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Gong Lingye took the Song Yi people on the cruise ship and went straight to the rest cabin.

    The double rest cabin is actually not much different from the hotel double bed room, except that the windows are smaller.

    Gong Lingye squeezed her lips tightly and placed Song Yiren on the sofa without a word, then turned straight away.

    The cabin calmed down suddenly, and the Song Yi people looked at the closed door, feeling a little confused.

    He should be angry, so she came over privately without saying hello?

    Should she explain to him, and tell her why she came over?

    However, she originally planned to tell him when he was waiting for his birthday. Now that it seems, it seems that there is less sense of ritual?

    Just when the Song Yi people were cranky, the hatch opened again, and Gong Lingye took two things in his hand and walked in.

    He handed the box that had been wiped off dirt and blood to Song Yiren, and then walked to the sofa opposite her and sat down.

    Song Yi took the box, said thank you, and then said: "A Mian was injured, he just didn't take care of the wound ..."

    Gong Lingye ignored the words of Song Yiren, but lifted her foot to check her ankle sprain.

    The lights were bright, and the redness on her ankle was particularly noticeable.

    He lowered the air pressure all over his body, poured some medicinal wine from the bottle in his hand, slightly melted it in the palm of his hand, and then covered the Song Yi's ankle.

    The cabin was very quiet, the lights fell on Gong Lingye's head, his eyebrows were also covered with shadows, and the whole person was calm and focused.

    With the gentle action on his hand, the medicine liquid was warmed by his palm, and penetrated into the skin of Song Yiren a little bit, so that the pain on her ankle was relieved a lot.

    She had a sour nose and couldn't help it, reaching for the cuff of La Gongling Ye's shirt.

    He should have hurried over from the China Exchange Meeting? Therefore, the whole person was wearing a formal suit, and he didn't even have time to untie his tie.

    Feeling that the Song Yi people were pulling him, Gong Lingye raised his eyes, and he hummed lightly.

    Song Yi people pursed their lips and called him: "Gong Ling Ye."

    He was still angry and did not respond, but the movements in his hands kept on.

    Song Yiren knew that she was justified. After all, she had promised Gong Lingye before, she would n’t take the risk, but ...

    She blinked her big eyes and asked him, "Are you hungry?"

    Gong Lingye frowned slightly, ignored it, and bowed her head to continue what to do and what to do.

    The Song Yi people didn't coax too much and didn't know how to admit their mistakes, so they pulled on Gong Lingye's sleeves again.

    This time, Gong Ling swept past Yu Ye at night and saw that the Song Yi people had some red palms.

    He caught it and saw the blisters on the edge of her palm.

    Brows tightened fiercely, he lowered her leg, got up and went out again.

    This time, the Song Yi people were right. Sure enough, when Gong Lingye came back, he already had more scald cream in his hand.

    It seemed that he was just angry, but he still cared about her very much.

    Thinking of this, my heart seemed to be overturned with a honeypot, so sweet that it made my cheeks hot.

    Song Yiren let Gong Lingye catch her hand, wipe it with disinfectant wipes first, and apply a scald cream to her with a cotton swab.

    Then the light of the cabin, she discovered that there was a black mark on the profile of his side face, which should have been accidentally touched, and there were many black marks on the shirt, which gave the whole person a bit of apocalyptic coldness. .

    Seeing that there was another wipe, Song Yiren let go of her hand after Gong Lingye, took it up, approached him, and raised his hand to wipe the mark on his face.

    Gong Lingye was stunned for half a second. His low eyelashes saw Song Yiren looking up at him. His beautiful and clear pupils were full of his shadow.

    Song Yiren wiped away the things on Gong Lingye's face, and saw that there were some in his neck too, so he reached over again.

    He didn't hide, his palms still wrapped around her ankles, and only the cool touch touched his sensitive throat, making the blood on his body boil a little.

    Gong Lingye suppressed the urge to press the Song Yi people under her, so she was determined to do whatever she wanted with him.

    Song Yiren finally wiped away all the dirty parts of Gong Lingye's body, but after she completed the work, she found herself half-kneeling on Gong Lingye's lap.

    Cognition made her look at the corners of his eyes, but found that he was looking at her, with a cold, abstinence and full pressure.

    He still seems angry?

    The Song Yi people felt a little upset, and their lips and flaps moved. After all, they admitted the error first: "I'm sorry, I didn't deliberately deceive you ..."

    Just finished, suddenly realized that she seemed to deceive him deliberately.

    So, corrected: "I don't mean that ... I just have to come by myself, because something is buried in the grass, I have to dig it out."

    Realizing that she could not explain why she knew something was buried in the grass, Song Yiren found out that she might have to inform Gong Lingye in advance that her identity was secret.

    It's just, now on this occasion ...

    She looked at the angry Gong Lingye a little hesitantly, and felt that not only did she feel less ceremonial now, but she seemed to suffocate.

    Gong Lingye saw Song Yiren no longer talking, and the expression on his face became a little thinner, reaching for her waist, as if to drive her off.

    In a hurry, Song Yi people quickly stretched out their hands without scalds and grabbed Gong Lingye's shirt and said, "Sorry, I won't run away without saying hello in the future."

    At last he said it, his cheeks were hot.

    She has grown so old and has always been very good. It seems that she has never apologized to anyone for her mistakes.

    However, today is really dangerous.

    Amian was injured because of her. If Gong Lingye's car arrived in time, maybe she, Amian, and the driver would be detained by Chu Mingyao's people, and the consequences would be disastrous.

    Moreover, when Gong Lingye came over, he was also involved in danger. If his car were closer to that car, then ...

    Thinking of this, the Song Yi people took a deep breath and approached Gong Lingye a few minutes: "Gong Lingye, don't be angry, okay, sorry ..."

    She looked anxiously at his handsome eyebrows, and when she saw him suddenly open, as if to speak and blame her, she was anxious and suddenly stretched her arms to hook Gong Lingye's neck, pulled forward, and then pulled herself Sent her lips up.

    Lips met, Gong Lingye's eyes narrowed fiercely, but immediately, after the girl in front of him kissed him indiscriminately, he pried open his teeth impatiently.

    His throat knot rolled heavily, and the hand on her waist tightened a little bit unconsciously. The whole person was dangerous and crazy.

    However, Song Yiren didn't know that she kissed Gong Lingye for the first time, and she could only learn his method completely.

    If he didn't respond, she found the tip of his tongue and probed herself as if forcing him to entangle with her.

    However, when she was refused twice and tried desperately for the third time, she suddenly felt lighter, and then, when the sky turned around and fell into softness again, she had been picked up by Gong Lingye and thrown on the bed ...