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At this time, a doctor said: "The injured person's heartbeat plummets and may be shocked at any time, ready to defibrillate."

    "Okay," his assistant promised.

    "The electrode pads are already attached," the assistant said again.

    "Okay, use low power first." The doctor ordered.

    At this moment, Gong Mochen in bed murmured an unconscious pain.

    At the same time, in the pile of clothes, Ruwa, which had been blinking and blinking, suddenly flashed and said: "Master Jin!"

    After a pause of two seconds, the slightly out-of-tune voice, but the little guy who still maintained a flattering tone, continued to say: "Master Jin is still maintaining a cold route again? It doesn't matter, let Ruwa bring you the joy of life!"

    "What song does Lord Jin want to listen to?"

    "Then I will sing" The Magic of Love "!" After all, Ruwa really played it: "The feeling of electric shock has slowly appeared. I want you to be with me all the time. The electric shock It feels a little dangerous, what way will I love you so that it will never change ... "

    Because it damaged the horn in the explosion, the sound was out of tune, and in a quiet space, it was harsh and funny.

    The doctor was already disturbed, frowning to prepare to throw the noise source out in the past, but the guy didn't know the crisis and was still whispering.

    "Don't listen to this one? How about changing one?"

    "Oh, I said that my gold master is so big, you don't like girls like you!"

    "Okay, I'll lose to you, don't scrap me, I'm wrong!"

    "Jin Zhuda, I wish you clear morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and stars in the night! May all the beauty be with you!"

    On the hospital bed, Gong Mochen was in a trance, and heard familiar words. For a time, he had the illusion that he did not know what day or night.

    I only remember that night, the girl was sitting in his co-pilot seat. When she turned her head, it was scanned by the robot, so there was a conversation.

    The robot began to laugh at his mother's singleton. When she saw him sullen, she immediately changed the procedure. Suddenly, it made her goose bumps all over.

    He listened to it a lot of compliments, but only one sentence was good.

    On the operating table, Gong Mochen's fingers trembled, but he could not move.

    The body was so heavy and painful that he tried hard to open his eyes, but felt that his eyelids were so heavy that he couldn't open them at all.

    Pain eroded the senses, his whole world was crumbling, and his consciousness was swallowed up inch by inch. In his trance, he seemed to see death.

    It's just a pity that I can't look at her again ...

    While Gong Lingye and the Song Yi people embarked on a flight to Country F, the special plane of the China Tiangong Group finally took off, carrying instruments and several experts, and flew to Ningguo.

    On Ning Guo ’s side, the man with hoarfrost in both temples is waiting at the airport. His handbag is the complete set of equipment he has used most smoothly in recent years.

    A few hours later, the planes of all the experts were connected to F country, traversing the sky and fighting the death.

    In the operating room, Gong Mochen's eyes were closed and his heartbeat was on the verge of silence.

    The special planes of Song Yiren, Gong Lingye and Tiangong Group arrived almost simultaneously.

    Originally, Gong Lingye planned to come by himself, but Song Yi insisted that he finally compromised.

    A group of people got off the plane, got on the off-road vehicle, and hurried to the hospital.

    Outside the operating room, Zhang Mingyu saw the mighty party and his eyes were red: "President Gong, President Gong is still operating."

    Gong Lingye nodded and said to the experts: "Everyone, Mo Chen please to you!"

    Everyone nodded, and quickly changed the sterilization coat to start fighting.

    Outside, Gong Ling night said: "Take me to the explosion site and restore all the situations!"

    Zhang Mingyu nodded, and Gong Lingye quickly walked out, and walked out of the hospital, the reporter who heard the news had already surrounded the two.

    "Mr. Gong, what's the situation with Mr. Gong Mochen?"

    "Will the Tiangong Group's aircraft manufacturing project be stranded because of this?"

    "Excuse me--"

    The reporter chased the two of them, and the microphone almost hit the two of them.

    Gong Lingye suddenly raised his eyes, his eyes were murderous, and burst out coldly: "Go!"

    The reporter in front was taken aback by his horrified breath and retreated instinctively, while Gong Lingye had opened the car door and walked away with Zhang Mingyu.

    The place where the explosion had been surrounded, but from the debris around, we also knew the intensity of the time.

    Gong Lingye looked at the deep pit of the explosion center and asked Zhang Mingyu doubtfully: "Mo Chen, was he really at the center?"

    Zhang Mingyu said: "Mr. Gong, you look at the monitoring. Although the monitoring is not clear because it is far away, you can still see that one second before the explosion, Gong Shao always noticed and tried to leave the scene."

    Gong Lingye nodded and went to see the computer Zhang Mingyu handed over.

    Gong Mochen in the picture should be used to resting in the vent of the operation room, because his posture is casual and relaxed.

    Everyone around was busy. When passing by Gong Mochen, he nodded politely at him, and then kept busy.

    After answering a phone call, he received the phone, and was about to pull out something from his pocket. Suddenly, he got up suddenly and ran out quickly!

    However, the explosion was too fast, his body was blown away by the impact force, the ceiling of the operation room was directly lifted, and there was a mess around him, and the picture was frozen.

    "Are there any strangers in the base recently, or any special circumstances?" Gong Lingye asked.

    Zhang Mingyu said: "There must be strangers. The local workers here are highly mobile, because the locals are very lazy, and some people have worked for less than a month, because they have earned a little money and will not starve to death. . Therefore, there are often fresh people and old people. "

    He continued: "Of course, there are many people who have spent their money after leaving, so they have to work again. We do not need technical manual work, we hire local people to do it."

    Gong Lingye silently, he turned the picture back and began to analyze frame by frame.

    So, he saw that what Gong Mochen was going to take out was very small and bulging, according to the way he remembered Ruwa, it was completely in line!

    Therefore, the reason why Gong Mochen has an escape action is because of Ruwa's reminder?

    Gong Lingye also knew some technical knowledge about robots, so he had an idea in his heart that Ruwa should have recognized the signal sent by the time bomb launcher.

    Gong Lingye continued to move forward, and targeted the suspected time bomb as it was placed next to Gong Mochen. Soon, he saw a small bag standing by the door of the vent, away from Gong Mochen To half a meter!

    "Check this thing right away." Gong Lingye rushed to Zhang Mingyu and called Amian again; "Amian, send someone to analyze the wreckage of the bomb."

    When Gong Lingye was busy on the other side, the door of the operating room opened on the other side of the hospital.