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Gong Lingye was as puzzled as Song Yi, but he patted her on the back: "It doesn't matter. In the face of science, all doubts will not break through. After you get their samples, I will send them immediately. After the identification, we will consider the next step after the results come out."

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay, I recently asked them."

    Gong Lingye had lunch with her. He asked Song Yi to lie down and rest as much as possible. Then, he went to the hospital to see the situation of He Wanshuang.

    Just unexpectedly, when he arrived at the door of the hospital, Gong Lingye actually met Lieyuan Shen.

    After Li Yuanyuan left in Gong Lingye, he also sent someone to investigate.

    Sure enough, all the situation is consistent with what Gong Lingye said.

    Even, he called him the same day and told him that Gong Lingye was sick on the anonymous phone. The news was that Gong Lingye had been hospitalized and waiting for medicine before.

    He had to accept the reality that he did not dare to think about-he was indeed wronged He Wanshuang.

    She was completely innocent, but she was pushed to the cusp of the storm by intentional people, and instead of protecting her, he became a behind-the-scenes hand!

    Lieyuan Shen couldn't tell what was in her heart, and remained at Lie Xiao's bed until she woke up.

    When she woke up, she immediately pulled on his sleeve and said that He Wanshuang was out of bounds.

    However, only after he inquired the whole process did he realize that even though Li Xiaoxiao had wronged He Wanshuang at the time, He Wanshuang did not make any excessive behavior.

    Lie Xiao fell into the water because she didn’t stand up and the ground was slippery before she rolled down!

    Therefore, he told Lie Xiaoruo the truth, and at the persuasion of his sister, he came to the door of He Wanshuang's ward.

    He didn't go in because he didn't know how to get in.

    In the room, the woman's breathing sounds were intertwined, forming a net, trapping his heart firmly and unable to breathe.

    Without courage to enter, he leaned against the wall at the door and listened to He Wanshuang talking with her mother.

    At this time, the footsteps of leather shoes moved from far to near, Lie Yuan Shen raised his eyes and saw Gong Lingye.

    Gong Lingye didn't squint at night, straight ahead.

    When passing by his side, Lieyuan opened his mouth: "Gong Lingye."

    Gong Ling turned his eyes at night.

    "I want to go in and see her," he said.

    "She won't want to see you." Gong Ling night said.

    Having said that, he went directly into the ward.

    He and his mother saw him coming in and knew that their young people wanted to talk alone, so they all retreated.

    However, when the two of them walked to the door and saw Lieyuan sinking, their faces suddenly changed.

    Father He didn't want her daughter to hear anything, so she closed the door directly, and Mother He slapped her hand and slammed into Lieyuan.

    He didn't hide, and his slap was particularly loud. Because he was injured in the fight in the afternoon, this slap made him tingle in half of his face.

    Mother He was emotional: "We are just this daughter, who grew up with hardships since childhood, never willing to touch her with one finger! You said you will take good care of her, that's how you take care of it! !Have you a husband like you? You have harmed my daughter! You are a beast!"

    She had to rush up and tear, the husband next to her pulled her, and it was easy to persuade him. He just looked at Lie Yuan and said: "Our family, this life will not forgive you! Ling Ye has got all the evidence! When Xiaoshuang is discharged, you will get divorced immediately! Our He family does not lack any compensation from you! Our kind of lack of morality, we are not rare!"


    When Liyuan Shen heard this, his heart seemed to be hit hard.

    Even if he realizes that he hurt her today, he never thought of divorce.

    Frightened at midnight, shrinking in his arms like a cute kitten, will she leave him?

    Before, he was directly dragging her to get married because of his mother's forced marriage and her pregnancy.

    However, despite getting married for some other purpose, how could he not get along with her for a long time?

    Even, every time he held her to sleep, his heart was never calmer and contented.

    He didn't want to divorce, he just wanted to be with her.

    But will she be willing? Will it make her depression worse?

    But if he is not given the opportunity to get along, how can he make up for the huge damage to her?

    Thousands of thoughts swelled in Lieyuan Shen's heart, and on the one side, He Wanshuang's parents had gone away.

    In the room, Gong Lingye accompanied He Wanshuang for a while and told her that everything was fine. He had asked the lawyer to submit the evidence. After she was discharged from the hospital, she only had to sign a word at the police station to go home.

    When He Wanshuang heard Gong Lingye say'home', the whole person shook, and asked, "Brother Ye, where can I go back?"

    Gong Ling night said: "Your home, your parents are waiting for you."

    He Wanshuang seemed relieved and nodded: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye accompanied her for a while and told her to rest early before she came out.

    It was just unexpected, Lieyuan Shen was still there, and seemed to be waiting for what he wanted to go in.

    Gong Lingye was about to say, it happened that his cell phone rang, which was called by Pei Jun: "The president, I have tracked it down, and I got a one-million-dollar reward, which Le Haisheng called the model."

    Gong Lingye was puzzled: "Le Haisheng?"

    "Yes." Bae Jun said: "I don't know the specific reason, what should I do?"

    "Bring her here." Gong Ling night said: "I want to ask her personally."

    "Okay." Bae Jun went to work immediately.

    Aside, Lieyuan Shen was on the phone while Gong Lingye was calling, and had already gone to He Wanshuang's ward.

    In the ward, He Wanshuang was asleep, and apparently did not know his arrival.

    He walked to the bed softly, staring at her eyebrows quietly.

    In just a few days, how could she become like this?

    Obviously, that morning she also tipped her toes and helped him tie his tie. At that time the morning sunlight came in from the window, and she looked at his eyes brightly.

    He felt emotional, so he reached out and squeezed her face, and kissed her for a while before leaving.

    And now--

    Lieyuan looked at He Wanshuang's hand, and hesitated a little before reaching out gently.

    He put her hand on his palm and gently lifted her sleeve with the other hand.

    Suddenly, his hands shook and could hardly bear such weight.

    The original white and slender arms were all traces of bruises and purples. Several of them had broken skins and had slight scabs.

    Deep and shallow, shocking.

    The scars didn't seem to be on her, but on his heart, bloody!

    There is unspeakable pain in the breath, like the lungs are full of glass slag, ice and pain.

    He looked at it for a few seconds before slowly lowering her hand.

    He was wrong, really wrong, what other face did she ask for forgiveness? What is the stand to compensate her? !

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