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#396 The two men to choose?

Song Yiren looked at it and suddenly thought: "We just thought about the same generation, but, you are young, you will not endanger it, should it be the elders?"

Her heart beats a little bit fast: "If the current head of the house, it is assumed that your uncle. If he has no offspring, or his offspring are particularly useless, then, if he appreciates your ability, will he help you?"

Gong Lingye heard Song Yiren's analysis and raised her lips: "My wife, how clever!"

The Song Yi people were praised and raised their lips.

Gong Lingye continued: "Therefore, there may be two people who saved me: first, the owner of the Shangguan family today. Second, it may be the Xuanyuan family. After all, if I were a person of Xuanyuan, I hope we all Fighting, they have the advantage of the fisherman on the left. But this time in country j, they know too little about the Xuanyuan family and don’t know which side they are on."

After listening to Gong Lingye's analysis, Song Yi people also counted on many things.

She turned her head and hugged him by the neck: "Ling Ye, you have only been in such a short time, and you know so many things, so amazing!"

He raised his eyebrows, moved his cheeks closer, and asked for a kiss.

Song Yi kissed Gong Lingye and said, "Her husband is great!"

Gong Ling's throat rolled at night, and he felt he could not hold it.

However, the thought of Song Yiren's health is not good, it is estimated that his body is weak, so I temporarily let her go.

He picked her up and put it on the bed: "Warm warm, rest for a while, I will call you when breakfast is ready."

Song Yiren nodded: "Does your injury still hurt?"

Gong Lingye shook his head: "It's okay, just a slight injury, just sleep."

Song Yiren remembered something and took Gong Lingye's hand: "Listen to her..."

Gong Lingye thought of Gu Tingxue, and felt a pain in her heart: "When she left, she saw the meteor shower, so she left with a smile."

Song Yiren felt a bit sour nose: "I hope she will be healthy and happy in her next life."

"Yes." Gong Lingye leaned over and kissed Song Yi's forehead, helping her to pull the quilt.

He walked out of the room and thought of the explosion at the time, Gu Zhiyun directly became thousands of pieces, and everything was finally over, but that kind girl, I don’t know if she left, her father would use this method to solve all .

I only hope that Gu Tingxue in my next life will stop having such a father.

Gong Lingye looked at the sky, and suddenly thought of Gu Tingxue as a child, she wanted to go to the sky to see what it was like to touch the shiny stars.

Now, she turned into a star, always pure and kind.

He has lost a younger sister, so Lien Xiaoruo, is he really his younger sister?

At 8 am, Song Yiren woke up again and her body had not recovered, so Gong Lingye accompanied her to breakfast and went to the appraisal center with Pei Jun.

He did not contact Lieyuan Shen, but took the voucher directly and took the appraisal report.

"President, how is it?" Next to it, Pei Jun saw Gong Lingye looking at the result all the time, without asking a word.

"Go to Lieyuan Shen's house." Gong Ling night said: "She is indeed my sister."

Half an hour later, Gong Lingye's car stopped at the downstairs of Shenyuan Community in Lieyuan.

He went straight up and rang the doorbell.

Lie Xiaoruo didn't sleep well last night. She got up early this morning.

She personally cooked the kitchen and made a hearty breakfast. She was about to get Lieyuan Shen up to dinner, and Lieyuan Shen had already come out.

He was a little surprised to see the food in the restaurant, but then he had to wash out.

Lie Xiaoruo jumped directly beside him in three or two steps, holding his arm.

She seldom made people soft, slightly awkward, but still said: "Brother, I made breakfast, let's eat together!"

Lieyuan Shen wants to pull his arm away, but Lie Xiaosoft hugs tightly: "I'm sorry, I didn't consider your feelings before. You know, because I liked him before, so after I liked hopelessness, I learned that he was my brother. , I suddenly seemed to find an opportunity to get close to him. But I never thought that my passion for him will make you unhappy."

Lieyuan sank to speak, but his heart was a little bloated.

It was the first time he heard his sister say such a heart, but only felt that he hadn’t seemed to hurt her all these years.

"I think about it now, whether he is my brother or not, you are my dearest brother." Lie Xiaoruo said here, pursing his lips, his eyes were red: "He doesn't want me, I don't want him anymore." ! It’s enough for me to have you brother. We haven’t been good before! Brother, I will help you get your sister-in-law back."

If it were not for her, Lieyuan Shen and He Wanshuang would not be separated by misunderstanding. She has been enjoying Lieyuan Shen’s care all these years, but she seems to have never done anything for him.

Lieyuan stared at the big sister in front of him when she was young, and suddenly felt that she had grown up overnight.

He stretched his arms and hugged her in his arms: "Xiao Ruan, something happened to my company and was kicked out by my dad. So in the future, you may suffer hard if you follow me."

"Ah?" Lie Xiaoyuan was shocked, pulling Lie Yuan Shen: "What's the matter, is it serious?"

"It doesn't matter, I have planned to do it myself." Lie Yuan said in a deep way: "unique is the original brand of me and sabrina, and the initial funds are also my private money. It has nothing to do with the old man. In the future, I should be in China for a long time. If it is unique, it is definitely not enough. I will take out my savings and do some other projects."

"How much?" Lie Xiaoruo immediately said: "There are still 20 million in my card. It's left by my mother. I'll get it for you right away!" she said and went to the bedroom to get the card.

Although Lieyuan Shen did not plan to spend the money, but after seeing Lie Xiaosoft like this, the depression that lasted for several days finally disappeared, and his brows gradually relaxed.

Lie Xiaoruo went to get the card and stuffed it into Lie Yuan Shen's hand: "The password is Mom's birthday!"

He nodded and took her to the table.

At this moment, the doorbell rang from the door.

"Who?" Lie Yuan got up and walked over to open the door.

When he saw Gong Lingye at the door, his face suddenly sank: "What are you doing here?"

Gong Lingye ignored him, walked straight in, and glanced at Li Xiaoxiao.

Lie Xiaoruo also raised his eyes. At the moment when the four eyes were opposite, Gong Lingye's gaze was still straight, and Lie Xiaoruo turned away, as if not seeing him.

He knew why, but he didn't care. Instead, he walked straight to Lie Xiaoruo and said, "Xiao Ruo, I got the appraisal report."

This was the first time Gong Lingye called her this way. In the past, they all called coldly "Miss Lie".

So, hearing Gong Lingye's title, Lie Xiaoruo knew that he was her brother.

However, some things began to look forward to, waiting for the expectation to be splashed with cold water, cooled down, and gradually solidified into ice.

She didn't look at him, just said lightly: "Well."