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Things are more than that, the explosion is rapidly fermenting, so some people on Weibo began to question the management of Tiangong Group.

After all, an explosion occurred in a precision manufacturing base like an airplane. Does that mean chaos management?

And half a year after the incident, Tiangong Group has never spoken or explained it. Does it mean that they have ghosts in their hearts?

Moreover, the base can explode, so what else might happen?

After careful consideration, some people have already thought about whether the aircraft produced by Tiangong Group will go wrong.

Because of the road test that day, Gong Mochen was at the scene, so after the explosion video appeared, the reporter immediately pointed the camera at him.

"Mr. Gong, I just posted on Weibo that the country F airport exploded six months ago. At that time, some media reported that you were injured. Is this true?"

"Mr. Gong, were you really hurt? Why did Tiangong Group suppress this? What's the inside story?"

"Mr. Gong, you were in charge of country F at that time. The explosion of the base means loose management?"

"Mr. Gong, if the management is loose, will Tiangong Group's aircraft have quality problems?"

One after another, the question kept hitting Gong Gongchen. He took a deep breath and said: "Everyone, there was indeed an explosion, and the only person injured in the explosion was me."

The reporter was surprised and suddenly moved the microphone closer.

"But the explosion has nothing to do with the management of the base. It's just because one of my robots is short-circuited, and there are flammable and explosive items around me." Gong Mochen said again.

"Your robot?" the reporter asked suspiciously.

Gong Mochen nodded: "Yes, my robot was given to me by a friend before, but because the robot is too talkative, I learned to reform it. But maybe I am not good at learning, so there was an explosion. This The incident has nothing to do with the management of Tiangong Group, so don’t make arbitrary conclusions because of a video."

Gong Mochen seemed to be justified, but the reporters at the scene thought that the media reporter said: "But Mr. Gong, the first thing we saw in the video was not the robot in your hand, but..."

Before he finished, someone suddenly said, "I just received news that Tiangong Group had a plane that lost contact on the way from country M to country J!"

Gong Mochen only felt that his brain sounded loudly, and his heart seemed to be hit hard by something!

Not coincidentally.

The explosion was half a year ago. Why is it just being taken out to talk about things now?

And why did the car test in Tiangong Group explode successfully?

And is the loss of aircraft connection intentional?

Gong Mochen's thoughts whistled away.

At the moment, Tiangong Group's cars have completed all extreme weather tests, showing no problems.

However, no one cares about this anymore.

The loss of aircraft connection is an international news. At almost the same time, all the media in the world have focused their attention on it.

Gong Lingye was in the office at the moment. Hearing the news, his hand squeezed the landline handset instantly.

Almost no need to think, why was the plane lost from country M to country J instead of flying from country M to China?

Because of the route to country J, it is easier for Shangguan Xun to place people there!

He had thought about many things that Shangguan Xun might do, but he hadn't really thought about it. In order to win the position of the head of the family, this person could openly sacrifice everyone in the entire flight!

Tiangong Group's aircraft generally carry between 100 and 400 passengers, and according to today's market conditions, there are an estimated 300 passengers and crew on that aircraft.

Therefore, Shangguan Xun directly regarded human life as a mustard and sacrificed all those people!

Gong Lingye couldn't express his feelings. He felt that his opponent was not an individual, but a crazy bird.

However, if something goes wrong, he can only immediately analyze the situation and find a way to make up and solve it.

Therefore, Gong Lingye immediately called the country of F and asked the team there to immediately notarize the aircraft's R&D and production technical data to an international authority.

In the media, there are overwhelming reports about the flight at the moment.

The flight has been lost for five hours. During these five hours, many families of passengers have arrived at the airport, so the airport has also fallen into short-term chaos.

On the Internet, many people have already spontaneously prayed for the return of the flight, but everyone knows that once the flight is lost, the possibility of a safe return will be very low.

Time passed bit by bit until the flight had lost contact for more than fifteen hours.

At this time, the backup fuel on the plane should also have been exhausted. That is to say, if there was no explosion or other accidents, because of fuel consumption, the people on the plane may have encountered the robbery in their lives.

All the media in the world continue to follow reports, and on the Internet, there is a voice of doubt-

"Tiangong Group had an explosion at its base half a year ago, and it has been explained that they are loosely managed. Therefore, the loss of aircraft connection is likely to be a technical or production problem. Can Tiangong Group give an official answer to this matter?"

"The Tiangong Group's aircraft has only been developed and put into production in recent years. It is likely that there are hidden safety hazards like cars. Just because of safety accidents, it is only a small probability problem, so it has not been reflected before."

"The hidden danger to the aircraft is only one in 10,000, but once it happens, there are hundreds of lives. Such a thing can't be afforded by any family! Therefore, we recommend that the International Aviation Organization issue a flight ban order to the Tiangong Group's aircraft. !"

"I am a family member of the lost couple, and my child went to J for academic exchanges. Our family is very happy and feels that the child is having a good time. But the bad news came, we can’t accept it! Although we are ordinary people, Company, we are very small, but we also want Tiangong Group to return my son! We want a statement!"

"The bow-drawing did not look back. The Tiangong Group's car design had problems, and it could be remedied, because after all, it had not officially entered the market. But what about aircraft? Thousands of aircraft of the same model have already entered major airlines and are now exploding. There is a problem with one, so what if there is something else?"

"Who will pay for the lives of our ordinary people?"

"The two presidents of Tiangong Group, should you come out and give us all a public account?"

"I think, the second president of Renjia Tiangong Group drives all kinds of luxury cars every day. I heard that his favorite is to collect luxury cars. People are rich and oily. Where do you control the lives of these people?"

"Why, their lives are lives, and our lives are cheap, can they be ruined by anyone?!"

"Look at everyone, this is the car of Tiangong Group Gongmochen, what brand are they? I basically see Lai Yue!"

"The cars of the vice president of Tiangong Group are all Lai Yue, not Tiangong's own production. What does that mean? Will everyone continue to buy Tiangong's cars in a silly way?"

"Also, this is the car of Tiangong Group Gonglingye, the imported XH-K. Ha ha, although it is not Lai Yue, it is also a foreign car!"

"Neither president of Tiangong Group drives their own cars. Is this the biggest joke this year?"

"Hahaha, really...but we are not talking about the loss of the plane? Seriously! Now is the moment of sorrow for all people!"


The online remarks exploded in madness, Gong Lingye's mobile landline kept ringing, but it brought bad news.