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#60 Gong Lingye shot again to clear the field

The few people frowned immediately, and one of them looked at Gong Lingye provocatively: "Where the hell are you from? Damn Laozi's way?"

    Gong Lingye didn't speak, but just squinted, pulled up the sleeve of her shirt a little, her movements were elegant and expensive.

    "Fuck, stupid. You?" One of them scolded, but he was not willing to miss Song Yi because he was entangled with Gong Lingye. So, quickly pulled his buddy: "Let's not talk nonsense with him, that girl is going to run!"

    Upon hearing this, Huang Mao immediately felt anxious, and no longer ignored Gong Lingye, and went straight to chase the Song Yi people.

    Only, when he had just taken a step, there was an additional arm in front of him. The arms are slender and powerful, but there is still a lot of pride and nobleness.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Huang Mao also got angry and started to work if he lifted his arm.

    The other two bastards also stuck in their waists, throwing away their cigarette butts in their hands, and cursed in Ningcheng's local dialect: "Isn't it blind? What's the matter with Laozi?"

    But Gong Lingye in front just raised her eyes slowly and spit out two words: "Clear the field."

    After all, his momentum changed, and the whole person seemed to be a peerless soldier who had just been born. His eyes and aura were completely different from those just now.

    The three fools were startled, and somehow, there was only one person in the other, but their hearts raised inexplicable fear, as if the man in front of him was a hell killer.

    I saw that the killer in front of him raised his hand and grabbed one of the collars, and then greeted his fist without hesitation.

    His movements were so fast that the people even had time to reach out and stop, and someone was already punched on the ground.

    "Fight!" The three of them reacted and couldn't care about chasing the Song Yi people. They were all crazy and rushed towards the palace.

    All three wore vests or T-shirts, and Gong Lingye shuttled between them as if walking in their back garden. Every time he shot, he hit one, and almost did not miss his hands and feet.

    And none of their resistance fell on him.

    In less than a minute, all three of them fell to the ground and could not get up, screaming for mercy.

    In Gong Lingye, there wasn't even any mess in his clothes.

    He straightened his tie, pulled out a dagger with him, bent down, and narrowed his eyes: "Do you know what it means to clear the field?"

    The three were trembling in shock, shaking their heads again and again.

    Gong Lingye, playing with the dagger in his hand, gestured gently on one of the carotid arteries with a cold voice: "Tell me, what are you going to do with that girl?"

    "We dare not do anything, brother!"

    "Really?" Gong Lingye's hand was suddenly hard, and there was blood pouring out of one of them's neck immediately.

    "I'm very dissatisfied with what you lied about." Gong Lingye said, her hand still slowly exerting force.

    Those people usually do something about stealing chickens and dogs. Sometimes they will take advantage of the darkness to tune in with the women in the family, so where have you seen such a thing that you want to kill if you don't agree?

    Suddenly, someone scared to pee: "Brother, don't kill us! I'll be honest! We just look at the beautiful girl and want to take it back to play!"

    "Play?" Gong Lingye suddenly said in a cold tone: "I suddenly don't want to clear up, I just want to play with you ..."

    A word fell, and the summer street corner suddenly blew a cold wind.

    At the moment, Song Yi has already got on the taxi. She clicks on the video she just took and prepares to edit it and send it to her circle of friends.

    It was just that when she clicked to see it, she found that the lens of the bell still had a blurry figure.

    Because the lens focused on the Song Yi people, everything around was blurred, and the figure could only see the outline, vaguely a man, tall, wearing a shirt and trousers, but could not see his face clearly.

    Song Yi was puzzled. At that time, she clearly saw no one around!

    She suddenly thought that when she was playing the piano, she said that an uncle was watching her.

    She didn't find it at the time, but then in the Trevi Fountain, that strange coin ...

    The Song Yi people were startled and a little scared. Is she going to be tracked by any pervert?

    Thinking about it, she began to observe the rear-view mirror of the taxi, but nothing seemed unusual.

    At the moment, at the corner of the street, three men lying on their trousers and crotch cried, wailing and rolling on the ground with pain, and beside them was lying something they could use to play.

    However, something that used to be compared with others in size has completely disappeared from them at the moment.

    What scared them was that the man had just left a sentence just before he left: "Today is a special day and I do n’t want to kill people, so let you go."

    As he spoke, he took out a tissue from his bag and wiped the blood off the dagger gracefully.

    Afterwards, he wiped his hands again, stuffed one of the paper balls into the most screaming population, and said lightly: "You quarreled with me."

    After all, they disappeared into their sight.

    At the door of the hotel, when paying the checkout for the taxi, the Song Yi people hesitated and sent a circle of friends and showed the geographical location.

    In this case, if it really meets perverts, will it serve as a warning?

    At the moment, Gong Lingye went to a convenience store, bought mineral water and wet tissues, and washed his hands and daggers back and forth.

    Instead of calling the driver, he also took a taxi and went straight back to the hotel.

    Turning on the phone, he saw Song Yiren's circle of friends.

    At the beginning, after reporting his phone number, he asked her to add his WeChat on the way to the club.

    At this moment, his eyes fell on the geographical location shown by the Song Yi people, so he ordered the driver: "Go to the Lansell Hotel."

    When Song Yiren returned to the room, she was always alert and did not find any abnormalities. She walked into the room and lay down on the big bed. She was finally able to relax.

    Today I finally saw my brother, and apparently, Song Ziheng fully understood what she meant.

    He will not be so unrequited, but will live hopefully, so she no longer has to worry about his safety. After all, Chu Mingyao is particularly concerned about Song Ziheng's life.

    The Song Yi people took a shower while thinking about what to do next.

    After a new life, she only believes in herself and does not put revenge on others. Neither the Gong family nor the Yu family, for her, as long as she doesn't add obstacles to her on this difficult road, thank God.

    The Song Yi people went to the place where Song Ziheng said the next day.

    He didn't show up for a day.

    She understood that Chu Mingyao must have been skeptical. And Song Ziheng didn't show up, but also reminded her--

    Originally, she planned to visit her parents in the cemetery. Although the bones of her and her father were estimated to have turned into foam in the sea, her mother must be in the cemetery.

    However, since Chu Mingyao was suspicious, she could not pass.

    What the Song Yi people did not know was that Chu Mingyao went to the cemetery early this morning.