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Song Yi frowned, what did Lie Xiaoruo look for her? She doesn't think they have anything worth meeting.

    She said lightly: "Is there anything?"

    Lie Xiao's soft tone is still high: "Yu Ruo Nuan, you should know who I am looking for. For tomorrow morning, when you go to my studio, I have sent the location to your phone."

    Song Yiren feels particularly funny. What kind of thing is she Lie Xiaoruo? If she lets her go, she will obediently go?

    Only when it was a harassing call, Song Yi hung up the phone directly.

    Coincidentally, Gong Lingye came from the next ward at this time. He walked straight to Bei Mingmo and lowered his voice: "Relax, find out, the person who kidnapped you has nothing to do with Chu Mingyao, but Miss Wei's father offended."

    "Okay, thank you Mr. Gong!" Bei Mingmo also breathed a sigh of relief. As long as it is not Chu Mingyao, otherwise, it will be very troublesome.

    "You're welcome." Gong Ling night said: "You are a warm friend, don't need to be so rusty."

    "Then I call you Young Night?" Bei Mingmo said.

    "Yes." Gong Lingye nodded, then turned to Song Yi and said: "Nuan Nuan, what are you eating for supper?"

    "I didn't eat anything!" Song Yiren glared at Gong Lingye: "The guy who is so fragrant!"

    Gong Lingye was exceptionally innocent: "Wan Nuan, Miss Beiming and I ..."

    "Who said you and Momo!" Song Yiren pushed Gong Lingye: "You hurried away, I don't want to see you!"

    Huh, Xiao San called to provoke, really when she was bullying!

    It's just that Song Yiren didn't expect that she went to work as usual the next day, but at noon, she received a call from the security guard: "Miss Yu, there is a Miss Lie at the door looking for you ..."

    It's really endless, isn't it?

    Song Yiren said: "Tell her, I am busy, I have no time to take care of her!"

    Outside, Lie Xiaoran saw the security guard put down the phone, she took off her sunglasses and said, "Is she coming out immediately?"

    "I'm sorry, Miss Lie, Miss Yu is very busy, I don't have time to see you!" The security guard paralyzed.

    Lie Xiaoruo had never touched a nail like this before. She wanted to break in hard, but she did n’t expect that the security guards were soft and hard, and she directly took out the electric baton. !

    Lie Xiao was so angry that Qiqiao was smoking, but it was cold outside. She only wore a skirt. Although there was a windbreaker outside, she stood here for a while and almost froze her.

    No way, she had to return to the car and wait.

    However, the sun was about to go down, and the Song Yi did not come out.

    "I'm a tortoise turtle, right?" Lie Xiaoruan sent a message to Song Yiren: "Very well, see you at Hongmei Villa on the weekend!"

    Song Yiren was busy debugging at the moment, glanced at the message, and threw the phone aside, and continued to go busy.

    Tomorrow, it will be the most important day for their team, because a technology developed before has already applied for a patent, and it should be available for approval tomorrow. Since then, they can formally apply the technology to people's livelihood.

    In other words, if it is fast, before the end of next month, Tiangong Group's TG-01 driverless car will come out!

    Hasn't Chu Mingyao dominated this industry for a long time?

    Did n’t he hear that he was impeached by Haisheng ’s shareholders, but he regained popularity with one of his previous patented technologies?

    However, if TG-01 appears, can he still hold his current position? !

    Everyone is working overtime, time flies fast.

    In the evening, Song Yiren accompanied Bei Mingmo to the hospital for a review and happened to meet Wei Qianran.

    The girl's eyes were red, and she came to check to see if the frostbite on her feet had recovered. Seeing Bei Mingmo, he threw it over: "Sabrina!"

    Bei Mingmo has heard about her family. She reached out and patted the girl's back: "Don't worry, I heard that the gold lawyers of Haishen Law Firm are very powerful, and your dad won't have any serious problems!"

    "Well!" Wei Qianran nodded and turned his head to look at Xuanyuan Che who paid to pay.

    She looked at his long and straight back, and suddenly remembered what Wu Mina said to her during the day today: "Qianran, I think it's not good to say this to you now, but, I am A Che's mother, so you need to measure My mood ... Our family has asked someone to help your dad to sue, but Ache and your marriage ... You are not engaged yet, and the harm to both parties is small. Do n’t mind, I actually always treat As a girl, you will often come to our house in the future ... "

    After hearing this, Wei Qianran couldn't help crying. There was a kind of bewilderment with six gods and no master.

    My mother loves ballet, and she also likes ballet very much. After graduating from college, she joined a famous ballet society and usually went on a global tour.

    She didn't understand business matters at all, and her parents protected her well. Daddy had an accident. Although their family had a lot of savings, both women knew nothing about business and lawsuits.

    I wanted to ask Xuan Yuanche, but Wu Mina's words made her flinch again.

    Yeah, she can't hurt him.

    Thinking of this, Wei Qianran took a deep breath, and when Xuanyuan Che came over, she said: "Brother Che, let's break up!"

    Xuan Yuan Che was obviously stunned, and immediately said: "Why say that."

    Wei Qianran was a little scared, afraid of the unknown ahead, but she really didn't want to involve him.

    She grabbed Bei Mingmo's hand and wanted to find a little support. She said: "We were married together anyway. Now our family must not be able to marry yours. We, we don't seem to need to be tied together Together ... "

    She was so embarrassed that she could not help tightening Bei Mingmo's hand.

    Xuanyuan Che glanced at Wei Qianran, and then glanced at Beiming Mo beside her, as if thinking about something.

    Bei Mingmo is a little bit angry, this man will not pretentiously think she deliberately abetted Wei Qianran to break up? !


    She had a fire in her heart and couldn't let it out. After all, they didn't say anything, everything was made up by her brain.

    After waiting for more than ten seconds, Xuanyuan Che finally opened his mouth, and the tone was still calm: "Okay, but if you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me."

    "Good!" Wei Qianran nodded quickly: "Thank you, Che!"

    Xuanyuan Che saw that she did not cry, nor did she hold on, deep in her heart, somehow she felt a little happy while she was relieved.

    When Xuanyuan Che went to drive, Wei Qianran rushed north and said: "Sabrina, I will go back first. When my family is busy, I will go find you again!"

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "Don't be sad, everything will be fine."

    "Well, I think too!" Wei Qianran nodded: "I was worried that I broke up with Che, I can't rely on anyone, but he said he can help me, and I think I have a friend. So miserable. "

    Bei Mingmo couldn't help crying and laughing, she couldn't help but ask: "Do you not like him?" So, breaking up didn't even make you sad, you could be friends directly.

    "Like!" Wei Qianran said: "He looks very handsome, and has the ability and knowledge. However, I think it should not be the kind of love between men and women! Anyway, I think if it is a friend, it should be better! "

    Bei Mingmo was helpless, it seems that this girl is really open!