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#53 Listen to her play the piano

Nine years ago, when the original Song Yi was 18 years old, her mother gave her a unique adult gift, which was a black card from Bank R. This matter, Chu Mingyao did not know.

    Mother said that she would deposit 1 million R national currency (about 1.2 million Chinese national currency) every year. As her own fund, she can control it at will, but it can only be used for investment, not for spending.

    After that, the Song Yi people didn't use the money in the card for the first time until they went to college.

    At that time, she invested in a foundation in Ningguo, the one that Yu Ruoxin went to now. Today, the Foundation is a teacher and friend of hers in operation and everything is in good condition.

    But she couldn't go because she didn't know if there would be Chu Mingyao's people there.

    But she still has a foundation in Country R, ​​which was handled with the black card, and her personal information is absolutely confidential.

    Therefore, what the Song Yi people need to do is to get the black card and call the funds and contacts in that foundation.

    However, the black card was buried in the land of the old house, and she had to bypass Chu Mingyao to get it.

    And starting the black card is pupil recognition. Although she saved the information of her previous pupils, it takes time to make an identical pupil.

    However, once the money and resources in the foundation can be used, she can find a safe place, transfer Song Ziheng, out of the control of Chu Mingyao.

    It's just that the whole process seems simple, but one step can't be wrong, otherwise, she and Song Ziheng will have no chance to turn over!

    Song Yi people put away their thoughts, no matter what, now she can see Song Ziheng, it is also good!

    Soon, Yu Xingfan sent a message. According to the news he sent, Song Yiren immediately booked the air ticket and hotel.

    That night, she went back to the dormitory, tossing and turning a little and could not sleep.

    Three years, my brother and sister who haven't seen each other for three years, what kind of scene is it to meet again?

    The Song Yi people's air ticket is on the 17th, and the school's celebration is just two days before, but there is no conflict.

    On this day, the school only takes half a day.

    In the morning, Song Yiren was still in the laboratory with Xiao Pei. Until 12 o'clock, some students came over to see that they were still testing the data, and they couldn't help laughing: "The two learners can obviously rely on their faces, but they only rely on their talents. How can we live? Let's go to dinner and prepare in the afternoon. it has started!"

    Song Yiren smiled and put away the data line: "Okay."

    When she and Xiao Pei came out together, she heard some classmates talk: "I heard that many celebrities were invited this time! There are representatives of previous emperor graduates and well-known entrepreneurs!"

    "Hmm, I also heard that there are celebrities in the performing arts circle in our school! Qin Xiao graduated from the English Department of the school. He is really handsome or hegemonic. No wonder he went abroad on the red carpet last time. I heard him English is so slippery! "

    "Hey, you don't know, not only will Qin Xiao come, but also mysterious people!"

    "Who?" A group of students immediately gossip.

    "Because the Tiangong Group has not started the college student plan recently? So I heard that they have been invited by President Gong, and I happened to go to the principal's office at that time and heard the principal's secretary and Gong's secretary call to confirm the time! "

    "Lying trough!" Some people were shocked: "It's really big news! But which palace president? Tiangong Group has two palace presidents, both of whom are very handsome!"

    "I don't know, I just heard that sentence." The classmate smiled: "However, no matter which one, aren't they all so handsome that they can't hold their legs together?"

    "Hahaha, look, your eyes are now heart-shaped!"

    Everyone laughed and went to the cafeteria together. Song Yiren and Xiao Pei were at the same table. While they were eating, they were still discussing a parameter setting issue.

    Next to me, a classmate came over and said to Xiao Pei: "Xiao Pei, just now Teacher Zhang said, you will go to the lab in a while and move a big guy!"

    Xiao Pei wondered: "What guy?"

    "You know when you go." The classmate smiled mysteriously.

    The two did not take it seriously, and continued to discuss the parameters. After dinner, Song Yi returned to the dormitory to change clothes, while Xiao Pei went to the laboratory.

    At four o'clock in the afternoon, the school celebration opened on time in the auditorium.

    First, the principal's speech, and then, the official performance began. In the middle, it was interspersed with commendations and representatives of previous graduates.

    Song Yiren's program is considered to be in the middle back position. When she entered the backstage, she also glanced at the front stage area and found that the position next to the front row principal was still empty, and there was no Gong Lingye in the front row guests. Uncle and nephew.

    She quickly looked back and went to the background.

    When the counselor saw the Song Yi, he greeted her quickly: "If it's warm, this hair clip is specially prepared for you. Put it on me!"

    Song Yiren couldn't help laughing when he saw the crystal crown issued by the counselor. This feels like coaxing a little girl!

    But when I thought about it, Yu Ruonuan was only 20 years old. It seems that it is not pretending to be worn!

    She couldn't bear to brush off the counselor's kindness, so she put it on.

    "It's so beautiful!" Everyone praised Qiqiu: "If it's warm, I want to marry you! Why is it so like a princess in the fairy kingdom?"

    There are still two programs in front. The Song Yi people are ready to arrange their hair and skirts, and they hear the report calling her.

    The student union students had already prepared the piano, and Song Yiren walked out of the background when he heard the end of the report.

    At this moment, the lights in front had been dimmed. After she walked to the piano and sat down, there was a beam of light that fell from the top of her head and poured on her and the black piano.

    She wore a long white dress with two layers of layers and a very thin layer of yarn on it. Many small rhinestones were embedded on the yarn with embroidery. Under the light, the rhinestones refracted light and light, as if there was moonlight flowing. On her.

    She was sitting sideways to the stage. In the light, she could see her quiet silhouette, and the beautiful arc fell on the dark curtain behind her, drawing a delicate and beautiful silhouette.

    Gong Mochen was sitting next to the principal. The principal seemed to think of something and smiled at him sideways: "Mo Chen, I seem to hear that Ruo Nuan on stage is your girlfriend?"

    Gong Mochen is also a student of Dicheng University. He was admitted to the Department of Economics and Management of Didi University, but only two years later, he studied abroad as an exchange student, but the diploma is Didi University.

    The principal and Mrs. Gong also knew each other, and it was regarded as a predecessor who grew up, so she spoke naturally and casually.

    Today, he was still listening to a female teacher in the office. He wanted to tease Gong Mochen a few words, but unexpectedly, when asked, Gong Mochen tightened his expression instantly.

    Today, Gong Lingye was originally coming. However, because there was a problem with a project a few days ago, Gong Lingye was required to go abroad for a meeting, so before Gong Lingye left, let Pei Jun give the invitation letter to Gong Mochen.