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#23 Feeling cohabiting?

Song Yi was blocked by Gong Lingye and couldn't say a word.

    He looked at the rich expression on her face, pressed her head back, leaned closer to her ears, and the lips swept across her pinna: "When a person is in the end, he can't use his life to persecute Others follow, because this is the most stupid behavior. You did well last night, I appreciate it! "

    The Song Yi people pushed away Gong Lingye a little, raised his eyes, and met his deep eyes. His eyes were indeed appreciated and undisguised.

    She was a little puzzled. Shouldn't men like the kind of girl who looks simply cute and weak?

    Oh yes, appreciation and liking are two different things.

    One is to a friend or opponent, the other is to the opposite sex.

    Song Yiren was about to say that Gong Lingye had released her.

    His face was indifferent and indifferent, and he turned and walked to the outside room: "I ordered breakfast just now, and I will deliver it immediately, even with your clothes."

    Song Yi nodded: "Thank you."

    Sure enough, after a few minutes, the doorbell rang and was a waiter.

    Gong Lingye greeted the Song Yi people to sit down, and the two ate quietly.

    Even yesterday, Song Yiren would not have thought that she would have dinner with Gong Lingye in the hotel suite opposite.

    He didn't speak when he was eating, and the whole person seemed to return to the deep aura he had seen on weekdays.

    It's just that he has an elegant posture and just sits here as if he is attending a royal feast.

    Gong Linge ate faster than the Song Yi people. After he finished eating, he stood up and said: "You can put it here after you eat it. There is no need to control the room. Someone will pick it up and I will go to the company."

    Song Yiren felt that his explanation was strange, as if the two were living together. She quickly shook this weird idea and nodded: "Okay, I should go back to school."

    Gong Lingye left soon, and the Song Yi people ate breakfast and opened the clothes bag.

    It was a white silk skirt just over the knee, a small round neck with beige edges, the skirt was A-shaped, a very simple style, and there was no logo on the skirt.

    However, Song Yi was born into a wealthy man, and he is very familiar with the materials and materials of clothes. Such materials and workmanship are inevitably impossible for ordinary brands.

    Gong Lingye's shot must not be ordinary clothes, and this style can't be more low-key, which is very suitable for her current student status.

    It can be seen that this man is very careful in all matters.

    The Song Yi came out of the hotel and went straight back to school.

    Song Yiren's dinner was eaten in the school cafeteria. As soon as she sat down, she heard a girl at the next table say, "Ah, my male god's birthday is coming in two weeks!"

    "You said Gong Mochen?" The girl opposite asked.

    "Yes!" The girl star eyes: "His 27th birthday, I heard that the banquet will be held on the cruise ship, I really want to see ..."

    Later, the Song Yi people did not hear.

    She knows Gong Mochen's birthday, because the owner of her body actually started to prepare birthday gifts for Gong Mochen a few months ago.

    However, it seems that Gong Mochen's birthday did not intend to invite her this 'girlfriend'!

    However, whether he invited or not, she must be present!

    Thinking of this, the Song Yi people sent a message to Gong Mochen: "Gong Shao, your birthday, did you forget me?"

    On the other end of the phone, Gong Mochen saw the news, and suddenly his heart burst into annoyance.

    However, thinking of him getting up early in the morning, there is still no good in the following, so I can only reply to Song Yi people with their teeth: "I will arrange someone to pick you up in advance, and don't embarrass me at that time!"

    Song Yi people hooked their lips when they saw the news.

    Back at the dormitory, the Song Yi people turned on the computer and completed a program written before.

    It was a QQ stealing program, and what she wanted to steal was not someone else's QQ, but her own. Because now, this number is in the hands of Chu Mingyao.

    The reason for this is because she wants to use this app to contact a person-her best friend Bei Mingmo in her previous life.

    After rebirth, the Song Yi people searched Beimingmo more than once in the past two years, but they only got one: Beimingmo went to the remote mountainous area to teach and never returned.

    Bei Mingmo is the third lady of the Beiming family and her friend from childhood to big age. She knows her better.

    Although Bei Mingmo said that she wanted to teach a little bit, how could she go for two years, and she had no news, not even her family? !

    After the program test ended, Song Yi took a deep breath and started running.

    "The program is being implanted ..."

    Soon, the Song Yi people received a prompt of successful implantation.

    In order to avoid Chu Mingyao's suspicion, she 'stealed' a total of 12 QQ numbers. However, although she could enter the other numbers, she didn't look at all, and she only focused on her own.

    Song Yiren opened it, and there were no new message prompts, only mailbox advertisements, QQ hotspots, etc., ranked in front.

    She immediately determined that it seemed that Chu Mingyao had not given up monitoring her QQ number in the past two years.

    But fortunately, he knew she was ‘dead’, so she did n’t clear the chat history. Song Yi quickly glanced at the first few, and finally set her eyes on the dialogue window with her girlfriend Beimingmo.

    The moment she tapped off, her hand shook and the mouse almost fell to the ground.

    Song Yiren does not know what kind of mood to start from the first, after reading all the news-

    "Yi, you tell me, are you not dead at all? It's not you who was recovered from your home that was sore, right?"

    "Yi, I know, that must not be you! Are you in danger, I will go to you immediately!"

    "It's over, I seem to be being followed. Yi Yi, if you come back, be careful."

    "The person who hurt you is Chu Mingyao, right? Although I have no evidence, but you are" dead ", your aunt jumped off the building, your uncle is crazy, Yi Yi, and now your family has the final say to him, he is the biggest benefit Man! It must be him! Although he pretends to be affectionate, I know it must be him! "

    "Someone wants to kill me!"

    The last one is voice, which can be clearly heard by the Song Yi people. The sound of the sea breeze and gasping, the voice of Bei Mingmo trembles, the tone becomes sharper because of fear: "Yi Yi, I am in Ninghai, I am afraid ... "

    In the following words, with the sound of falling into the water, there will be no more.

    All the dialogues were two years ago, with the first and last article separated by two and a half months.

    Song Yiren's hand was holding the mouse, and her throat was blocked so that she could not make a sound at all. She buried her face in the bed and tried to suppress her emotions. Such a painful sorrow.

    It turns out that all the worries are not emptiness. It turned out that Beimingmo really had an accident!

    The reason why Bei Mingmo had an accident was that she suddenly discovered that she might not have died, so she was found by Chu Mingyao because of an investigation, and she went missing after being killed!