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#45 Comfortable?

Gong Lingye finished listening, nodded, and began to finalize the contract with Gong Mochen.

    It was more than an hour after it was finalized, Gong Lingye stood up, and when Gong Mochen came out, he said, "I will go for you next birthday party."

    Gong Mochen froze: "Uncle, what birthday party do you say?"

    "Yu Family." Gong Lingye said lightly: "Just I have to meet someone in the past. What gift do you want to bring? I will help you."

    Gong Mochen heard that although a little surprised, he didn't ask Gong Lingye who he was going to see. He nodded: "Okay, then let me send her the invitation letter, and I will let Zhang Tezhu arrange the gift later."

    Gong Lingye nodded and turned to leave. Very good, she hasn't contacted him once these days, but if something happened, she immediately found Gong Mochen!

    A few minutes later, the Song Yiren received a message from Gong Mochen: "Time, place, invitation letter."

    Seeing his conciseness, Song Yiren twitched his lips and replied to him: "At 7pm next Wednesday, Yujia Villa, I will let my dad's secretary send you to you later. See you then!"

    As expected, Gong Mochen didn't return any news at all.

    Song Yi people did not care, just sent a message to Yu Chengzhi, what should they do.

    Time is running like water, passing quickly, and it's already Wednesday.

    On Wednesday morning, by coincidence, Song Yiren came to Great Aunt.

    I thought this time it would be as painful as last time, but I didn't expect that the medicine sent by Gong Lingye took more than ten days, and it was really much better.

    It's just that some of them are not very comfortable, but that kind of discomfort can't be called pain at all.

    There were many classes that day, and the last session in the afternoon ended at five o'clock. Song Yi people hit a car and went straight to Yujia.

    Go home and put on a light makeup, put on a dress skirt, the banquet is ready to start.

    Yu Chengzhi this time because Gong Mochen is coming, so he invited all the celebrities he could contact to the Imperial City.

    If at ordinary times, I am afraid that many people will not come at all, but because he released the wind in advance and said that he also invited Gong Mochen, so less than seven o'clock, many cars came one after another.

    Song Yi, dressed in a purple dress, received guests with Yu Chengzhi and Fang Lingyi.

    At seven o'clock, Gong Mochen hadn't arrived yet, Yu Chengzhi was already anxious, but he came to the stage. He laughed and announced the feast with enthusiasm, drifting towards the door without looking.

    Although most of the guests wondered why Gong Mochen hadn't arrived yet, they still talked to each other more cooperatively.

    It's just that there will always be people who deliberately read jokes about which pots are not open.

    Therefore, one of the guests could not help but sneer after chatting with the Song Yi people: "This is the third lady we always hide like a baby, right? It looks really beautiful!"

    "Yeah, I heard Miss Yu and Gong Shao are in a relationship, but the baby is hiding!"

    "Is Zhen He Gong Shao in love? Why did I still see Gong Shao's scandal a few days ago? Moreover, so many days after the scandal, he didn't come out to blame the rumor!"

    "No, you know, man, just for fun. Old Yu, it's not that I said, although we have some foundations in the imperial city, but compared with the Gong family, it is really far away! If you do n’t choose a family like ours, do n’t do anything to dream of marrying a giant! ”

    "Yeah, old Yu, you see that your birthday banquet was less promised and never came. It is clear that Miss Yu is not taken seriously! It is estimated that when the family is married, that is, your daughter is regarded as a lover. I can't give any points! "

    "What's the matter with Dangqing. People?" Some people retorted: "At least it still has a relationship with the Gong family. Isn't it? When the other people don't want the Tiangong, they might just throw it over and it will be enough for Yu to eat and drink for years! "

    "Also, it seems that Yu Yu has a vision!"

    Everyone said that with a smile, Yu Chengzhi did not dare to offend, but could only accompany with a smile, but a face was already distorted and distorted.

    Only the Song Yi people stood there calmly, and the quiet eyes looked a little bit more indifferent and desolate.

    Sometimes think about it, many things are ridiculous. Money, prosperity, fame and fortune ... Only she experienced it before she knew that when the death came, she could not take anything away.

    Everyone was still talking about the topic that Gong Mochen didn't come, and at this moment, I saw a man in a black suit walking at the entrance of the hall, with a calm and casual posture, but the big hall was silent for a moment.

    Song Yiren was at the stage right now, her eyes were blocked, so she didn't see who came in.

    But soon, someone gave up a passage from the middle. As soon as she raised her eyes, she saw Gong Lingye at the end of the crowd.

    He was formally dressed, a tall, tall suit, and outlined his tall figure more tall and straight. He stepped into the pocket with one hand and walked step by step along the way that everyone gave way, looking straight at the Song Yi people.

    Song Yi was surprised, why did he arrive?

    The last time they met, her impression was still that he pulled her and kissed at the school gate.

    At that time, he was casual and natural, completely different from the cold and powerful aura at the moment. It's no wonder that everyone didn't say anything, but I saw him.

    This killing god finally came to the stage. He turned sideways and asked Pei Jun to take out the gift behind him. Then he said lightly: "Mr. Yu, I wish you a happy birthday."

    Before Yu Chengzhi went to the Gong Family Banquet, he wanted to say the first half of the sentence with Gong Lingye, but he never had a chance.

    And Gong Mochen, he said a few words, but they were very cold throughout.

    Today, seeing Gong Mochen has no shadow, he is ready to be completely face-slapped, but it is unexpected that the Gong family is really coming, and Gong Lingye is coming! Moreover, he also brought gifts!

    When did Gong Lingye attend the birthday party of others? I heard that the first-class family like Wu family failed to invite him last time!

    Yu Chengzhi received the gift excitedly, and only felt that even if the other party sent a stone, it was enough for him to show off his whole life!

    He looked away from the embarrassment just now, and his entire face seemed to be ten years younger.

    Gong Lingye didn't pick up the stubble, but just said lightly: "Mo Chen has something to do today, so I didn't come over. You don't have to be cautious or worry about me."

    Although he said so, the people on the scene still acted cautiously because of his existence.

    After all, none of Yu Chengzhi's invitations is the top family in the Imperial City, so the Gong family has always been present beyond the reach of everyone.

    However, after Gong Lingye gave the gift, he went to the rest area by himself. His aura is fully open, and he looks like a stranger, so those who want to talk to him are hesitant.

    Yu Chengzhi cut the first piece of cake and immediately squinted at Song Yiren, lowering his voice: "Send it to Mr. Gong!