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#50 Have you ever slept?

Gong Lingye sat on the edge of the sofa, behind him were large floor-to-ceiling windows and a magnificent night view outside the window.

    He leans casually on the curved sofa because their floors are almost the tallest building in the Imperial City, so he seems to be sitting in the neon night, looking at the low point and coldness in the high place that controls the overall situation Holding this world.

    Song Yiren hurriedly withdrew her gaze, thinking that her danger had been lifted at this moment. Luo Tianqi knew her ‘identity’, and naturally would not highlight this embarrassment, so she could leave.

    So, the Song Yi people picked up their bags and would get up and greet everyone and leave.

    But on the other side, Gong Mochen didn't know what he said with Xuanyuan Che. Both of them stood up straight and seemed to have finished talking.

    Gong Mochen stood up and glanced at the Song Yiren, his voice icy: "Ready to go."

    Song Yi was relieved and nodded: "Okay."

    She stood up and smiled at everyone, her lips twitching to the right angle, seemingly enthusiasm, but knowing her identity: "Let's go first, you guys have fun, thank you for your hospitality today!"

    Gong Mochen doesn't like these false ones, he also has his proud capital. Therefore, he just nodded at several people, and said to Gong Lingye "Little Uncle, I'm gone", and left.

    Song Yiren calmly waved goodbye to everyone, Luo Tianqi also warmly greeted her to play together next time, she smiled and nodded, as if the embarrassment just now did not exist.

    When she went out, she felt loose.

    It's been a long time since I felt this way. Gong Lingye's strong intervention made all her plans deviate. Now, she is back on track again and everything is fine.

    He is too terrible, she is step by step, really unable to cope with such a dangerous him.

    Fortunately, in the future, Qiaogui Qiaolu returns, and bye-bye is a stranger. It was as if he hadn't given her half an eye just when she left.

    What Song Yiren didn't know was that she had just left, and Luo Tianqi, who had held her in the box for a long time, couldn't help it.

    He leaned close to Gong Lingye and put his hand on his shoulder: "Brother Ye, what do you say about your relationship with the little beauty?"

    Gong Lingye heard the words and turned to look at Luo Tianqi with a smile: "What do you think?"

    Luo Tianqi was hairy by his smile, and after a few seconds, he asked: "Have you ever slept?"

    "No." Gong Lingye's tone was calm but cold.

    "She said she was Achen's girlfriend, and I said the same in the news." Luo Tianqi said again.

    Gong Lingye didn't answer, and snorted: "Oh."

    Downstairs in the clubhouse, the Song Yi people got into Gong Mochen's car.

    He seemed to have something to arrange for the driver to do, so he let the person leave when he was instructed.

    Only Song Yiren and Gong Mochen were left in the car. He didn't speak, and she didn't mean to speak with him.

    In the Emperor City at night, when the lights passed by the window, it seemed to light up a cluster of flashing fire. The Song Yi people withdrew their eyes that fell outside the window and looked at Gong Mochen's car. A new one.

    She looked at the car logo and remembered that the gift given to Gong Mochen by Gong Lingye at that time should be this car, right?

    As she looked at the interior, she glanced at Ruwa in the back row.

    She could not help turning her head: "Ruwa is here?"

    In the back row, Ruwa's light suddenly turned on, and as soon as his head turned, he turned to the direction of the Song Yi people, and the eye scanner began to run, and within less than half a second, the recognition pairing was completed.

    "Master! Ruwa is here!" It said excitedly.

    He also turned the wheel and approached the Song Yi people.

    It's just that because it's on the seat, it turns a few times, plops, and falls off the chair.

    The Song Yi people quickly turned around and picked up Ruwa. The Song Yi people asked, "Ruwa, why are you in the car?"

    The indicator light on wa's eyes lighted up, and immediately began to cracklingly say:

    "Master, Gong Mochen's poker face is broken. He threw me here alone!"

    "Don't turn on my poker face! Don't charge it!"

    "Baby is so pitiful! It feels better to follow the poker face than to enter the garbage collection bin!"

    "Master, the baby misses you so much!"

    "Master, I will tell you that Gong Mochen is the worst, the most ruthless, the most inhuman, the most paralyzed poker face in the world!"

    "the host……"

    Song Yi: "..."

    Cough, embarrassed.

    She turned her head. Sure enough, in the driver's seat next to her, the face of a certain poker face turned for the first time and took the initiative to look at her.

    His expression was chilly, and there was no expression on his face, much like frozen poker.

    And the Ruwa in the hands of the Song Yi is still chattering-

    "He certainly can't find a girlfriend! He's a single mother and is alone!"

    "Actually, he can see his face, but he doesn't know he's taken off--"

    Before this sentence was finished, the Song Yi people pressed a key and Ruwa shut up.

    At the same time, Gong Mochen seemed to suddenly make a turn. If the Song Yi people were not wearing seat belts, I am afraid they would hit the front windshield.

    The Song Yi who has just sat firmly is really big, and she wrote these procedures.

    The programs originally edited by Ruo Nuan for Ruwa were all praises to Gong Mochen.

    However, she was not used to it, and out of Yu Ruannuan's sorrow and misfortune, she changed the procedure and edited all the talks about Gong Mochen.

    But she also paid attention to the occasion, that is, a certain condition must be triggered, and there was no time to scan Gong Mochen's face.

    However, when she was holding Ruwa, she blocked the face recognition sensor of the little guy, so the guy thought Gong Mochen was not there, and she was the only one in the car, so she repeated all the vomiting.

    In the car, it was suddenly quiet.

    This quietness is strange, especially after Ruwa didn't have time to finish the sentence.

    Song Yiren gave a subconscious glance to Gong Mochen. He pursed his lips, his jaw tightened, and sharp lines were outlined at his throat.

    The expression on his face wasn't angry, but she didn't think she was humorous.

    After all, the one-year contract has more than half a year, and Song Yi felt that he should remedy it.

    So, she opened the wireless connection between Ruwa and her mobile phone, and she began to re-edit the content.

    After a while, Ruwa, placed on the rack, turned his head to perform facial recognition on Gong Mochen.

    Then, it suddenly said cheaply: "God, this wise gentleman, can I know you?"

    Gong Mochen tightened his hand holding the steering wheel, and the expression on his face continued to be 'paralyzed', ignoring Ruwa.

    Wa continued to flatter: "Sir, you are so handsome, it must be the most handsome man in the world!"

    "I think you are so handsome, there must be a large group of girls who are rushing to compete for your girlfriend, and the one who became your girlfriend saved the entire galaxy from the previous life!"

    "Sir, you will be very blessed at first glance, from young handsome to big, there will be a batch of aunty powder in the future!"

    "I wish you a happy day and everything goes well!"

    "May you have dew in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and stars in the night! May all the beauty be with you!"