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At this moment, thousands of miles away, Song Ziheng is playing with his classmates.

    Nowadays, after he can speak, he seems to have changed personally.

    The classmates used to talk to him before, and could not help but ridicule how he suddenly did not pretend to be cold. He just smiled and said that he suddenly felt that Gao cold could not find his girlfriend.

    Sometimes, friendship comes too fast, like a tornado. The boy who was still silent in the past now has a lot of friends at once. Everyone chatting and watching movies and playing together, life has a different color.

    If you knew Song Ziheng before, when you saw him at this time, you wouldn't dare to believe that he was the young boy named Sands.

    At this moment, Song Ziheng, perhaps because he fell in love with sports, his skin has been darker than before, his narrow shoulders are longer and wider, and his chest gradually begins to have muscle contours.

    Even he himself can't believe it, but in just over a month, he will have such a big change, as if it is a metamorphosis, he has completely changed a person from the inside to the outside.

    Therefore, when Qi Yong's people checked from school to school, even if those people passed Song Ziheng's side, even if they asked Song Ziheng's classmates to inquire about the situation, no one thought of the boy in that corner more than a month ago.

    Today is the school basketball game. As the defender, Song Ziheng participated in the school-school competition for the first time.

    He looked at the time, it was the evening in the country, it was not until 11 o'clock, so he took the phone and sent a message to Gong Lingye: "Brother-in-law, I have participated in a basketball game."

    It happened that Gong Lingye was taking a bath. Song Yiren sat by the bed and saw Gong Lingye's cell phone ringing, so he turned his eyes and glanced.

    Seen this way, the whole person is bad.

    It was Song Ziheng who told Gong Lingye that he had participated in the competition.

    Song Yiren read the news twice. Then, when she took her cell phone again and determined that there was no news on her cell phone, she directly went to the bathroom.

    Gong Lingye had just taken a shower, and before she put on her clothes, she saw Song Yiren come in with a murderous look.

    She had his mobile phone in her hand, like that, as if the genuine wife had noticed that her husband had a message from Xiaosan.

    Gong Lingye looked puzzled, he didn't do anything!

    Song Yiren had already killed, she didn't look at his good figure, she handed the phone over: "What did you do to my brother?"

    Gong Lingye's heart snapped, did she know the whole process of forcing Song Ziheng to talk?

    However, he remained calm, his face still calm, and he took the mobile phone in the hands of Song Yi and looked at the text message above.

    Song Ziheng sent him a very natural message that he was going to participate in the competition.

    Gong Lingye was puzzled and looked up: "Nuan Nuan, your brother is a good thing to participate in the competition."

    "It's a good thing!" Song Yi was angry and jealous made her soar: "Why does he want to participate in the game and tell you not to tell me ?! You must be carrying me and gave him a head down!"

    Gong Lingye: "..."

    His woman, eating vinegar between him and his younger uncle, such a thing, Gong Lingye really encountered the first time.

    Gong Lingye quickly responded to Song Ziheng: "Okay, Ziheng, come on, remember to tell me the result after the game."

    Song Ziheng seconds back: "Okay, brother-in-law, I will go all out!"

    Song Yi people have been around Gong Lingye, seeing this news, even more upset.

    She glared at Gong Lingye fiercely, reached out and poked his chest muscles, dissatisfied: "You must be very proud now!"

    Gong Lingye couldn't help crying and laughing. He reached out and hugged Song Yiren: "Wife, is it better that I have a good relationship with your brother? In this way, you won't have any embarrassment in the middle."

    Song Yiren looked into the mirror, Gong Lingye circled her in her arms, his arms encircled her powerfully, and the edges outlined beautiful and powerful muscle lines.

    Song Yi people swallowed unconsciously.

    She realized she was angry, so she turned around and said, "You never said, how did you help Ziheng get back the ability to speak?"

    Gong Lingye rubbed her eyebrows, saying that she is not afraid that women love jealousy, but afraid that jealous women have IQ!

    He picked her up and put it on the hand-washing table, his hands on her side, and his voice was low: "Warm warm, guess what."

    Song Yiren thought for a while: "Psychologist?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "What is the best psychologist?"

    Song Yiren thought for a moment and replied: "Best at guiding."

    "This is the most basic." Gong Ling night said: "There are more deep, how to realize the potential of people?"

    "Is it hypnosis?" Song Yiren's eyes lit up.

    Gong Lingye thought, is she really helping him solve the problem?

    He lowered his head and kissed the corners of Song Yiren's lips: "My wife is so smart, no wonder it is an AI genius!"

    Song Yiren was so blushed that she raised her lips and corners: "Is that the psychologist you introduced? How did he want to go? He had rejected this before, I told him."

    The wife's IQ is back. Gong Lingye raised Song Yiren's hand and put it on his chest. He looked at her, his eyes deep and charming: "Because I said to him, he would not speak, you are sad. So he sent a message to tell me, saying He wants to change for you. "

    He touched the tip of Song Yiren's nose and his voice was soft: "Warm warm, your brother cares about you very much, and if it were not for you, he could not come out of the shadows."

    Upon hearing this, Song Yiren felt that the feeling of being stuck in the head just now disappeared a lot.

    But she still pouted: "But I think he is better with you now."

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Baby, I and he are both men. There are naturally more topics between men and men. Do you want your brother to be 15 years old and get closer to girls? He needs to be like Like a man, he will give you and his wife a sky in the future! "

    Song Yiren thinks Gong Lingye is quite reasonable, she seems to find no place to be picky.

    She pursed her lips and couldn't think of anything she said. Her eyes fell unconsciously on Gong Lingye.

    Then she discovered that he didn't wear anything!

    The inverted triangle has no fat on the body, beautiful muscle lines and clear skin, under the crystal light of the bathroom, it seems to be coated with a layer of metal texture light.

    Song Yi people swallowed again unconsciously, and then pretended to be annoyed: "You don't wear clothes, what does it look like!

    Gong Lingye laughed: "Wife, I really don't need to wear it in front of you."

    Song Yi people pushed Gong Lingye a hand: "Go and get dressed!"

    He answered and turned around.

    Song Yiren looked at Gong Lingye's back, and his eyes fell on his powerful lines. When he raised his hand to take the hanging bath towel, the back muscle lines moved with his movements, and he looked full. tension.