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#489 "Sorry!"

Just when the wind direction turned into the present picture, Gong Lingye said: "Now, Mr. Gong Mochen, please explain about the Air China plane crash."

Gong Mochen pointed at the microphone and was silent for two seconds before speaking: "Everyone, we all know that the wreckage has been confirmed and the plane will not return. Here, I mourn all the victims on the plane."

The audience was quiet, and after a minute, Gong Mochen spoke again: "And the black box of the plane, we found it."

He has always spoken directly, and he would not fight the psychological warfare like Gong Lingye.

However, precisely because there was no bedding, as soon as his words fell, it was as if the red iron fell into the cold water.

All the reporters looked at Gong Mochen in shock and waited for his information.

"We found the black box yesterday and sent it to an international authority for inspection that night." He said: "Because this incident involved 300 lives, the organization worked overnight. It was just now. We got the news and the analysis report has been Out."

After he said, he clicked the remote control.

Suddenly, the picture on the screen was a statement issued by the International Aviation Federation.

The statement is in English, but it has been translated.

The original text read: "We solemnly announced that Air China flight JK8001, 5 days ago, had disintegrated at 8:39 on the same day at an altitude of 10,000 meters. The data from the black box recovered showed that the aircraft had been flying smoothly without encountering any Strong air currents or thunder and lightning. The plane crash was entirely man-made."

"Two seconds before the crash, the deputy captain issued a distress signal, but because the plane exploded immediately, the distress signal was disturbed and could not be issued."

"But we analyzed all the reports and found that ten minutes before the plane crash, the captain and deputy captain were hijacked and the plane was already in a semi-out of control state."

"Unfortunately, this was a premeditated terrorist hijacking, but it hurt the lives of 289 passengers on the plane from 5 countries."

"This is a disaster caused by sin."


Everyone present saw this picture, and they were all silent.

This is the result of the official website of the International Aviation Federation, so it is impossible to question its authenticity.

When the truth came, everyone's hearts seemed to be beaten hard.

It turns out that it has nothing to do with the design and manufacturing of Tiangong Group, because this is a human injury! The long-planned plan!

Everyone's faces were a little pale, and they didn't know how to face such a frenzied behavior.

Gong Mochen gave everyone time to relax before he said: "Everyone, this is the ins and outs of this matter."

Next to him, Gong Lingye added: "Compared with the misunderstandings that our group has suffered for so many days, I think it is the victims that are more pitiful. Although the Tiangong Group has suffered losses, it can still find the truth and cry out for themselves. And those The lives of the victims cannot be returned."

"Therefore, I hope that the relevant parts of this matter can be thoroughly investigated, and for all the victims and their families, it will return a bright future!"

When he fell, a reporter stood up, his chest rising and falling: "Mr. Gong is right, we will report this matter in depth! We will definitely find the real culprit and let the spirit of all the victims rest in peace!"

Some people said: "Before, I have reported false statements about Tiangong Group. Here, on behalf of myself and the media where I work, I apologize to Tiangong Group!"

She spoke this way, and soon other reporters stood up, and everyone on the stage bowed: "I'm sorry, we, as media people, did some unfair reports without understanding the truth of the market. Here, I also want to say to Tiangong Group, sorry!"




The reporters present began to bow and apologize. For a while, the atmosphere on the court was warm and solemn.

After everyone calmed down a bit, Pei Jun said: "Everyone, I believe that all the things we want to clarify are also in front of you. So today's press conference is over. I believe that all friends in the media will definitely ask Tiangong Group before I’m more interested in the authoritative appraisal. In order not to waste too much time for everyone, we have printed a lot of materials, you can take them back to see."

After he said, he signaled the staff to issue, and then smiled and said: "Of course, this is also part of popular science."

The reporters were amused again and said one after another: "We will bring these popular science to more netizens, so that the whole people can understand some cutting-edge technology and respect cutting-edge technology."

The conference ended successfully.

On the Internet, comments went crazy again.

"Oh my God, I didn't expect someone to be frantic and cause the plane crash!"

"So many lives! I really hate those terrorists!"

"Have you noticed that this is a bit tricky?"

"I also want to say, there must be something tricky in it! Listening to my brother's analysis: 1. Why did the Tiangong Group incidents have not been reported before, and they were reported one after another after the brake problem? 2. TG-03 is obviously someone Framed, then, what about the air crash? Could someone deliberately create it on the cusp of the storm in order to frame Tiangong? 3, and even the brake system of Road King two years ago was a conspiracy, you haven’t heard Pei Jun say Before they bought it, did that company suddenly make technical changes?"

"Fuck, the criminal case upstairs is amazing! You said that, my back is cold. From this look, someone must have deliberately framed Tiangong! I started the layout two years ago, and I was still paying for it. There are so many innocent people! This planner is so frantic! I think about it now, my whole body is straight up!"

"In other words, I alone think that President Gong Da is particularly handsome? Everyone questioned before, but he said one thing in front of the camera. In the future, you will regret your remarks. As a result, now everyone is slapped? The reporters all got up and apologized!"

"Yeah, yeah, I found it too! And the words he just said are so good at people's hearts! Coupled with that handsome face that can't fit his legs, it's almost..."

"Upstairs, even if they are so handsome that they can’t close their legs, you’ll be out of action! You didn’t listen, did he praise his wife at the press conference today? I think people always don’t forget to spread dog food, husband and wife. Life must be quite harmonious!"

"Ahem, why are you getting more and more dirty? Actually, I want to say, President Gong Da, we can't covet it, but President Gong Shao can do it! Haha, I heard that he is still single! You can yell!"

"Anyway, I still like Pete Assistant, and my mother likes him too!"

"I like Gong Lingye. It doesn't matter if he is married. I am a Ye Nuan CP fan now! I like watching them spread dog food!"

"Hahaha, Ye Nuan CP fan hold a claw!"

"I'm coveting Gong Mochen, I really want to have a god horse encounter or something!"