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Half an hour later, Gong Lingye and Song Yi people came to the restaurant.

    Gong Lingye handed the menu to Song Yiren: "Warm warmly, you have a cold and some fever. Try to be as light as possible. When you are well, we will eat something else."

    Song Yi people are a little annoyed, but they still order light, because Gong Lingye may also need to eat lighter.

    The waiter walked away, and Song Yiren said: "I just came back and heard that something happened to the Star Night Group ..."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Pei Jun told me just now, Nuan Nuan, I'm sorry, I originally planned to use it as a gift."

    Song Yiren shook his head: "It doesn't matter, even if there is no starry night, we can eat and drink without worry."

    After thinking about it, she added: "Don't worry, I will go back and see if I can find a way to remedy it."

    Gong Ling Yedao: "The core industry of Starry Night is divided into two parts, one is finance, because the L group has been crushed by harm to others, and it has completely collapsed. The other is mobile phone applications and game development. Now that the core patented technology has a problem, we It ’s hard to get back up, I do n’t have time now ... "

    "Game development-" Song Yiren thought of this, and suddenly thought of some ideas that Yu Xingfan had mentioned before. Those ideas were very new. She really knew that at the time, there were no related products on the market.

    With a little heart in mind, she said: "Ling Ye, don't worry, I will ask Pete Zhu to see if I can find another way out."

    "Good." Gong Lingye pinched Song Yiren's face: "Nuan Nuan, it's just hard work for you."

    "It doesn't matter." Song Yiren smiled at him, and suddenly felt that the two were sitting too far face to face, so she stood up directly and sat beside Gong Lingye.

    He immediately stretched his arms to hug her into his arms.

    Suddenly they didn't say anything, but enjoyed this tranquility together.

    Until the waiter served the food, Song Yi's cheeks flushed out of Gong Lingye's arms.

    After eating, the two of them drove to get their household registration books.

    Gong Lingye's hukou had previously been moved out of the palace's old residence. Yu Ruonuan ’s hukou has always been at Yu ’s home. When Yu Chengzhi had an accident, the Song Yi people kept their eyes open and moved the hukou from there, so they left it at home now.

    Taking the Hukou book, when the two arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Bae Jun also arrived.

    "President, Madam, happy wedding!" He has completely digested the shocking news he received today, and naturally congratulated Gong Yeong and Song Yiren.

    Gong Lingye smiled and was full of enthusiasm: "Is it all arranged?"

    Bae Jun nodded: "The wedding dress will be completed in five days, and then it will be airlifted immediately. I will also report the size of your suit. It will also be delivered the day before the wedding. President, do you and your wife need to take wedding photos?"

    Gong Lingye thought for a while and said, "The wedding is in Nirvana City. The temperature is about 25 degrees over there. The temperature is suitable. If Ruan Nuan and I flew by one day in advance, you arranged for the photographer to prepare there."

    Bae Jun nodded quickly: "Okay, I will arrange and count the number of weddings in advance."

    In the speaking room, the three had reached the hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Bae Jun had contacted him long ago. At that moment, there was no one there. The two went directly to the room inside and handed their IDs.

    "Mr. Gong and Ms. Yu, please fill in the form." The staff looked at the two from close range, and only thought how to match them.

    Before, she also heard that the little sister said that Gong Lingye was not close to the woman's color, and she didn't know what kind of woman could enter his eyes. At this moment, she realized that originally, he was only as good as her.

    Although she usually works here, she is a science fiction fan in her life. She has seen Song Yiren's performance in the college robot contest before, and she is also a little fan of Song Yiren.

    At this moment, looking at Gong Lingye and Song Yiren holding hands, she felt as happy as her marriage.

    "After filling in the information, just take a picture next door." The staff smiled at them.

    Song Yi people bowed their heads to write, and from time to time they went to see Gong Lingye beside them.

    His appearance is extremely serious, and his strokes are powerful and powerful, and there is an unspeakable concentration in his eyes, which is particularly charming.

    She felt that her heartbeat could not be accelerated, just like a little girl who first tasted the sweetness of love, while writing her own, while secretly aiming at Gong Lingye.

    However, he had noticed her small movements for a long time. When she aimed at him for the eighth time, he turned directly to his face and kissed her on the cheek.

    The staff who are secretly watching the two of them: "..."

    How do you feel like you have been kissed? No, more exciting than this! The girl's heart is almost gone!

    Over there, Song Yi finally finished writing and handed in the form. Gong Lingye then took her and went to the photo studio next door.

    Although it is not the first time to take a photo with him, at this moment, Song Yi people still feel nervous and happy. As soon as the photo freezed, she suddenly remembered what she had heard in the past.

    She couldn't remember the original words of that sentence, but roughly meant she remembered.

    That is to say, women, when you get married, if you are not looking for a lifetime with that man, you might as well stay single.

    A hundred years of life, the future is still very long, do not have to wait for you to find such a home for you because everyone around you has settled down.

    Fate is not a place to come, not a make-up, but a place where the heart desires.

    Marriage is not the end of happiness, but the beginning of a new journey.

    Song Yiren thought of glancing at the tall and handsome man beside him, and remembering that she had promised to marry Chu Mingyao when she was confused.

    At that time, she never thought that she would be so tempted to a man, would want to marry him so much, and be with him every day.

    It turned out that she was not indifferent in that respect, nor was she naturally excluded from the intimacy of men, but because, in the past, she did not meet someone she really liked.

    Thinking of this, she raised her lips and couldn't hold back the smile on her eyebrows. She looked at the picture with Gong Lingye. She was very satisfied and took his arm. He went to the room just now.

    Over there, the staff has already begun to print the ID, and then, the photos are pasted and stamped. Suddenly, two red books appeared in her hand.

    "Two, happy wedding!" She smiled as brilliantly as Song Yi.

    "Thank you!" Gong Lingye and Song Yi took the marriage certificate.

    From the Civil Affairs Bureau, Song Yi looked down at the notebook in his hand, sat on the co-pilot, picked up the notebook and took a selfie of himself.

    After the filming, she leaned her head against Gong Lingye's shoulder again, and let the camera put him in the eye.

    When she pressed the camera button, Gong Lingye looked down and kissed her hair.

    Song Yi raised his lips, hooked Gong Lingye's neck, and kissed him.

    He smiled: "Wife, send me the one I just shot."

    Song Yi nodded and sent everything to Gong Lingye.

    Half an minute later, an explosive news that sensationalized the entire Weibo jumped out—

    Since the registration and certification, although sitting on tens of millions of fans, Gong Lingye, who has only posted a few Weibo related to Tiangong Group, suddenly posted a Weibo!

    Gong Lingye V: "Wife, happy wedding! Love you, @ 暖 光 微醺." The picture below shows him kissing Song Yi's hair. The two each took a red book and smiled with a happy face.