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"Ah!" Song Yiren exclaimed: "Help!"

    Chu Mingyao, who had already reached the door of the studio, heard the movement and hurried over quickly.

    As soon as I came over, I saw Su Yunfei standing, raising his hand, and I was going to hit the Song Yi who fell on the ground!

    The fire in his heart jumped out suddenly. Before Su Yunfei shot, he grabbed her and threw it towards the back!

    Su Yunfei wears high-heeled shoes, the man's strength is so great, so she can't hold the center of gravity, and suddenly, she was pulled on the ground.

    The ground is marble. She fell unbuffered and almost cracked her tail vertebrae. The sudden sharp pain made her unable to make any sound for a while.

    Then, I saw Chu Mingyao walk over and lifted the Song Yi who was pretending to fall. His voice was gentle and worried: "Yu Xiaoxuan, what's wrong with you?"

    Song Yiren's eyes are red: "It's okay, Miss Su didn't do it on purpose, I'm okay ..."

    Her forbearance made Su Yunfei almost burst with rage, and she shouted over there regardless of the image: "Bitch! You will show me again!"

    "Shut up!" Chu Mingyao turned his head sharply, looking at Su Yunfei on the ground, his eyes were chilling: "Are you busy enough? Give me back to Ningcheng immediately to continue your shooting!"

    Su Yunfei thought of getting up, but found that she couldn't even get up at all, and her chest was up and down, and she just wanted to tear up the Song Yiren: "That bitch, saying you are tired of me, saying you want to marry her! You have n’t seen her sloppy look, and you do n’t know how many men— "

    "Slap!" A clear voice came, and Su Yunfei's unfinished words stuck in his throat directly.

    The face seemed to be on fire, and there was a sweet smell in his throat. Su Yunfei looked at the man who had beaten her, and his eyes suddenly turned red: "Chu Mingyao, why did you beat me for that bitch ?!"

    "She is my Haisheng Group's spokesperson in China, please speak with respect!" Chu Mingyao sneered.

    "She is the spokesperson, just because of her good work in bed? Have you coaxed you?" Su Yunfei's half of his face was swollen, and the five finger prints on it were bright and scary.

    "Su Yunfei, don't force me to do anything with you again!" Chu Mingyao said one by one, his eyes were murderous.

    "You have to deal with me for such a bitch?" Su Yunfei's face was twisted: "You forgot, when you were Song--"

    She hadn't finished her words, and exchanged a slap from Chu Mingyao.

    This time, it was more ruthless and more urgent.

    Song Yi people sneered, Su Yunfei didn't finish it, it should be 'Song son-in-law', right?

    It's just that Chu Mingyao always advertises with "affectionate" people, how can he make Su Yunfei say that when he was a fiance of Song Yi people, he already had a hot fight with Su Yunfei in bed?

    Su Yunfei was slapped by Chu Mingyao for a few seconds before reacting stunned. There was still a tinnitus in his ear and he could not hear the sound at all.

    However, in sight, the Song Yi people behind Chu Mingyao smiled at her with a winner's smile, and then spit out two words: "Abandoned woman."

    "Bitch, are you still smiling ?!" Su Yunfei pointed at Song Yiren and said to Chu Mingyao: "Look, look like your little bitch! Chu Mingyao, you are a stupid, forced by this bitch tricked!"

    Chu Mingyao was very annoyed with Su Yunfei's ‘slut’ who closed his mouth, but turned his head to look at the Song Yi people behind him.

    In the twilight, the girl's delicate face was covered with water. Obviously, she was scared by such a thing. The whole person was pitiless and helpless, and the slightly trembling body was full of uneasiness.

    Chu Mingyao felt his heart tighten, and immediately hated Su Yunfei: "Su Yunfei, I will give you one last chance and return to Ningguo immediately!"

    "Back to Ningguo? It's convenient for you and this cheap--" She just said here, her wrist was snapped by Chu Mingyao.

    He was so powerful that he could almost break her wrist.

    She was in pain all over, her tail vertebrae, cheeks, and heart, and now her hands were so painful that she was going crazy.

    Su Yunfei wanted to pull her hand out, but Chu Mingyao was so strong that she couldn't move at all. Finally, the spirit seemed to collapse suddenly, and tears burst into the dike.

    "Chu Mingyao, you have no conscience! You can't do this to me!" She cried: "I have followed you for so many years, why do you beat me for a little bitch ..."

    Chu Mingyao was so annoyed that at this moment, he looked at the woman in front of him, and his heart was full of killing opportunities never seen before.

    Is the real killer.

    Before, he had not quarreled with her. Su Yunfei's person was too possessive, and he was not so attached to women, so there was not much contradiction before.

    But now, Su Yunfei is not a blatant trouble.

    He can endure once or twice, but it does not mean that he can continue to endure.

    If she had hidden the evidence they had against the Song family at the time, and worried that something would happen to him, he might also be destroyed, and he might have broken with her long ago.

    At this moment, Chu Mingyao considered for the first time that if there was a way to know where Su Yunfei hid the evidence and whether it would be exposed because of her death, then he could also let her disappear in this world forever after mastering everything!

    Behind him, Song Yiren was obviously “infected” by Su Yunfei ’s sad look. She also had red eyes and said to Chu Mingyao: “President Chu, Miss Su really loves you, do n’t make her sad! I ca n’t As a spokesperson, I ’ll go back first, do n’t quarrel, sorry! ”

    After all, she wiped her eyes and ran away.

    Chu Mingyao looked at the back of Song Yiren leaving, and only thought what a good girl is, that's all.

    Simple, kind, and for the sake of others, he seems to be more devoted to such a girl ...

    From the studio to the parking place, fortunately, there was no one on the way. Chu Mingyao almost pulled Su Yunfei's car. On the way, Chu Mingyao was thinking about his plan, and he was even more bored with the people around him.

    At this moment, there was a broadcast in the car: "Today at noon, the president of Tiangong Group Gong Lingye used a private plane to take a Miss Mystery to M. It is reported that the Miss is ..."

    Chu Mingyao narrowed his eyes, and actually used a private jet? That Gu Tingxue is really important to Gong Lingye!

    It's just, why haven't you heard gossip about Gong Ling Ye before, but this time ...

    When he was in doubt, the words behind the broadcast seemed to be the answer: "This is the first time the LM aircraft invested by Tiangong Group set sail, and it also indicates that Tiangong Group's space base in Country F will officially enter the preparation stage of mass production."

    So, this is a financial news packaged with entertainment news?