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#157 I'm tired

Bei Mingmo retracted his gaze and looked down at his mobile phone. Beside him, the man just glanced at her slightly without any expression on his face, and then continued to drive.

    Until the car stopped steadily, Xuanyuan Che said: "Here it is."

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyes and found that he did arrive at Tianhe Square, and quickly turned his eyes: "Mr. Xuanyuan, thank you."

    She said nothing, untied her seat belt, walked out gracefully, and smiled at the man in the car, waving her hand.

    Xuan Yuan Che just nodded his head lightly, and didn't even say a word, so he turned around.

    Bei Mingmo turned around and walked into the square. Just after the corner, he received a call from Song Yiren: "Momo, are you here?"

    "Well, come, rest assured!" Bei Mingmo smiled.

    "Oh, I just feel that Xuanyuan Che doesn't like talking, and I'm afraid you feel embarrassed, so ..." Song Yi said humanely.

    "He doesn't like talking, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed him specifically!" Bei Mingmo said while walking.

    Song Yiren instantly grasped the keyword: "In the first place?"

    Bei Mingmo felt that it didn't matter what he said, so he said, "Yeah, Nuan Nuan, I also want to tell you this, but I have forgotten ..."

    "Actually, I was in a bad mood after something happened to you. Almost half a year later, once I was accosted by someone in the mall and suddenly an idea came up."

    "I think people have been chasing me all the time. I don't feel ugly, so I promised to talk about it. However, I never took it seriously. But if I chase one myself?"

    "At that time, at a meeting, Xuanyuan Che was the investor invited by our partner company. He gave me the feeling that he had 92 points in appearance, 90 points in stature, and 40 points in personality. This man should be particularly difficult to chase. of."

    "I lost interest in a lot of things because you were not there at the time, and I felt that I didn't know what to do. So, I used chasing people as a tool to kill time, and I targeted him."

    "He was really hard to chase. At that time, I used my work to talk to him. I said ten sentences, and he returned me two sentences, which were no more than five words. For example, I was not responsible for it. class."

    "The higher he is, the harder it is to eat, the more I feel that life is not so empty, so I have created a lot of encounters."

    "You don't know, at that time, in order to meet him every day, I used to walk only two or three thousand steps a day, and then I could walk seven or eight thousand steps a day."

    "I bought him water when it was still the sun, and an umbrella when it rained. In short, I thought of all the ways I could think of."

    "Maybe it's really useful. At that time, I seemed to feel that life was finally a bit of a goal, and I didn't surrender myself so much."

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "I have chased him for three months, in short, I have grown so big, I have never been so active ..."

    Song Yi people thought that when they left, Bei Mingmo felt sad and heartbroken. She asked, "What about later?"

    "Later-" Bei Mingmo was almost there over the mall: "I just didn't catch it! That was his birthday, I made a cake to find him, but as soon as I got downstairs, I saw A girl came out of his company with him, and the two talked and laughed. "

    "Is it his relative, or is it He Wanshuang?" Song Yiren couldn't help it.

    "I investigated before I chased him. He had a hair, that is, He Wanshuang, who was still in graduate school at the time, and he had no sisters." Bei Mingmo said: "In short, I turned around when I saw it. gone."

    "Yi Yi, in short, that feeling, so to speak, it's like you licking your face and smiling at someone, turning a blind eye, and then turning to smile at someone else. I think I'm stupid, like a pug."

    "I went home that day and ate the whole cake, and then sent him a message that night. The original words were: I am tired, and I have been disturbed in the past few months."

    "He only replied a word-okay." Bei Mingmo laughed at himself: "I have sent him a message before, he has never replied so quickly, it can be seen, I have already waited for my sentence."

    Speaking of this, Bei Mingmo walked to the entrance of the mall and pushed it away. A shadow suddenly appeared beside her, somehow familiar, but she didn't turn her head to look at the phone.

    "And then there is no more?" Song Yi asked.

    "What else?" Bei Mingmo pushed the door: "If you can't catch it, you won't chase it! Men are like clothes. After this village, there are other shops. Do I have to hang in Xuanyuan Che's shop?"

    When she pushed the door, she found that the person behind was also pushing the door. She hardly used any force, so she turned her head slightly and wanted to thank the humane.

    But, just after Yu Guang swept over, Bei Mingmo froze.

    When did Xuanyuan Che appear? And she was so loud just now, he should be, must have heard it?

    On the other end of the phone, Song Yiren didn't hear Bei Mingmo talking, so he couldn't help asking, "Momo, what's wrong?"

    "Hehe." Bei Mingmo smiled pretendingly: "The store in the last village I just said is next to me ..."

    After all, she hung up the phone.

    Both of them walked into the mall, Xuanyuan Che handed a bracelet in his hand, his face as usual: "I just saw it on the seat, should it be yours?"

    Bei Mingmo took it over and said sincerely: "It's mine, thank you very much!" This is her mother's birthday gift, and she can't go home now, so I missed it.

    "You're welcome." Xuan Yuan Che said, turned and left.

    "That--" Bei Mingmo was a little embarrassed at the thought, but he still didn't know what to say.

    Forget it, just don't explain it.

    Xuanyuan Che got in the car and drove back to Phoenix. Today, he and Gong Lingye still have a contract to be confirmed.

    Inadvertently glancing out the window, it is a rather unique clothing store, as if it was the style that Bei Mingmo is wearing today.

    At the beginning, she often wobbled in front of him, it seemed that every time she appeared to be very lady-like, she had never seen her dressed like this, and it looked a little cool and handsome.

    Ha ha, clothing store, men like clothes?

    He heard this sentence twice today.

    At first, he didn't pay attention to the girl who often shook in front of him until she came to talk to him once and was seen by his university classmates. The university classmates went up to greet Bei Mingmo and said it was his school girl.

    After that, the classmate told Xuanyuan Che that Bei Mingmo had changed many boyfriends, each of which did not exceed three months.

    After hearing that Bei Mingmo was chasing Xuanyuan Che, the classmates smiled and said, "Otherwise, she will be a new bet, chasing you up to three months!"

    At that time, Xuanyuan Che didn't take it seriously, and had no intention of betting at all.

    As time grew closer to three months, Xuanyuan Che was paying attention.

    He wondered if she would exceed that deadline this time.