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#417 Like that person

Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes.

Shangguan Ao didn't seem to find his words shocking at all, but just said naturally: "Your father is gone, I will replace his role, and I should see half of my daughter-in-law! And, several of your brothers, also I really want to see you."

After hanging up the phone that day, Gong Lingye had been thinking about the purpose of Shangguanao looking for him.

That night, he and Song Yi finally sorted out all the books, and then took a shower and sat on the bedside.

"Nuan Nuan, country J is very dangerous. I mean, I will go over and try the other party's purpose first." Gong Ling night said: "You are in China, just wait for my news."

"Ling Ye, since your uncle named you to take me, I think if I don't pass, maybe they will be against you." Song Yiren smiled at him: "You can rest assured, since he will help you last time, just Prove that he won't move us. After we pass, we just need to adapt ourselves."

Gong Lingye looked at the firm light in the arms of the little woman in her arms and sighed, "Okay, but don't be brave when you get over there. I will send you back to China as soon as there is something wrong."

"Huh." Song Yiren blinked: "Are you asking Amian to send me back?"

Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows: "Warm, is itchy?"

Song Yiren smiled: "I just mentioned Amian..."

"That day, I heard from you and Momo that he is in good shape?" Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren dangerously.

"You were not there, how did you know what we said?" Song Yi was confused.

Gong Ling's eyes were clear: "Really?"

The Song Yi people found themselves being criticized and suddenly annoyed. However, she has a strong desire to survive recently, so she immediately said: "We said that, but I told Momo later that you are better than Amian!"

"Really?" Gong Lingye ticked her lips: "Since this is the case, then enjoy it!"

Hey, he pressed it directly...

Three days later, Gong Lingye and Song Yi took Amian and two bodyguards and embarked on a flight to J Country Jincheng.

The visa for country J is invited through the nationals of the country and then processed urgently.

After a two-hour flight, the plane arrived in Jincheng. As soon as he left the gate and walked into the hall, Gong Lingye saw the person who came to pick him up.

Sit on the car sent by the Shangguan family and drive all the way. Finally, the crowd came to a huge manor.

In fact, it is said to be a manor, it should be said that it is like an imperial palace.

Because, the entire Shangguan family occupies a mountain in the center of Jincheng.

The car went all the way around Panshan Road and finally stopped at the top of the mountain.

And when Song Yiren and Gong Ling got off at night, they stood on the top of the mountain, and they took the entire Jincheng into their eyes.

It was a domineering Lingyun dominating the people, standing in it and looking at the tall building like a small box underneath, it would give rise to the ambition and ambition that resembles ‘the world is big, whoever we are’.

In front, there are more than ten large and small courtyards, and halfway up the mountain, there is a helicopter apron. At this moment, there are two helicopters above, and the logo above is a classic scepter.

At this time, the housekeeper had walked out and saw Gong Lingye and Song Yi people, stooped to salute, neither humble nor overbearing: "Four young masters, four young ladies, the housekeeper is already waiting for two in it."

Gong Lingye nodded at Amian and the bodyguard, and then they stayed in the outer hall. Gong Lingye led Song Yi into the courtyard.

All the carved furniture of Huanghuali, with a light woody fragrance, Gong Lingye and Song Yi entered the inner hall and saw the old man sitting on the main seat.

The old man should be in his 70s this year, but he is full of spirits. Under him is a whole piece of tiger skin. There are four men and two women on the seats on both sides.

When Gong Lingye and the Song Yi people walked side by side to the crowd, the housekeeper said first: "The housekeeper, the four young and four young ladies are here."

After all, Chong Ling night said: "Four young, this is the owner."

Gong Lingye held Song Yi's hand tightly, clasped her fingers tightly, and said proudly to the Shangguan on the throne: "Uncle, how are you."

"Uncle is good." Song Yiren also greeted with a smile, the smile was just right.

Shangguanao looked at the two of them, and this was the first time he observed them closely.

Through photos or information, although he was already familiar with Gong Lingye, but at this moment, he felt that the nephew in front of him made him more satisfied with the close look.

He was injured in the turmoil that year when he came to country J, and he was no longer able to bear children, and his son died of the plague that same year.

Although he has no future, he still remembers the legacy of Shangguan's ancestors!

As the eldest son, he will naturally carry forward the Shangguan family!

Therefore, he opened up territory in the country J, and the identity of outsiders just broke into a world.

Since then, he has also been elected heir to the official family.

The third son actually has several sons, but each of them has some shortcomings, making him always unsatisfied.

Until, he began to pay attention to Gong Lingye.

In the disease of Gong's generation, several brothers of Gong Lingye died, and Shangguan was arrogant, because in his mind, the survival of the fittest was a natural choice.

On the side of Gong Lingye, facing the things the Beiming family did, he also opened his eyes and closed his eyes.

After all, on State J, Shangguan's family and Beiming's family have reached a consensus on their interests, that is, those world feuds of Beiming's family, if he had to retaliate, then he would retaliate against the palace and Ningguo of China The Song family is fine.

It can be regarded as an explanation for Beiming's anger and hatred.

But unexpectedly, Gong Lingye's performance surprised him by surprise.

So much so that today, the balance of his mind has become unbalanced.

This is also the case, and his other nephews worried about the fall of the inheritance right, and made a killer to Gong Lingye.

And that time, Gong Lingye still did not let him down.

Regardless of his wisdom and courage, or his decisive decision to face a crisis, Gong Lingye had the shadow of his youth.

Shangguan Ao's lips overflowed with a smile: "Aye, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

He said nothing and turned to look at the Song Yi people beside Gong Lingye.

To be honest, although he had read some information about Yu Ruonuan before, he did not arouse any interest at all.

Compared with Gong Lingye, Yu Ruonuan's resume can be described as too ordinary.

At most, it is technically good. I participated in a robot competition for college students and won the prize. Then I was taken by Gong Lingye and entered the technical department of Tiangong Group.

After that, I didn't know what method was used, so that Gong Lingye was tempted by her and married her.

Shangguanao can say that the impression of Song Yi people is not good.

So at this moment, even the gaze of scrutiny brought a bit of coercion from the superior.

Unexpectedly, when he set his eyes on the Song Yi people's face, the whole person could not help but shocked.

Why, this face is so like a person...