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#57 Have you taken a photo?

hara said: "page and george go skiing together one day, page tells george, there is a tree hole deep in the snow deep, there are many secrets hidden in it ..."

    Song Ziheng's hand holding the pencil tightened suddenly, and the tip of the pen drew a crooked curve on the paper.

    However, there was still no expression on his face, and even the expression of Zahara looked almost indifferent.

    Zahara continued: "Then George found a long stick and wanted to explore that cave ..."

    The players around listened to the story curiously and laughed: "Haha, is this from" Piglet Page "? Why haven't I seen this episode ..."

    "This storytelling robot is so cute, I will buy one later!"

    However, only the Song Yi people looked at Song Ziheng's gradually tightening hands and understood that he understood.

    Because this story was compiled by Song Ziheng several years ago, and it was only him, that is, the story was unknown to others.

    However, the story comes to the back, but the Song Yi people have changed the ending-

    "Later, Page said that the snow was too loose and would collapse if it was dug, so she thought of a way to wear a scuba to see. So George waited for her on the snow."

    "Page has been away for a long time and has never returned. George waited and thought that Page had an accident, so he was very sad."

    "However, George did not give up because he believed that Page would come back. Sure enough, he waited for three years and she came back."

    "It turns out that she didn't come back because she was locked up by the bad guys. She didn't dare to contact George because she was in danger."

    "But George grew up and he learned to be independent. He knew he had to take care of himself and not let the bad guys know that he already knew the truth. He still behaved as before, but his life was renewed because of the appearance of Page Full of hope. "

    "So, George is still waiting. But this time is waiting. It is time to come. He studies hard and strives to make himself strong. He takes care of himself, exercises, and makes himself awesome. Only later can he admire Qi held up the sky. "

    "Because, he changed from a young boy to a man!"

    When hara said this, he turned a circle in the same place, and then said weakly: "Applause? Is the story I told cold?"

    This story is indeed a child's level, but everyone was laughed at, and applauded.

    No one noticed here, and no one understood how Song Ziheng's heart was breaking at the moment.

    He just slowly raised his eyes and looked at Song Yiren as if she were still a stranger.

    Because, he knew that all she wanted to tell him was in the story.

    The sister and brother looked at each other for only a moment, and Song Ziheng took the pen and continued to draw. However, this time he couldn't calm down anymore and didn't know what curve he was drawing.

    The girl's face in front of her was very strange, but she looked at him with unreasonable familiarity.

    She knows the things between him and her sister, she will also make robots, and even named the robot Zahara.

    So, who is she?

    She should want to tell him that her sister is just in danger now, and she is not really leaving him. And she is talking about three years, that is to say, her sister has been out of trouble, but she dare not contact him.

    He can't panic or even show anything, otherwise, it will harm them.

    Now in this world, there are only two of him and his sister. Mom and dad are gone. He has grown up and has to hold up for her.

    Aside, Yu Xingfan didn't even know the complex atmosphere between his sister and brother who had almost no communication. He first looked at the handiwork in the window and said to Song Yi: "Sister, don't you mean you want to take a photo with Sands? I will shoot you! "

    The Song Yi people moved their hearts and urged Song Ziheng: "Sands, is that okay? I'm coming thousands of miles from China, please!"

    Song Ziheng seemed to hesitate for a while, then he got up and nodded reluctantly.

    The other players looked envious and watched Song Ziheng walking next to Song Yiren.

    The younger brother has really grown up and is half a head taller than her. Song Yiren remembered that the last time she saw him three years ago, he was not yet tall!

    She leaned close to him, holding his arm in her hand, and fingertips lightly scratched a symbol on his arm.

    Then, the boy beside him stiffened, and Yu Xingfan opposite had pressed the shutter.

    The picture freezes, and on the screen, Song Yiren has a brilliant smile, while Song Ziheng beside her has a kind of youthful peculiarity. He didn't smile, and there was no expression on his face. He just looked closely, but his eyes were focused.

    Harmony that the picture cannot tell.

    People around are still envious: "Woo, I also want to take a picture with Sands!"

    Song Yiren has loosened Song Ziheng's arm and said naturally: "I rarely come to Ningguo, I plan to play for three days and then go back!"

    Song Ziheng said nothing, just picked up a piece of paper on the table and wrote a few place names.

    Song Yi people looked at it and nodded: "I have also made a guide to these attractions, and I must go back!"

    One piece, Yu Xingfan interjected: "Sister, aren't you, you are simply skipping class!"

    "Take care of me?" Song Yiren whispered: "Take care of yourself! Didn't you say that the Tianxue school club has a mandatory mission? Hurry up and buy a ticket back today after the exhibition, be careful—"

    "Walk, can't I listen to you?" Yu Xingfan said, blinking, pointing to a hand that can be sold: "However, send me a hand to do it!"

    Song Yiren readily agreed: "Well, you have chosen, I will pay together."

    Song Ziheng listened to their conversation and thought of the interaction with her sister in the past. Her eyes were a little bit hot, but soon, her emotions all disappeared like the seawater at low tide.

    Song Yiren spent a long time on Song Ziheng's side. In the end, she really didn't want to attract attention, so she went to another booth. At noon, she ate something casually in the restaurant outside the exhibition hall, and did not leave until four in the afternoon.

    Song Ziheng stayed for only one morning and was picked up.

    In the evening of the same day, Yu Xingfan left by plane, and Song Yi returned to the hotel alone.

    Early the next morning, she went to the first place written by Song Ziheng-Astronomical Time Tower.

    She knew that he wrote these places to meet her, but Song Yiren did not know whether Chu Mingyao would restrict Song Ziheng's freedom, so the only thing she could do was wait.

    During this day, she was really like a tourist, going to every attraction he wrote.

    However, she failed to see him.

    At the same time, in a villa in Ningcheng, Chu Mingyao was drinking tea while looking down at Song Ziheng's manuscript and smiling: "Zi Heng, you like animation design very much, I already thought about your college entrance examination school , Go to Ningcheng Academy of Fine Arts. "

    Song Ziheng nodded.

    Chu Mingyao said again: "I heard that you met a young lady at the exhibition today, did you take a group photo?"