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Chu Mingyao completely lost the trace of Su Yunfei here, almost crazy, his people stared at the Internet all the time, 24 hours, almost shifts.

    Thousands of miles away, the Song Yi people received arrangements from Beimingmo to go to Ningguo to participate in a unique offline event.

    It was just about to celebrate the Chinese New Year. She heard that Yu Ruoxin was about to have a holiday, so she planned to end the event by the time.

    The event was in a banquet hall of a star hotel in Ningcheng. Since Song Yiren told Chu Mingyao that she would come over, so when the event happened, Song Yiren really saw him.

    Song Yiren saw Chu Mingyao dressed for the first time. He was wearing a casual sweater. The hat on the sweater had been worn all the time. On the bridge of his nose was a pair of frame glasses.

    If she weren't too familiar with him, I'm afraid it wouldn't be recognized for a while.

    Chu Mingyao is now at the forefront of public opinion. Being able to see her at the risk of being recognized because she said she came to engage in activities, really surprised Song Yiren.

    But after thinking about it, she found it interesting. It seems that Chu Mingyao trapped her deeper than she thought!

    After the Song Yiren event ended, she went to the background to change her clothes. At this time, her mobile phone vibrated, and she opened it to see that it was the message sent by Gong Lingye: "Nuan Nuan. Searching for someone, according to my analysis, it is probably Su Yunfei. "

    After reading the news, Song Yiren replied: "Okay, I know. I'm at the event. He just came here. I'll find a chance to try it later."

    "Baby be careful." Gong Lingye replied.

    The Song Yi people put away their phones, changed into casual clothes, and came out.

    Chu Mingyao had been waiting for her on the other side of the passageway. When she saw her come out, she immediately walked over.

    It was not too long since the last meeting, but Chu Mingyao felt as if it had passed a century.

    He changed from the dazzling president of Hai Sheng to a desolate person who can't even face the camera now. In these days, he went to the company for a while every day to complete the final formalities. For him, it was really better than let him die It's still uncomfortable.

    Seeing the girl slamming into the line of sight at this moment, he felt that the heart of the hustle and bustle had been quiet for a while.

    The two walked together to a rather quiet cafe and found a corner to sit down.

    Song Yi said: "Brother Chu, are you thin? Haven't you slept well recently, all have dark circles?"

    Chu Mingyao heard the other party ’s concern, and he was inevitably upset again, he said: "I have been insomnia recently, Xiao Nuan, I have been suffering recently!"

    The Song Yi people stood up and took a tiramisu in front of them, saying: "Everyone said that when they were in a bad mood, they would be happy to eat some sweets! Unfortunately, I can only do such simple things, but Can't help you ... "

    Chu Mingyao shook his head, he took Tiramisu, watching the Song Yi people's eyes darken: "Xiao Nuan, in fact, as long as I see you, I already feel very happy! So, you don't need to do anything, that's it Staying quietly with me, I am very happy! "

    Song Yiren only felt a goose bump, and she smiled: "Brother Chu, you also have a lot of friends! By the way, did Sister Su Yunfei leave the circle, I haven't seen her appear in the media for a long time?"

    If someone else prefaced Su Yunfei and Chu Mingyao would almost turn his face, but facing the Song Yi people, he didn't get angry, but the expression was a little reluctant: "Yes, she was out of the circle, and I haven't seen her in a long time. . "

    Song Yiren found that when Chu Mingyao said this sentence, his fingers squeezed the cup unconsciously, which was obviously an expression of resentment against Su Yunfei.

    Her heart moved. It turned out that he really lost Su Yunfei!

    With almost judgment in mind, Song Yiren asked Chu Mingyao, "Brother Chu, what are your plans for the future?"

    Chu Mingyao raised his eyes and looked at the clear eyes of Song Yiren, blurting out: "I want to go to country Y for a while and start from scratch. Xiao Nuan, would you like to be with me?"

    Song Yiren's heart twisted slightly, if Chu Mingyao really went abroad, even if she found Su Yunfei and got the video evidence, it would not be easy to catch him.

    So she said: "I'm going to work, when are you going? I have to plan."

    Chu Mingyao unexpectedly didn't expect Song Yiren to agree, he reached out and was about to hold her hand, but she shrank.

    He realized that he was too abrupt, so he drew his hand back again, but his eyes were invisible light: "Xiao Nuan, then I wait for you! After the New Year, let's go together! I work there, you can apply for graduate school Continue to school, okay? "

    Song Yi bit his lip, it seems that it was easy to make a determination, and blushed: "I want to go to graduate school ..."

    He heard her a bit shy and timid voice, and clearly promised to go with him, but he wanted to use school to cover up the mentality of the little girl, making Chu Mingyao feel like a deer.

    He just felt that his brain was starting to heat up, and he immediately responded: "Okay, Xiao Nuan, then we're done. After the New Year, go to country Y together!"

    "Huh." Song Yiren responded, bowing his head and looking at the little cake in front of her.

    Chu Mingyao only felt that the pain for so many days seemed to be less difficult. He looked at the girl in front of him and said: "After going there, you don't have to worry about your tuition and living expenses. I can help you arrange it here. Contact the school and I can find someone to write a recommendation letter for you. "

    "Okay." Song Yi responded wisely: "Thank you Brother Chu."

    Chu Mingyao's life has never been so longing for one thing, only that he just wanted to give up everything here, and the idea of ​​finding a quiet place and living with the girl he likes is right.

    He has been in a hurry for decades. He has been doing one thing almost in the first half of his life, and the Song family is dead, dumb, dumb, his mission has been completed, why not cut off the past and live the future he wants? ?

    Later, because Song Yiren had to report to the company branch, he said goodbye to Chu Mingyao.

    After signing at the Unique branch, she went to Haisheng.

    Hai Sheng is now in the era of president replacement. Although the business will not be greatly affected, but the spokespersons who signed before need to come back and go through the formalities again.

    Song Yiren knew that this was actually done by the shareholders, in order to recount Chu Mingyao's people.

    And if she guesses correctly, she should be notified to cancel the contract this time. After all, she was appointed by Chu Mingyao and she was also an employee of Tiangong Group. This status is extremely embarrassing.

    But the Song Yi people didn't care. After all, the signing of the contract was just to get close to Chu Mingyao. Now it seems that the position of the spokesperson really doesn't make much sense to her.

    When the Song Yi people arrived there, everything was as she expected, and the other party gave her a small amount of cancellation payment, which was considered a peaceful settlement.

    However, when she left, she heard someone whisper: "Why hasn't Su Mi yet come? No one has answered the phone calls in these two days. Wouldn't it be possible to get out of the president's bed?"