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#429 His choice

Beiming Kun was shot in the chest and abdomen, but the bullet passed through the housekeeper's body, so most of the destructive power has been removed from his body.

This is the case with Kerao, because bullets rubbing against the heart are also very critical.

Outside the operating room, Beiming anxiously waited for the result. As if thinking of something, he took out the phone and called Beimingxiao.

The phone rang for seven or eight times before being answered. The call ringtone for Beimingxiao was set by Beimingmo for him, so if you hear different music, you will know who called it.

He slipped and answered, "Brother."

"Do you want to have surgery?" Bei Mingshen asked directly.

"Yes, I've had enough of life like this now!" Bei Mingxiao's tone was firm: "Either restore the light or die."

Bei Ming was silent for a long time before speaking: "Okay, I will fulfill you."

"Brother?" Bei Mingxiao was a little surprised, and originally thought Beiming Shen would object.

"If you die, remember to live a bit more in your next life." Bei Ming Shen said.

Bei Mingxiao jumped up: "Brother, what do you mean?"

"Dad was shot in the hospital and is now in first aid." Bei Mingshen said: "I originally planned to see you and Momo at night, it seems that I have to postpone it."

"He—hehe, shot!" Bei Mingxiao sneered, and didn't continue.

Suddenly, he felt very annoyed, he had just worried about that person!

"I'll be fine if I'm fine." Bei Mingxiao said.

"Well." Bei Mingshen directly pressed the phone.

I originally planned to put away my mobile phone, and Bei Mingshen finally sent a message to Bei Mingmo: "Momo, I have an urgent matter here, and I can't come back temporarily. I have already contacted the experts for A Xiao's surgery, you wait My message."

Bei Mingmo quickly replied: "Okay, Brother Shen, then you are busy first, and there will be a second brother, I will appease him."

"Okay." Bei Ming closed his phone and continued to wait.

The operation of Beiming Kun was carried out for nearly six hours, and the door of the operating room was finally opened.

Bei Mingshen passed quickly: "Doctor, my father--"

"Mr. Bei Ming's health is good. Although the operation has persisted, but because the bullet is close to the heart, the blood supply to the brain has a great impact, so..." The doctor paused.

Bei Mingshen already had a bad hunch: "So what?"

"The chance of the old man waking up is very low," said the doctor: "At present, the brain is close to death, which is commonly known as the vegetative state. However, it does not rule out the appearance of medical miracles."

Bei Mingshen's heart shook suddenly, and then nodded: "How can he wake him up?"

The doctor said: "About this, we will do our best to help you in the next few days, and you will also try to find something that can stimulate the emotion of the old gentleman."

"Okay, I know." Bei Ming nodded deeply.

Beiming Kun was sent to the ward, the wound was just stitched, and he had to stay in the sterile room for a few days.

At night, Beiming Shen received a call from Beimingxiao.

At that time he was smoking in the hallway, frowning deeply. Seeing the caller ID, Beiming slipped and answered: "Axiao."

"Big Brother." Bei Mingxiao pursed her lips: "He-is he dead?"

"No, but it's not much better." Bei Ming deep said: "If you can't wake up, you will be in a vegetative state in the future."

"Oh, would someone like him become a vegetative?" Bei Mingxiao sneered: "Isn't he awesome? Wasn't killing a killer very cool?"

"But we are his son after all, which you can never deny." Bei Ming Shen said: "And there is one more thing."

"What's the matter?" Bei Mingxiao asked.

"When we were lost as a child, the rescue process was not as simple as you thought." Bei Ming paused deeply: "He was cut several times to save us, and he almost died."

Bei Mingxiao was silent for two seconds: "Is it?"

"It doesn't make sense to say this," Bei Ming deep said: "He needs to be in the ward for three days, and I can't go in to visit. If you can't stand the darkness, I will take an expert to arrange surgery for you tomorrow."

Beimingxiao thought for a moment: "Okay."

If his life is really given by that person, then if the operation fails, he will return his life to him!

The next day, Beimingshen had already invited the experts to meet in the Imperial City, but after explaining everything, he went to the airport.

Boarding the plane, he looked at the smaller and smaller buildings on the ground and suddenly remembered some things many years ago.

At that time, he had just known that his father's "air crash" was not dead, but he had a home in the J country by escaping from the air crash.

I also saw that the cruel killing of Beiming Kun was cruelty he had never seen before.

At that time, they had a big fight, he almost turned around and left.

Beiming Kun said that once he went out, then Beimingmo's family would have to die.

So he was tied to that position and flickered for years.

A lot of righteousness and grievances, he has already participated in it, there is no possibility of pulling away.

Or maybe it's because he didn't want to withdraw long ago.

I remember that time, he really had to leave his sleeves, but he just stepped out of the door and saw people kneeling at the door.

He still remembers what those people said.

"Master, please stay. We work in Beiming's home, there are old people and young people. If you give up on us, we will be old and helpless."

"Master, if you stop these businesses, we can only sleep on the streets. The government of country J never raises idlers. We are old and it is hard to find a job."

"Master, please, stay for us!"


Bei Ming rubbed his eyebrows deeply, emptied all his thoughts, closed his eyes and nourished himself.

When he arrived in the Imperial City, he first invited an expert to dinner, and then arranged the surgery on the next day.

In the evening of the same day, Bei Mingshen left the dining room and went directly to the community where Bei Mingmo and Beiming Xiao were located.

Before getting out of the taxi, he saw a lot of fire trucks passing by him. He had a bad hunch in his heart, picked up his mobile phone, and beat Bei Mingmo.

Bei Mingmo received a call from Song Yiren at noon today.

On the phone, Song Yiren's tone was serious and serious: "Momo, we have seen the people behind the scenes."

Bei Mingmo was startled: "Really my uncle?"

"Yes." Song Yi said humanly: "And, do you know who the young master is? It's Shen Brother, Bei Mingshen."

Bei Mingmo's breath trembled, and he couldn't tell what it was like: "Really it?"

"Yes, Ling Ye and I met him." Song Yiren paused: "Momo, although he seems to be not malicious to you, but you must be careful. And, I suspect that A Che The person on the phone is also him, but this has not been confirmed."

"I know." Bei Mingmo replied.

However, she just hung up the phone and received a call from Bei Mingshen: "Momo, I'm back, I have arranged an expert for A Che, and I will have an operation tomorrow."

"Oh, good." Bei Mingmo responded, his heart beating inexplicably.

"I and the expert have dinner first, and I will see you later in the evening," he said.

"Okay." She continued to respond.

"See you later." He hung up the phone.