. The boy saw her and whistled arrogantly at her: "Beauty, if you lose in a while, I invite you to dinner."

    Song Yi gave him a light look, and he didn't even bother to bother with half a sentence.

    In the opening, MianS swept away the previous violence, and the whole person was as flexible as a cheetah. Under several attacks by the opponent, he directly avoided unscathed.

    And just when the opponent came over again, it suddenly dashed across the opponent's side, and its fingertips, I don't know when there was a sharp knife!

    The head of the opponent's robot was cut directly, but the middle wire was still connected to the body, and his head was lying on the chest. It was still punching, which was very funny.

    Suddenly humiliated, the boy flashed red eyes and directed the robot to attack again.

    The Song Yi people directly used the same tricks and removed one arm of it.

    Then, the other arm.

    Even, the next one is the knee joint.

    The boy turned violently and turned directly, leaving the robot angrily with the robot, not even basic politeness.

    Song Yi took MianS and walked directly to the center, smiling and bowing to everyone.

    Under the audience, Gong Mochen looked at Song Yiren's smile, and frowned.

    She was too cold-blooded, and this smile, inexplicably reminded him of the uncle across the seat.

    The second scene was Xiao Pei against a girl.

    That girl was really the second in the team and individual competition to reach the semi-finals, except Song Yi.

    However, Xiao Pei, who never knew pity Xiangxixiyu, chased and blocked all the way after playing, the attribute was fully open, and it only took ten minutes to directly hit the girl's robot to no combat power.

    In the third game, because the robot against the Song Yi men has been damaged, and he violated the order, the girl directly won the third place.

    The fourth game was the championship and runner-up competition that everyone was looking forward to. Song Yiren and Xiao Pei played separately. Under the stage, the students began to cheer.

    Even someone quietly started to gamble.

    At the start of the game, the staff signaled everyone to be quiet.

    Because, after all, some robots rely on voice control operation, if the live sound reaches a certain decibel, it may interfere with the game.

    Tinder still walked to the center with ease and calmness, while MianS, on the other hand, wanted to stay awkward.

    Bae Jun couldn't help laughing: "This robot is quite appropriate for its name."

    Ami was puzzled and finally asked the long-disturbed question: "Bae Jun, what the hell are you talking about? What happened to Miss Yu's robot?"

    Bae Jun pointed to the one on the stage: "Look, is MianS silly?"

    A Mian said: "The appearance is a bit, but the figure is flexible, the speed and strength are good."

    Bae Jun patted Amian on the shoulder: "What about MianD, do you stay?"

    A Mian shook her head: "MianD is only a relatively large head, and is not stupid."

    After he finished speaking, he suddenly realized how he pronounced ‘Mian’, and instantly understood it, looking at Bae Jun with a murderous look.

    A Mian really came out of the dead man's heap. Although he didn't mean that to Bae Jun, the appearance at the moment was indeed terrifying.

    But Pei Jun is not afraid at all: "Don't look at me, you still have to think about how to explain it to the president yourself! Why does Miss Yu's robot not have the president's name, but has yours?"

    On stage, MianS has made a head-on attack with Tinder.

    They are still fighting for the first time, so this time they finally understand the strength of each other.

    The two are in a team, so they are familiar with the tricks and combat methods used by both sides. Therefore, this game has no one-sided crushing, only a collision of peak strength!

    Chu Mingyao looked at the Song Yi people on the field, and suddenly remembered that Song Yi people seemed to have participated in such games a few years ago. It seemed that his face was so calm.

    At first, she broke through with him and Su Yunfei. With her personality, she couldn't rub the sand in her eyes, and they would definitely expose them and drive him out of the Song family.

    Therefore, he took the opportunity to decisively, directly caught her, constricted her in his private cruise ship, and created the illusion that the Song Yi drowned!

    It is a pity that in fact, the Song Yi people are not dead, maybe Hai Sheng can develop better in the past two years.

    However, this woman has never been controlled by others. If she was devoted to technical research, how could he not even know Su Yunfei's secret music? !

    Sighing, MianS suddenly fell over the shoulder and threw the fire to the ground. Then she flew up and hit the heart of the fire!

    It's just that Tinder seemed to have predetermined its behavior, so he poked MianS with a flaming hand.

    So, there was a light blue smoke rising from MianS.

    However, MianS didn't even realize it, and it was a series of quick attacks. The people who were present were dazzled and dazzled.

    There was only a banging sound on the field, and I couldn't see what was going on.

    Till the end of the smoke, the fire on the ground no longer moved, and MianS was still full of holes although standing.

    With the three ringing bells ringing, the tinder failed to rise, the staff announced that MianS won, and Song Yiren became the single player champion of this college student robot confrontation contest!

    AnS was still smoking, but still walked step by step to the center of the stage, and then, to the people below the stage came a very gentleman farewell ceremony.

    The applause from the audience was thunderous, because this peak matchup can be said to be a king battle, and the video can let people play back the classics many times in slow motion!

    The audience, Pei Jun thought about it and turned to A Mian said: "I made a mistake before, although Miss Yu's robot used your name, but the soul is the president."

    In particular, just after killing the blood red, but still leaving the court with grace, it looks exactly like someone with a black belly!