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#11 Three years ago

Did he come here? Is it about cooperation?

    Song Yiren nodded to Gong Lingling with a smile, just about to pass by, he did not know what he stepped on, and he could not help sliding to the back!

    She was shocked and instinctively grabbed the people around her who could climb.

    After not falling, Song Yi raised his eyes, only to find that he was actually caught on Gong Lingye's chest shirt!

    She took a breath, lifted her eyes, and met the man's indifferent and deep eyes.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it—" Song Yiren explained.

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and suddenly leaned forward, pushing the Song Yi people against the wall.

    At this moment, on the other side of the corridor, the man came slowly, intending to chat with Gong Lingye.

    If the Song Yi people turned their heads to see at this moment, they would see that Chu Mingyao who walked towards this side was the one who dreamed of peeling and cramping in her dreams!

    As soon as Chu Mingyao approached, he saw a woman in Gong Lingye's arms.

    He paused and wanted to see who Gong Lingye was holding. After all, Hai Sheng now planned to cooperate with Tiangong. If he could know some personal information about Gong Lingye, he might be able to cooperate more happily.

    Only, at this moment, his cell phone rang.

    Over there, Gong Lingye heard the movement and instinctively glanced at Chu Mingyao.

    Chu Mingyao was slightly embarrassed and nodded at him, so he turned directly to leave and went to answer the phone on the other side.

    The Song Yi people were blocked from view by Gong Lingye, so they did not know at all that the beast that once caused her to be disfigured and crippled and her family ruined was now less than 10 meters away from her!

    At this moment, Song Yiren can only feel the tension that Gong Lingye brings to her, especially distinctive and strong.

    He squinted his eyes, pressed his body slowly, and pressed his lips one inch to her ears, his voice cold as a knife: "No matter what your purpose, don't use your suit for Mo Chen on me! Some price , Not what you can afford, understand? "

    That ‘understand’ seemed to explode in the ear.

    The man was too close to her, and the Song Yi people could even smell the clear breath on him, but with a strong sense of oppression.

    Her throat tightened: "I know, Mr. Gong, I'm sorry."

    He released her suddenly and turned away.

    Back at the laboratory, Song Yi took a deep breath and resumed work.

    It didn't take long for a commotion in the workplace outside.

    Others in the laboratory saw Gong Lingye and Chu Mingyao come in together and greeted each other, but the Song Yi people were too involved, but did not pay attention to their arrival.

    The leader of RA started to introduce the laboratory here, and Gong Lingye followed the leader's eyes and saw the two people in front of the test bench over there.

    Song Yiren's long hair was tied by her, revealing a young and sober face. She lowered her eyebrows and flexed her fingers flexibly.

    The sunlight outside the window hit her beautiful face, and she seemed to be bathed in light.

    Her expression was serious and focused, her strands of hair fell down, and she was naturally behind her ears, and her finger hitting the keyboard was not interrupted at all.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye took a breath.

    Why, this girl who climbs the dragon and the Phoenix will have such a side, and she looks like seriously ... she?

    Like the one in his memory, the girl of the year, the only girl he had touched.

    It was only three years ago, when he rushed over, the news was that she was dead.

    Since then, there is no woman in his heart and his side!