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#73 Where is the second in the world?

Sure enough, many people saw the emergence of Le Haisheng and all understood what was going on.

In addition, Le family is also a famous family in the imperial city. The previous generations of Le family had positions in the army and the government, but this generation changed from business.

Le Haiqing, the elder brother of Le Haisheng, is a business genius. He has made his company prosper.

It can be said that Le Haisheng and Gong Mochen seem to match each other again.

Therefore, when many people look at the eyes of the song and Yi people, they become somewhat ironic.

After all, although the girl is beautiful, can she be a meal? People will grow old, but family education and background will precipitate with the years.

Most of the people who were present could not do anything, but it was inevitable that some people were jealous that Song Yi people could relate to Gong Mochen, so they moved their minds.

Song Yi people are drinking orange juice, there is a girl and another girl came joking.

However, when they passed by song Yiren, they suddenly stumbled, and the orange juice in her hand splashed on one of the girls' backpacks.

Suddenly, the girl's white bag was drenched through.

Her eyes turned red and she exclaimed, "ah, the Y & M bag I just got yesterday!"

She said, and everyone looked over.

When I saw that the white handbag had been dyed with yellow orange juice, I took a breath.

Someone asked, "my God, is it really Y & M? Since two years ago, Y & M has never produced any new bags. Some people say that Sabrina, their talented designer, has announced the closure. Therefore, the market price of Y & M is really higher than that of diamond! "

Some people echoed: "yes, Y & M's bags only come out once a month, and only three of them are sold globally. Since the founding of Y & M, there have been less than 200 in total. Each sale is out of stock. It's a pity to destroy one... "

"No! It's said that in addition to those who were picked up at the beginning, there will be one new Y & M model of Haisheng group, Ningguo. Who has two or three other fashion celebrities in his family? I think Miss Li's hand is the only one, isn't it? "

That Miss Li also has a sad face. As she carefully wipes her love bag with a paper towel, she says to herself, "I bought it for my friend half a year ago. I got it yesterday. It cost more than six million yuan, but now..."

When she said this, someone turned their eyes to song Yiren: "this is Miss Yu. How can you explain that you spilled orange juice on Miss Li's bag?"

"What more explanation for this?" The girl beside Miss Li said, "of course, it's compensation according to the price!"

As unalterable principles, it is as like as two peas.

All the people were so talkative that they didn't give the Songyi people a chance to talk at all.

Until Yue Wenqing came over and asked, "what's the matter?"

If there is a good thing, explain it right away. Yue Wenqing smelt the words, and a big smile appeared on his face: "Miss Li, I don't think the bag is broken, it should be dyed with some color, and now it's sent to the leather maintenance place, saying that it can't be removed. Look -"

Some people shook their heads and said, "Mrs. Gong, my family is making high-end leather goods. It should be very difficult to get rid of this dye, especially after dyeing such a large area, it should be abandoned."

"Miss Li spent more than six million yuan..."

"I'm afraid Miss Yu doesn't have so much money to pay for it?"

See everybody open mouth again, Yue Wenqing makes posture sufficient, want to talk, but have a clear and cold voice to ring: "this bag is just imitation only."

It was Song Yi who was speaking. She looked at Miss Li and said, "not to mention that Miss Li just put out her foot to trip me, but this bag is only made of lambskin. Even if the workmanship and hardware are good, it will be worth 600."

Originally six million bags, Song Yi said only six hundred, all present immediately fell glasses.

Just now Miss Li, who was about to cry, was enraged: "what do you mean, Miss Yu? The Y & M handbag I sent to auction house cost more than six million yuan, and the bills are still in my hands. How can you say that I bought fake goods? "

People around me are also indignant: "yes, I'm afraid you haven't seen the real thing before, have you? Just because you don't have money to buy doesn't mean that other people don't have money, how can you be so bloody! "

"She didn't want to lose money at all, so she deliberately slandered others!"

"I can't imagine Miss Yu's character is so bad!"

"Ha ha, go and find out what her father is like, and you will know what a father must have a daughter!"

All of them can drown the Songyi people by spitting.

However, song Yiren was not embarrassed at all. She waited for everyone's voice to be a little smaller, so she began: "as far as I know, every Y & M bag will have its special code, which is encoded on the zipper of the handbag. Take it to the official website and check it, and you will not know the truth?"

In fact, there is no need to check.

Everyone doesn't understand why Sabrina, the designer of Y & M, suddenly shut down, but the seigners know that.

Because Sabrina is the name of beimingmo, Y & M, which they founded together. Y is the "Yi" of the Yi people, while m is the "Mo" of the Beiming foam.

So every time Y & M bag comes out, Beiming foam will give song Yiren one, while this white bag only comes out in the world.

Its name is snow foam. It was a birthday gift from Song Bei to four years ago.

At that time, a little sister of Y & M website made a mistake and put the handbag on the Internet by mistake. Later, although Y & M cancelled the sale of the handbag, a large number of high imitations appeared on the market.

The only one, at the moment, should be in the Song family, oh no, now it should be in the hands of Chu Mingyao.

Chu Mingyao has always been playing the role of affectionate person, how could he auction the bag of his late fiancee?

It has been reported before that Chu Mingyao specially built a shop window, which is full of things of Song Yi people before they died. Each birthday of Song Yi people, he would stay there for a day to remember his late lover

So, where's the second real thing from in the world?

At the moment, people listen to Song Yi's saying, and they all look at her funny, only to feel that this girl really has no heart to die before the Yellow River.

Someone has opened Y & M's home page, waiting for that code.

Miss Li didn't check the bag she received yesterday. However, she is very confident that this time she will surely let the Songyi people pay for hematemesis!

In fact, she had planned to let Songyi people spill orange juice on her skirt before, but she didn't expect that she would break her bag if she was out of line at that time.

At the moment, she was so heartbroken that she wanted to cry and hated the Songyi people thoroughly.

She handed the handbag to the person who opened the web page, and the voice was a bit gnashing: "check!"