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"What ?!" Bei Mingmo was startled.

    Song Yiren thought that she hadn't had time to tell Bei Mingmo about the Gong family and Song family, so she said: "If you are not busy, you can come to my house at any time. Ling Ye is not here, you sleep with me, I will tell you some things……"

    Bei Mingmo immediately replied: "Okay! When I get my wedding dress, I'll go find you right away!"

    Hanging up the phone, Song Yi people got into the car and went to Starry Night with Bae Jun.

    At the door of the starry night building, several trucks were stopped at this moment, and someone was instructing to move things from inside.

    Song Yiren and Pei Jun got out of the car and walked to one of the masters, saying, "What's the matter?"

    "You are Starry Night?" The master said while loading the car, "Your company owes us money, and we came here to transport things! Don't look at how many cars I pulled, I can't sell a few dollars at all!" "

    Song Yi people frowned when they saw someone move the computer from inside, "Stop it!"

    Pei Jun also walked over with several of Gong Lingye's men and stopped the carrier.

    "Everything you moved out of Starry Night, you can't move!" Song Yiren looked at the master of the team: "If there is any transported away, one will not fall, pull me back!"

    "Where did you come from, you shouted at us five times? I told you that you owe money at night, we have not ignited and burned your building, it is quite worthy of you!"

    "Who dares ?!" The Song Yi people strode over, grabbed the computer host from one hand, and placed it on the ground. The eyes swept the crowd: "I am Yu Ruo Nuan, you can ask someone to ask if I am qualified. tube!"

    "Yu Ruonuan?" One of his younger brothers had already trot past in doubt as the team master hurriedly said: "Captain Wang, Yu Ruonuan is Gong Lingye's wife. I read the news yesterday and they just got married!"

    When Captain Wang heard it, his heart rattled, and his face went pale for a moment.

    However, in view of his presence, he could not lose his prestige and could not help glancing at the Song Yi people, standing upright: "Your family owes us, and it is justified to repay the debts!"

    "Very good." Song Yiren said lightly: "Let's talk about what we owe! How much we owe! How much you owe! In addition, you will take away the property of our company privately. I will hand it over to the police!"

    After all, she really picked up her phone and called 110.

    At the sight of the other party, he felt a little panicked: "What are you doing? Didn't I just pull some of your stuff to pay off ..."

    Song Yiren ignored him, and let Amian and others rushed over to watch everyone, and then picked up the phone and called 110 first, then the reporter.

    She did this by telling everyone that Starry Night was not empty, and after Starry Night, she came to take over!

    Therefore, anyone who had secretly taken Chen Xing away from Starry Night spit it back!

    Not long after, the police had arrived, and the reporters came quickly.

    Before the bankruptcy of Starry Night, there was a lot of trouble, but the principal had n’t arrived. The reporter paid attention to it for a few days and found that he could n’t dig anything else, so it broke up.

    Now, Song Yiren took the initiative to represent Starry Night, and she was also the heroine who announced the marriage of Gongling Yeguan yesterday. Such a big news soon made Starry Night surrounded by water.

    The Song Yi people stood among the people, beside them were Pei Jun and Amian.

    She did n’t panic in front of the camera: “Everyone, as everyone guessed, Starry Night is my husband ’s property and the wedding gift he gave me. Because we went abroad to get married, Starry Night did not come back immediately, It caused many problems for the company. "

    The flashing lights continued around, and the Song Yiren continued: "But since we are back, then Starry Night's things will naturally not matter! He has his things, and Starry Night gave him to me, all the things will be handled by me! I don't Will shirk any responsibility, but no robbery is allowed! "

    "I will start collating all the contracts on the company's side today. At that time, please pay attention to the official micro of Xingye. We will arrange a contact form to contact each customer in batches and will also communicate in advance by phone." Defamation and rumors with a certain purpose will be handed over to a lawyer. "

    After she finished speaking, she gave Amian a wink, so Amian led the Song Yi people through the crowd.

    Bae Jun stayed in place to answer reporters' questions.

    He has been at ease with Gong Lingye for many years in the mall, so if the Song Yi people were just Li Wei, then he would be comforting the partner.

    At the same time, he also expressed that Gong Lingye didn't show up because he trusted Song Yiren very much and felt that her ability and what he could do, he let her do it!

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have reached upstairs.

    In the old, well-organized office building, people are now empty, file cabinets are open, and materials are everywhere.

    There are more than a dozen employees inside. Someone is sitting on a messy table and talking on the phone: "I am also out of luck. I listened to the starry night introduced by people and worked for most of the month. hair……"

    Seeing Pei Jun bring the Song Yi people in, she looked at her suddenly and said in amazement: "You, you are ..."

    Bae Jun, she just feels familiar, but Song Yi people can't not know! Yesterday, I tweeted the comments on Weibo, and now I saw the deity loved by Gong Lingye. She felt a little fantasy!

    "You are Yu Ruo Nuan!" The female employee was excited: "God! You are prettier than online! Or how could the male god marry you! How are you here?"

    Song Yiren looked up and down at the girl in front of him and said, "Because Starry Night is a gift from your goddess!"

    The female employee was taken aback, and then took two steps back: "Isn't it ... are you the boss?"

    "I am the boss, and my husband is the former boss of Starry Night." Song Yi said: "So, how much did he owe you?"

    "No, no! I just talked nonsense!" The female employee was very anxious: "Sorry, I was just ..."

    Song Yiren ignored her, but looked at the people who were sitting at the work station and soy sauce and said, "Dear everyone, I don't know why you haven't left Starry Night now. But I have to say, Starry Night is now my Take over! If you are willing to stay, please join me to restore Starry Night to its original appearance! If you do n’t want to, then come over now and calculate the salary with me, I will not give you less points! "

    After she finished, the audience was a little quiet. Everyone was thinking about it. In the corner, a thin young man with eyes stood up: "That ... boss, I just tested it. The game modification suggestions I made earlier , It should be feasible ... "

    Song Yi's eyes turned, and through the young man's lens, she seemed to see the scene when Chi Jingyu had just met many years ago.

    Yes, Chi Jingyu at the time was really just a look of a standard otaku inside and out despite being rich in the second generation.

    Her heart seemed to be burning, and she nodded: "Okay, I'll check it out immediately."

    As her words fell, the female employee had just raised her hand: "Boss, I will stay!"

    Then, more than a dozen employees who didn't speak at all also stood up: "I will stay too!"

    "We stay too!"