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In the magnificent and quaint Chinese-style room, the old man heard the words and tapped on the desk lightly: "Talk back and forth."

The butler came in quickly and reported respectfully: "Our people transferred the border guards as you instructed, and arranged for someone to give him a pass. He came directly to Jincheng by car, and after a short roundabout, he directly To Lai Yue's shop."

After seeing the housekeeper, I just sipped tea slowly, but the housekeeper said: "Do I need someone to bring him over?"

"No." The old man's voice was very powerful: "We will meet sooner or later."

The housekeeper nodded and said nothing more, but stooped and waited beside the old man.

At the moment, Gong Lingye has paid the full amount, and then said: "I may go abroad to do some business recently. If you are not there when you pick up the car, can you help me drive to the place I specified?"

"Of course!" The manager nodded and said: "If you have any special requirements, we will try our best to satisfy you!"

Gong Lingye expressed satisfaction, he quickly finalized the time to pick up the car, and then took out his mobile phone, as if to make a phone call.

"My phone is dead." Gong Lingye pretended to fiddle: "Can I borrow yours?"

"Of course no problem!" The sales manager immediately handed over his unlock.

"Wait for me for a moment." Gong Lingye said, stepping aside and skillfully dialing Pei Jun's number.

On the cruise ship, Pei Jun saw the caller ID country and quickly answered: "Hello."

"Bae Jun, it's me." Gong Lingye said quickly: "I'm fine. I'm in country j. How is Amian?"

"A Mian's bullets were taken out, it's okay, but people are still awake." Pei Jun said: "President, what's the situation on your side, do you need reinforcements? Madam is very worried, she fainted last night..."

Gong Lingye breathed tightly: "How is she doing? Why fainted? Isn't it serious?"

"Maybe the lady hasn't recovered before, the sea and the waves are big, so she is still cold and has a fever." Pei Jun said: "She is still on the cruise ship, but there is a doctor here, you don't need to worry."

How could Gong Lingye not worry? He knew that the Song Yi people had a psychological shadow on the cruise ship before. Although it was much better, she was sick and was on the cruise ship. How can she be well?

Alas, he knew that something was wrong with him, she couldn't wait for him at home.

He then said: "I will find a way to come back as soon as possible."

"Good." Pei Jun said: "We have always been near the border between country j and China, and we are always ready for reinforcement. President, you need to be careful!"

"Got it." Gong Lingye added: "Help me take good care of her."

He hung up the phone and directly deleted the call log.

"I'm sorry," he said, sitting down and saying, "My car has been sent for maintenance. Is there a walk in your shop, can you borrow one?"

"Of course!" The manager immediately adjusted a car and gave Gong Lingye: "Sir, you got the key."

Gong Ling drove the car out at night and drove directly to the previous seaside town. He already knows about the situation here, and if he stays again, it may attract the attention of the Beiming family.

But his physical strength did not recover, and with one person alone, it would not be wise to take another risk.

And he understands that his series of actions must be in the eyes of some people. That person should be the owner of the Shangguan family.

Sure enough, when he opened the boundary of Jincheng, the housekeeper there had already received the news.

After listening, the old man clasped the table slowly and said, "Go and see, don't let those restless boys do too much!"

"Yes, the master!" The housekeeper promised to do it immediately.

In the room, the old man took a sip of cigar, and the eyes in the smoke ring gleamed brightly. He sighed lowly: "Why is it the best of the second family?"

"It's not just about advancing in a hurry, but advancing and retreating. There is a deep conspiracy, but there is no lack of keenness."

"After so many years, I finally saw a different grandson! Our Shangguan family is also a successor!"


At the moment, Gong Lingye had just opened Jincheng and felt something was wrong.

Someone was following, and there was more than one car.

Ear, vaguely heard the sound of the helicopter, it seems that the other party is not good!

It was in a plain area, and there was no space around him. He had no place to hide.

Gong Lingye drove while searching the route of the car map, and finally found a fairly dense forest.

Without hesitation, he immediately stepped on the accelerator and drove quickly towards it.

It didn't seem that Gong Lingye responded so fast. There was a sharp tire friction sound coming from the asphalt road. Then, the tracked car turned around and rushed into the woods for outsourcing.

Gong Ling watched before the night, the road ahead is getting narrower and narrower, in fact, the road that allows him to walk is not far away, so, get rid of people unless...

He looked at the distance and unfastened his seat belt.

Soon, a car was already catching up in the rearview mirror.

Gong Lingye knew that their car was much better than his scooter, so they couldn't bump into it at all.

He squeezed his gun, loaded the bullet, quickly changed the car to reverse gear, and then slammed on the accelerator!

At the same time, he pulled the door of the car and threw it toward the grass beside him. With the help of rolling forward, he unloaded, and then quickly flashed behind a big tree.

At the same time as he completed this series of actions, there was a gunshot behind him, and then a banging sound came, and his scooter had already hit a car behind.

This is also the first time he can see clearly, there are a total of four cars in the back, he solved one, and there are three!

Overhead, the engine sound of the helicopter is getting closer and closer, just because there is a forest blocking it, it is temporarily unable to move.

Gong Lingye quickly came to the car just hit, banged three shots, directly solved the three people inside, then, the cat went over, touched the other's gun to add ammunition.

On the side, the bullet had blasted, and he quickly evaded with the car, several consecutive shots, and burst the tire of a car.

In the scrapped car, three people rushed down and quickly overwrote them.

Gong Lingye grabbed a dead man from the car and used it directly as a cover, killing two again.

A bullet wiped his hair, and the scalp seemed to feel the burning temperature.

He narrowed his eyes and threw the person in his hand. While the other party was distracting, he rushed to the side of the other party and shot directly.

At the moment, the two cars behind ran into each other. Gong Lingye used a dagger to insert into the tree trunk, flew away from the collision room, and looked away, and found that the driver on one of the cars even had the flying eagle logo!

Therefore, there are people from Beiming who stop him!

However, there seemed to be none in the other cars. So, did it mean that Beiming was not the only one who wanted him to die?

How many forces have temporarily achieved their goals?

In the woods, people's bodies are flexible, and sometimes it is more convenient than having a car.

Therefore, although Gong Lingye is in danger, he has killed another car in such a situation.