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Both had just eaten, and Bei Mingxiao's agent saw Bei Mingmo and his eyes were straight.

    However, Beimingxiao drove people away and took Beimingmo to a nearby bar.

    The two sat down, ordered some soft drinks, and were chatting, and Beimingqiao came over.

    Bei Mingmo answered: "Dad."

    Beimingqiao Road: "Momo, still outside?"

    "Yeah!" Bei Mingmo said: "I happened to meet Brother Xiao to come to China to film, and we are at the bar!"

    When Beimingqiao was listening to Beimingxiao, he immediately remembered the genetic identification report.

    The above clearly shows that he has no kinship relationship with Beimingxiao!

    Therefore, there is no blood relationship between Beimingmo and Beimingxiao.

    Thinking of this, Beimingqiao frowned deeply, and could not tell too obvious: "Girl, come back to the hotel early in the evening, don't play too late!"

    "Okay, Dad!" Bei Mingmo smiled.

    After a few more chats, I hung up.

    Bei Mingxiao took out her mobile phone: "My most beautiful and talented sister, rub a fever!"

    Bei Mingmo gave him a white look.

    He didn't care either, picked up his mobile phone, grabbed Bei Mingmo's shoulder with one hand, took a selfie photo, and immediately took a picture, sent it to Weibo: "The filming met my family sabrina, drink two glasses together! @sabrina"

    Sure enough, after posting, the comment quickly increased, and it was easier to use than anything else before. Many people asked him where he was filming in the comment area. Obviously, those who are fans of Bei Mingmo purely want to see the goddess.

    Seeing Bei Mingmo, he couldn't help but smile: "Okay, see you pitifully, I'll forward it to you!"

    She said, took her mobile phone and transferred to Beimingxiao's Weibo: "Brother, please ask for this wine!"

    However, not long after her Weibo was posted, Xuanyuan Che's phone came over.

    Bei Mingmo looked at the phone and hesitated for a few seconds.

    Aside, Bei Mingxiao asked: "Man?"

    "Well." Bei Mingmo picked up the phone and answered: "Hey."

    "Momo, are you in the bar?" Xuanyuan Che asked.

    "Well." Bei Mingmo said casually.

    "You don't drink well, don't drink." Although Xuanyuan Che knew that Beimingxiao was the second brother of Beimingmo, but he was a man after all, he didn't like the feeling of being out of control.

    "Okay." Although she agreed, she still spoke slowly, seeming to take his words seriously.

    He couldn't help thinking of how she was drunk every time, and her heart seemed to be bitten by insects and ants: "Momo, I am serious. You are a girl and you have to learn to protect yourself."

    Bei Mingmo thought it was fun, this man could even become an old mother. She asked him: "What's your name?"

    Xuanyuan Che only felt his head bang: "You don't even know who I am?"

    Bei Mingmo raised her eyebrows, knowing that he thought she was drinking too much. She asked, "What is it called?"

    He: "Xuan, Yuan, Che!"

    Bei Mingmo pretended to be puzzled: "Hey, how is Cheyuanxuan displayed on this phone screen?"

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    The next second, a beep came from my ear.

    He was so angry that his temple jumped, she drank too much, stayed with other men, and hung up his phone!

    When I called again, the phone rang twice and was cut off directly!

    In the bar, Bei Mingmo looked at the mobile phone that turned off automatically, and looked innocent: it was none of her business!

    That night, Beimingxiao sent Beimingmo back to the hotel and left directly.

    Bei Mingmo took a shower and charged up, and received a strange call.

    She didn't really want to pick it up, but she made it through accidentally, and only listened to a synthetic male voice: "Bei Mingmo."

    Bei Mingmo breathed, alerting: "Who are you?"

    "It doesn't matter who I am." The person said: "You just need to know that you'd better break up with the man named Xuanyuan Che! Otherwise, the consequences will be unbearable for you!"

    Bei Mingmo's heart was startled, and his hair grew up a little.

    She and Xuanyuan Che, did anyone know they talked today, or did she already know that she and Xuanyuan Che were so sick?

    And today Xuanyuan Che called and Beimingxiao was opposite her, would it be him?

    But, just after this idea came out, he was shot back by Bei Mingmo. If it’s him, wouldn’t it be too good?

    "Remember?" The man sneered: "Do not want someone close to you to die, then remember what I said!"

    "Who the hell are you, and what do you want to do?!" Before Bei Mingmo finished speaking, the phone over there.

    On the screen of the mobile phone, there are only four big characters "Private Number".

    Her breathing was still very unsteady, so she immediately contacted the Song Yi people and asked the Song Yi people to ask Gong Lingye to help them find out.

    But, in order not to worry the Song Yi people, she only said that it was harassing the phone.


    He Wanshuang stayed in the hospital for three days, and finally got rid of fever completely and was discharged.

    On the day of discharge, the police station informed her that she had signed and cancelled the case.

    On that night, Gong Lingye had something to do with it, so it was Bae Jun and her parents who accompanied He Wanshuang.

    The day before, Pei Jun came over and showed her the conversation between Gong Lingye and Le Haisheng. She listened to trance for a while, but she still didn't seem to be able to get out of the mud.

    Today, when Pei Jun was on the road, she showed her the psychotherapy plan, and she agreed, saying that she would cooperate fully with the treatment.

    After signing in the office, He Wanshuang was about to come out, and he ran into a tall figure, and the girl beside him.

    Lieyuan Shen was also informed to come over and sign today. Originally, Lie Xiaoruo did not need to come over, but she didn’t like the hospital environment very much, so after her body got better, she went out with her brother to breathe.

    Several people's eyes converged in the air, Lieyuan Shen had a clear meal, and then he stepped forward: "Shuang'er--"

    He Wanshuang didn't look at him, lowered his head and pinched his bag, as if his call had just been given to the air.

    While next to him, Father He has taken a step forward and said: "Lie Yuan Shen, I have something to tell you!"

    Li Yuanyuan suddenly understood that the other party was probably going to tell him about the divorce, so instinctively escaped the tunnel: "Dad, I have to sign first."

    "We are waiting for you!" He He obviously made up his mind. He Mu walked to He Wanshuang and protected her behind him.

    Lieyuan Shen breathed and said, "Well, you wait for me for a while."

    He walked in to sign, and Li Xiaoxiao hesitated a little, but he yelled at Night Cream: "Sister-in-law."

    He Wanshuang raised his eyes slowly, and his eyes were empty.

    Lie Xiaoruo was stabbed by her hole, and she pursed her lips: "Sister-in-law, I and my brother misunderstood you before."

    He Wanshuang still has no expression, and the words without temperature spit out in his throat: "Well."

    Lie Xiaoruo has never served anyone soft, so although he wanted to apologize for his brother, he never knew what to say.

    Behind him, Lieyuan Shen had already come out. He glanced at He and He, and then said: "Dad, Mom, I want to say a few words with Wan Shuang."