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#48 You eat?

Song Yiren could not wait to pour cold water on Gong Lingye, and her voice was cold: "I need to be responsible for my team members!"

    "Responsible, this is very good. I like people who have a beginning and an end." Gong Lingye bit Song Yiren's earlobe: "But I have to eat with me at night. This is the biggest concession I give you."

    Song Yiren knew that he could not escape, but now there was no other way to get rid of Gong Lingye. Although she was irritable, she could only suppress the boredom and nod: "I see."

    After all, she drew her hand and finally pulled her hand out.

    Gong Lingye took the paper to dry her, looked down at her long eyelashes, her throat rolled lightly: "Warm warm."

    Song Yi raised his eyes.

    He was about to kiss her, but inadvertently saw the date displayed on the watch dial, so he stopped and asked, "You should have reached the menstrual period? Is it still painful this time?"

    Song Yiren didn't expect him to ask this, she really didn't hurt, so she sincerely said: "A lot better, thank me for helping me."

    "Okay." Gong Ling night said: "Someday let her help you check the pulse and see the follow-up."

    Song Yi nodded and couldn't help saying: "Don't she be jealous?"

    Gong Lingye heard the words and seemed to be stunned for a while, and then his eyes filled with playfulness: "Are you eating?"

    He said nothing, and after seeing Song Yiren's face change instantly, he lifted her chin: "Are you eating? Hmm?"

    Song Yi people don't want to start, Gong Lingye suddenly bowed his head and kissed.

    He did this every time, and once she started to act, she would not give her any breathing time. She felt that her head was clasped, and her body was pressed back by him until it reached the door of the bathroom.

    She wanted to struggle, but he kissed deeper and didn't know what restraint was at all.

    This is the toilet that comes in the private room just now. They disappeared together, and their friends outside did not know what they thought!

    Song Yiren only felt humiliated, she was about to break free, Gong Gongye's cell phone rang.

    He frowned, let go of her slightly, looked at the display, Gong Mochen, and slipped to answer.

    The distance was very close, and the Song Yi people heard clearly, Gong Mochen said: "Little Uncle, I arrived at the club, where are you?"

    Gong Lingye embraced the Song Yi people and said to the receiver: "5901, come on."

    When the Song Yi people heard this, the whole person was tense at once. She raised her eyes and asked Gong Lingye: "Brother Mochen is coming?"

    Gong Lingye put away her phone and bowed her head to kiss her again: "Well, it's downstairs already."

    Song Yiren was about to explode in an instant, and Gong Mochen came, but she was in the private bathroom with Gong Mochen's uncle ...

    Although she and Gong Mochen were only in agreement, they didn't have any real feelings for each other, but, after all, they still have to pass in the face.

    Song Yiren feels that he has become the target of being caught at this moment!

    She reached out to push Gong Lingye: "Then let me go! We will get out from here immediately!"

    Does she like Gong Mochen so much? Even if Gong Mochen treats her so much, is she obsessed with it? ! Gong Lingye saw the anxious expression of the Song Yi people and glanced at the dangerous light.

    His whole breath sank: "Just, let him come in and see, my relationship with you!"

    After all, hold her tighter.

    Song Yiren only felt as if there was an invisible net, and began to gather, covering her entire body. She wanted to break free, not to break free, as if she could see her destiny that was difficult to escape.

    What should she do if the agreement with Gong Mochen ends?

    The same contract, looking for Gong Lingye, is tantamount to seeking a skin with a tiger.

    In a flash, the Song Yi people felt that their hearts were exhausted.

    He kissed her again, his fingers through her hair, spreading the long hair she deliberately curled up.

    He held her hips in one hand and picked her up a little, and clasped the back of her head with the other, deepening the irresistible kiss.

    The air in the lungs sucked in, and Song Yiren could imagine Gong Mochen pushing the door in, and then seeing her messy hair and Gong Lingye intimate in the bathroom ...

    Her heart was beating faster and faster, and her blood seemed to rush into her brain.

    At such a moment, she even had the urge to kill Gong Lingye.

    Don't force her anymore, she really endured the limit!

    The Song Yi people bite Gong Gongye's tongue with a violent bite, and suddenly the blood spread in his mouth.

    He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes moved, and the whole person was murderous. Deep eyes locked her, as if to say: "You even hurt me for him!"

    He was so angry that he kissed crazier.

    Song Yi people struggled with all their strength, but could not shake the steely body of the man in front.

    The string in her head almost broke, and she bit down hard again.

    This time, he was more ruthless than last time, Gong Lingye acted, and Song Yi people took the opportunity to push away a little.

    She was finally able to speak, and her voice was also covered with frost: "Gong Lingye, you force me again, I don't mind the jade burnt!"

    Gong Lingye's pupils tightened instantly, and the air pressure around him was so low that he could hardly breathe.

    There is still a trace of blood on the corners of his lips. The whole person looks brutal and arrogant, as if hell asura, almost a word: "You just wanted to kill me."

    He used affirmative sentences.

    The Song Yi people met his eyes and admitted frankly: "Yes."

    He raised his fist violently and smashed towards her.

    The Song Yi people suddenly closed their eyes and turned their heads, waiting for the pain to strike.

    But at the same time, Gong Lingye's fist fell on the wall beside her head.

    He was very hard, and suddenly his joints broke and blood oozed out.

    She slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was exuding blood-thirsty beasts all over him, but soon, the brutality turned into indifference, boneless indifference.

    He let go of her, his voice was cold, without half the temperature, and his eyes seemed to be watching a stranger: "Go away."

    Song Yiren couldn't tell whether she was afraid or relieved, but she quickly adjusted and stood in front of the mirror, quickly sorted out her hair, and made sure that her clothes were all right, so she quickly opened the door and went out.

    The three people outside seemed to be able to guess what she was doing and could not help blinking at her.

    Luo Tianqi raised an eyebrow at her, "I said, isn't it, Brother Ye's time is so short?"

    Song Yiren had no intention of joking with them at all, because she did not know what Gong Ling would do to her after the night.

    Perhaps, with his pride, he should ignore her.

    After all, she was just a trivial accident for him.

    Song Yiren just sat down on the sofa, and the private room door rang.

    Gong Mochen pushed the door in under the leadership of the waiter. His eyes swept, and he saw Song Yi, frowning in confusion.

    However, his eyes quickly passed her and greeted several others: "Tianqi, Ache, Wanshuang."

    Everyone also greeted him: "Ai Chen, come sit!"

    At this moment, Gong Lingye hadn't come out yet, and the Song Yi people worried that Luo Tianqi said so much, and quickly greeted Gong Mochen: "Mo Chen, I am brought by your uncle."