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#148 Secret love

Lieyuan Shen raised his eyes, and after the smoke circle vomited, the woman's body became a little blurred, but it was a bit enchanting again.

    He narrowed his eyes, watching He Wanshuang leaning against the door, wearing a hotel bathrobe, from the collarbone to the neck, all pink.

    Lieyuan Shen pressed the cigar in the ashtray of the coffee table and got up and walked towards He Wanshuang.

    After bathing, the woman's face is cleaner than her first impression.

    There was a layer of water mist under her eyes, so looking at him, she seemed to want to get close, and tried to restrain herself.

    The air became a little stagnate until He Wanshuang seemed to be unable to stand and took a step forward, his footsteps floating.

    Lieyuan Shen reached out and supported her, and the sudden masculine breath made her breathe.

    Her sky turned better, but she still couldn't see the man's face.

    "How did you come back?" He Wanshuang whispered generally: "I thought that in the future ..."

    She leaned against Lieyuan Shen's chest, suppressing her tumbling emotions.

    Just say it and push him away: "Come on, I can't keep you here."

    Lieyuan Shen's voice was low and tempting. "Why? If I stayed here, what would you do to me?"

    Then he said, "Have you always secretly liked me?"

    He Wanshuang's face was pale for a short time, and her hands clung to Li Yuanshen's shirt tightly. She didn't open her face: "I don't have it!"

    He pressed step by step: "No? How dare you say it to my eyes again?"

    He Wanshuang bowed his head and said painfully: "I don't want to embarrass our relationship, don't force me ..."

    Just say it, and push him away: "Go away, I've never seen you before!"

    Lie Yuan narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman squatting on the ground. He didn't move, but he was thinking about the information he had just sent to him.

    He Wanshuang, 24, is the only heir of the He family.

    Counting it, she is smaller than Gong Lingye and a few of them, shouldn't she become a small one, but everything is because of her brother.

    At that time, Gong Lingye's best friend was actually He Wanlun. At that time, Gong Lingye's relationship with him was closer than Xuanyuan Che and Luo Tianqi.

    However, He Wanlun died in a traffic accident in middle school.

    It is said that when Gong Lingye heard the news, only 9-year-old He Wanshuang was recovered.

    Because he saw his brother's death on the spot, it was a big blow to He Wanshuang, so at that time He Wanshuang did not speak or eat.

    Afterwards, Gong Lingye was entrusted by the He family and brought her into his circle of friends. Gradually, the girls gradually became lively and cheerful, which became the smallest but most cared of their small group.

    It was only later that when everyone went abroad to study and work, they could only work together after returning to the imperial city.

    And He Wanshuang this year, can be considered just graduated with a master's degree and returned to China.

    Lie Yuan squatted down and was about to do something, and saw He Wanshuang's tears all over his face.

    His gaze paused, only to realize that this girl, even when she was crying, pressed all the voices and didn't tremble her shoulders.

    His hand clenched into a fist, but then released a few seconds later, said: "I'm going first, you go to bed early."

    He Wanshuang didn't move, Lieyuan Shen picked up the suit on the table, put it on his arm at random, and strode away.

    He Wanshuang turned around suddenly when he heard the door open, and looked at the man's back.

    However, it was only for a moment that the door closed and she was the only one in the whole room.

    "Night—" Her voice was very soft, as if she would disappear into the air if she was not careful.

    Only at this time, when she was alone, she dared to call him, but she was still very careful.

    It was the next morning when he woke up again, and He Wanshuang only felt a headache.

    She sat up and found herself in an unfamiliar room. She was wearing a bathrobe and didn't know where she was wearing her clothes or mobile phone!

    This recognition shocked her, and quickly got up to check her body.

    Fortunately, although the clothes were missing, there was obviously no trace of being violated.

    He Wanshuang looked around, and after confirming that no one was there, he went to the bathroom and found his clothes and mobile phone on the bathroom floor.

    She tried hard to recall what happened yesterday, but only remembered that she could not walk suddenly, so she crouched on the side of the road not far from Phoenix.

    After that, she seemed to see him ...

    He Wanshuang shivered fiercely, will he find anything? And what did she say to him last night?

    The whole heart seemed to be soaking in the water, constantly floating, rising and falling, and turbulent, but did not know what to do.

    On the same day, He Wanshuang shut herself in the hotel for a day. When she finally went out, she knew that the room had already been settled, and the person who settled it was not disclosed by the hotel.

    On Monday, Song Yiren was making a report and received a call from Gong Mochen's special assistant Zhang Mingyu.

    She didn't know what he had to do with her, but she went to the top floor by words.

    Entering Gong Mochen's office, Song Yi was a little puzzled.

    Because the neat information is on the table, there is a suitcase next to it.

    She hadn't spoken yet, Gong Mochen said first: "I'm going on a business trip for a long time and go to country F."

    Song Yiren stunned, and immediately remembered the project that Gong Lingye mentioned, and asked: "Are you the general manager of the company's new project?"

    Gong Mochen nodded.

    Song Yiren didn't know how to answer the next words. She looked at the luggage and asked, "Is it all packed?"

    Gong Mochen continued to nod: "Flight at two in the afternoon."

    Song Yiren hummed and asked, "Is there any place I need help?"

    Gong Mochen said: "No."

    So, what did he call her to do?

    The Song Yi people were a little puzzled and stood still.

    At this time, it was already 10:30 in the morning. International flights had to pass the customs ahead of time. In addition to the time on the road, Gong Mochen had to leave at 11 o'clock.

    She stood there to see Gong Mochen put the last document in the suitcase, and then put the laptop in the handbag.

    He finished everything, saw her standing there, and said again: "I'm leaving."

    Song Yi people blinked, even more ignorant.

    Immediately, she remembered something at once, and said, "Yes, Sabrina gave me the perfume I tuned to you last night! I just forgot to take it, you wait for me to get it for you."

    Having said that, the Song Yi quickly hurried away.

    From the main building to her office a little far away, Song Yi people trot out of the main building, took the perfume and ran back, a thin layer of sweat beads floating on his forehead.

    Along the way to the top floor, Song Yi people pushed open the door of Gong Mochen's office.

    "I took it, but fortunately it just caught up--"

    Her last words were almost stuck in her throat, because when she pushed the door, Gong Mochen, who was changing her clothes, seemed to hear the movement and came out of the rest room inside, wearing only a pair of boxers .