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Chu Mingyao heard the words and turned his head to see Gong Lingye who came over.

    "President Gong!" Song Yiren quickly said: "President Chu just said, let me invite him to dinner at noon."

    After that, he added: "I'm not lazy at work."

    Gong Lingye's mouth twitched. Why did he want to kiss his house warmly in front of Chu Mingyao? Does this little white rabbit look too cute?

    Does anyone know that, in fact, it is just an unruly little wild cat?

    After hearing the words of Song Yiren, Chu Mingyao couldn't help crying or laughing.

    He originally wanted to talk to her two worlds, but in the end she said so how can there be a two world?

    He had heard from abroad that many employees of Tiangong Group were in awe of Gongling Ye, so it seems true.

    How natural is Song Yiren talking in front of him? But when I saw Gong Lingye, I even forgot about the three hundred and two without silver here!

    Some headaches, but it seems more cute.

    Sure enough, Chu Mingyao was grateful to Gong Lingye in the next second: "Do you mind adding a pair of chopsticks?"

    Song Yi nodded and shook his head: "Do not mind, don't mind!"

    Chu Mingyao also echoed: "I have long wanted to invite Mr. Gong to have dinner together, but I have never had a chance. I just did not see Mr. Gong. I thought I had no chance. I didn't expect you to come."

    The trench between Ningguo and Huaguo has a period of turbulent winds and waves, which is not suitable for steamships. Therefore, even if the two countries travel by sea, they will bypass that place.

    Therefore, the route, which was not actually far, was doubled.

    Gong Lingye and Song Yi also just returned, and the two came directly from the special channel of Tiangong Group.

    Gong Lingye explained to Chu Mingyao: "I just handled some things in the office just now, and it took a little time, so I was treated as a guilty party at noon."

    The three said yes, Gong Lingye said that there was something else that needed to be left, and Chu Mingyao did not seem to be able to continue here, so he left with Gong Lingye.

    Although Song Yi's ankles did not hurt much, they were not suitable for standing for a long time, so they continued to hide in the corner.

    At this time, a message came from her mobile phone, an unfamiliar number, the country code showed R country: "Sister, I am Ziheng, I am over there, thank you for saving me."

    When Song Yi saw the word "Sister", her throat was blocked.

    But she also knows that Song Ziheng's name is "Sister", and she doesn't really know that she is Song Yi.

    Nothing can be said in the text message. Song Yiren can only wait for Chu Mingyao to leave China before seeing Song Ziheng.

    They talked briefly, knowing that Song Ziheng had already stayed at the hotel arranged by Gong Lingye. Everything, just wait for the Song Yi people to take the black card and the pupil to go there, and then arrange.

    At noon, the three of them sat down and greeted each other.

    Chu Mingyao glanced at the Song Yiren, then at Gong Lingye, his eyes flooded to explore.

    Just now, Gong Lingye's expression when talking to the Song Yi people was too purposeful.

    He is a man. Song Yiren may not understand it, but Chu Mingyao can understand it.

    A few days ago, I heard that Gong Mochen went to Country F to take charge of the project, and Song Yiren and Gong Mochen had also broken up. So, Gong Lingye now has an idea for the Song Yi people?

    Therefore, Gong Lingye suddenly inserted them and said they would eat together? Especially, Song Yi people are just a small employee.

    In a moment, many questions were explained, but it was easy for me.

    If Gong Lingye did n’t mean anything to the Song Yi people, Chu Mingyao would feel some uneasy uneasiness in his heart. He always felt that Gong Lingye ’s behavior contrary to common sense had a purpose.

    The doubts in my heart disappeared, and Chu Mingyao said the previous contract, saying: "Mr. Gong, there may be something that I haven't had time to tell you. The day before yesterday, I invited Miss Yu as our group driverless car in Spokesperson for China. "

    Gong Lingye heard that and frowned, looking at Song Yiren.

    Chu Mingyao looked at it, and in this view, only men possessed arbitrariness.

    The elegant lady is so good, especially, Chu Mingyao has seen such a beautiful and talented girl for the first time in so many years. It is normal for Gong Lingye to have an idea.

    Song Yiren seemed to have done something wrong, bowed his head and whispered: "Mr. Gong, I'm sorry, my family recently lacked money, so I accepted Mr. Chu's invitation in private! But I can guarantee that I will not disclose company secrets! "

    Chu Mingyao is also helping the side: "Mr. Gong, don't worry, I just think Miss Yu is very suitable for the concept of our products, there is no other meaning."

    Gong Lingye was silent for a moment, and said lightly: "Yu Ruonuan, you signed a confidentiality agreement and hope you comply."

    Song Yi nodded: "I will."

    Just then, Gong Lingye's cell phone rang.

    Seeing the caller ID, he slipped to answer directly: "Uncle Gu."

    Gu Chiyun's anxious voice revealed from the phone: "Ling Ye, Tingxue was sent to the emergency room, and a critical illness notice was issued!"

    Gong Lingye frowned, standing up: "Which hospital is she in?"

    "Just at the central hospital!" Gu Chiyun's voice shivered: "The doctor said that they have done their best ... Ling Ye, I heard that there is a research institute in country M, and I want to try listening to Xue Xue immediately!"

    Gong Lingye stared: "Dr. Wang said, there is no other way?"

    Gu Zhiyun said: "Yes, Dr. Wang said that there is no way, suggesting that I take Xue to go there, but that research institute is not open to the public. I called and the people did not receive it at all!"

    "I'll go right away!" Gong Lingye finished talking, hung up the phone, and said to Chu Mingyao: "Mr. Chu, my friend is in a hurry, I'm sorry I can't accompany me, and drink together next time!"

    Having finished speaking, I ignored the Song Yi people and left in a big stride.

    For the first time, Chu Mingyao saw Gong Lingye so anxiously. He looked at Gong Lingye's back and asked Song Yiren thoughtfully: "Yu Xiaomate, does Gong always have a fiancee?"

    Song Yiren smiled and shook his head: "It's not clear, our employees don't dare to talk about the big boss's gossip casually."

    "Really? I suddenly felt that I was too easy-going with my employees, and they dared to make fun of me in public." Chu Mingyao said, making a very helpless expression, and then got up: "Look out, I Go to the bathroom. "

    Walking to the bathroom, Chu Mingyao immediately made a phone call and went out: "Investigating an imperial city called Gu Tingxue, who is it, tell me immediately."

    Although Gu Tingxue was well protected, the name is not a secret.

    So, in less than three minutes, Chu Mingyao received a call from his men: "Sir, Gu Tingxue is Gu Jiaqianjin, I heard that He Gongling Ye Qingmei Zhu Ma, but his health is not good ..."

    Hanging up the phone, Chu Mingyao exhaled gently.

    Still he was worried, Gong Lingye left suddenly, and had nothing to do with Song Ziheng.

    What Gong Lingye had just done to the Song Yi people was obviously a man's greed for a beautiful woman. He had another love, how could he do anything for a dead Song Yi person?

    He washed his hands, sorted out his clothes, and went over to the dining table.

    At the moment, Song Yiren has just read the message sent by Gong Lingye, two sentences-

    "Nuan Nuan, this time Chu Mingyao should completely dispel doubts about us. However, I don't allow you to eat with other men, so I will return to the company immediately!