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#437 If I die

At that moment, everyone looked at Xuanyuan Che.

He felt that one of them was Bei Mingmo's gaze, quiet but seemed to have strength.

He knew that she said it all for him today.

Although he is still unable to meet her in front of everyone, it does not mean that he will give up again and again.

He didn't go to see her, but looked straight at Xuanyuanwei, and his tone was indifferent: "Grandpa, since I have the blood of the Xuanyuan family flowing through me, I have the right to fight for my survival."

Xuanyuan Wei was also taken aback by the words.

Immediately, he reacted immediately and said three times: "Okay!"

After that, he patted Xuanyuan Che's shoulder again: "Ache, you are right, even if you can't remember the past, then you can't be depressed, and depend on the family. Our Xuanyuan family has experienced from ancient times to the present. The troubled times can stand up again, it is because of such a spirit."

He said nothing, and then rushed north to Mingmo, saying: "Girl, grandpa would also like to thank you today so that both of them have fighting spirit! At first, I had an agreement with your uncle to marry Lin'er and Beiming's family. ...But at that time, I didn’t know the existence of A Che."

He made a final conclusion: "Now, I will give them a chance, everyone will compete fairly! Only the owner can marry the Beiming family!"

"Thank you Grandpa Xuanyuan! You don't think I just want money, haha!" Bei Mingmo also called Xuanyuanwei.

Anyway, she will marry Xuanyuan Che sooner or later, and Grandpa doesn’t lose at the same time.

However, she was really a little surprised just now, that elm pimple, promised to fight for inheritance right for her, right?

Suddenly there is a feeling that the fairy is possessed?

The matter was so finalized, the Xuanyuans had lunch in Beiming and left.

As soon as they left, Beimingxiao pulled Beimingmo and asked, "Momo, are you really going to marry one of them?"

Bei Mingmo shrugged: "What heir's heir dispute, do you think it will end in a day or two? To be honest, I don't like Country J at all, and I don't want to stay here. And when their heir battle ends, you think Your brother hasn’t returned yet? We are listening to Xuanyuan’s family now, but it’s because others are pinching our economic lifeline. When your brother comes back and solves everyone, where do they love to go cool!”

After listening to Bei Mingmo's words, Bei Mingxiao relaxed slightly, but then he fell silent again.

Seeing that he seemed to be worried, Bei Mingmo shook his arm: "Shen Brother should have been taken away by his men, now he should be recuperating, don't worry. I believe, he will definitely come back!"

"No." Bei Mingxiao suddenly raised his eyes, and his eyes were still dark, but his eyes were unprecedentedly firm: "Momo, you just said that their heir's fight is over, and my brother may be back. . But if not? Or, if their heirs were chosen in the past two days? Do I watch you sacrifice for a family that has no blood relationship with you?"

Bei Mingmo's expression was also taken seriously: "Brother Xiao, there is really no other choice now. Although, I hate your father and I don't like Country J very much. However, this is also the home of Shen Brother after all."

Moreover, he owes her an explanation...

"I decided to have surgery tomorrow." Bei Mingxiao took Bei Mingmo's hand: "I can't be in the dark forever, like a waste man! You can help my brother, and I... just everyone's burden !"

Bei Mingmo immediately stopped: "But Brother Xiao, the success rate of that operation is only..."

"What do you think is the difference between me and death now?" He tightened her hands: "I will only film, not manage, but I can learn. Momo, if I die, sprinkle my ashes on it The capital of the movie, where I always yearn, but I have never been there."

When he was young, he dreamed that one day he would let his own movie premiere there. He was able to be invited to the red carpet, stood in the spotlight of the media, and told everyone that he was at the top of the movie with his own abilities.

But now it is obviously just a dream...

Bei Mingmo didn't know what to say for a while.

She has experienced blindness, so she knows that feeling is worse than killing Beimingxiao.

"Okay, let me inform the expert and arrange for the operation." She took a deep breath.

"Momo, thank you." Bei Mingxiao seems to be finally relaxed. God knows how he fights these days!

Even if he lives painfully, he still has the instinct of pursuing life!

The next day, Bei Mingmo personally sent Bei Mingxiao into the operating room.

She was praying outside, watching the door of the operating room closed, and the words "in operation" slowly lit up.


On the same morning, Song Yiren was at the press conference of the first mobile game of Starry Night Group.

After returning from Country J, she has been busy publishing mobile games these days.

After all, this is her first product after taking over Starry Night, plus the previous Starry Night's capital chain has almost broken, and this part of the development funds are still from bank loans.

Song Yi people also don't want all their things to rely on Gong Lingye, and he is usually busy, so Starry Night is entirely managed by herself. It is her own child and gives great hope.

I haven't been to the company for several days and everything is as organized as she left.

But, when she went to the bathroom halfway, an old employee Alice called her: "Yu President, when I took a selfie yesterday, I saw one thing, and I don't know if I should say..."

Song Yi nodded: "What's the matter?"

"I'm off work, I'm used to taking selfies in the company's bathroom, where the light is the best." Alice explained, and then said: "Then I saw the cleaning aunt with a strange expression, hey, but Maybe I was wrong..."

Song Yiren nodded and patted her shoulder: "About 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon?"

"Well." Alice nodded. "Will I be a little fussed?"

"No, it is good to be vigilant." Song Yi said humanly: "I will check and monitor."

She said nothing, so she called for surveillance, only to find that the surveillance over the restroom was destroyed by someone...

This incident seems to be just a minor episode, because after monitoring and reporting for repairs, the work was resumed the next day.

And this press conference is in a two-dimensional exhibition hall in the Imperial City.

At ten o'clock, the game will be officially released on the whole network. At that time, users at home and abroad can download and log in to the game, and there are related gift packages.

On the other side of the exhibition hall, several traffic stars were also invited, plus some offline activities, it was a great investment.

Song Yiren dressed in a formal suit and came to the stage.