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Being violated in this way, He Wanshuang was ashamed and hated. Just as she opened her mouth to bite, the man suddenly let go of her, then, squeezed her waist, turned around and left.

    He Wanshuang chased angrily two steps, showing that there was no one else around. If the other party really abused her, she had no hope of being saved at all!

    So, even though she was upset and sad, she could only watch the man leave.

    The man's movements are also very fast, almost three or two steps into the night.

    He Wanshuang stood at the spot, with red eyes and hands trembling, instinctively picked up the phone and wanted to call out.

    The address book opened, and she used to find Gong Lingye habitually, but realized that Gong Lingye was already married, and she could not trouble him any more in the future.

    So, she slipped the phone number, and her eyes suddenly fell on Lieyuan Shen's name.

    He treated her so much last night and today. It seems that since he met him, there was no threat and coercion for the first time. Instead, he was very gentle, which made her feel as if there was hope in her future life that she could manage.

    So, should she encounter danger, should she tell him that she is scared now?

    Thinking of this, He Wanshuang's heartbeat accelerated a bit, and the hand holding the phone shook slightly.

    Shouldn't he blame her? After all, this matter, she was forced by people and could not escape.

    With a disturbed heart, He Wanshuang ordered the number of Lieyuan Shen, and he had to press the dial key.

    But at this moment, the phone rang suddenly, an anonymous number.

    He Wanshuang took a breath, and there was a faint restlessness, but he still answered.

    There is a voice that is neither male nor female. Obviously after the post-processing, people can't hear the original tone, only listen to the humanity: "He Wanshuang, just a video of you and Gong Lingye kissing on the roadside, if you What does her husband think?"

    He Wanshuang's heart snapped, and his voice was a little bit harsh: "Who are you? You know that person is not Ye Ye!"

    The man sneered: "It doesn't matter who I am! What matters is that Lieyuan Shen believes who he is."

    He Wanshuang pinched the phone: "Who the hell are you doing? What's the benefit for you?"

    "Want to know who I am?" The man said: "Come to the bridge head of Dichenghe behind your community, I will tell you."

    "You--" He Wanshuang still wanted to say, there was already a beep on the ear.

    She knows the bridge head of Dicheng River, and it takes only seven or eight minutes to walk from here. In summer, people often walk on the Yan'an River Embankment. It's just that the spring is still cold and it's estimated that there are not many people.

    However, it was not a secluded place, so He Wanshuang did not worry about meeting the kind of thing he just had.

    She didn't care about buying sanitary napkins, but hurried towards it.

    And just as she was approaching there, Lie Xiaosoft’s mobile phone vibrated and she received a MMS message.

    The MMS opened, and it was a photo of He Wanshuang marrying a man, and in the photo, the man was-Gong Lingye? !

    Just then, her phone rang, and she immediately answered.

    "Lie Xiao Ruan?" There was a mechanical male voice over there.

    "Who?" Lie Xiao's soft gaze: "You sent the photo?"

    "Smart!" The man smiled and said: "The man you like is kissing your sister-in-law, the picture is not clear, do you want to see a live version?"

    Lie Xiao stood up softly: "What live version?"

    "They are fighting at the head of the emperor river bridge. If you don't go, I'm afraid it's all over." That humane.

    Lie Xiaorou felt anxious, only to feel that the fire in her chest almost burned her: "Who are you? How do you know mine?"

    "It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that when your brother is away, your sister-in-law steals the person, and the person you like is the one you like!" the man said with a few laughs, and immediately cut off the phone.

    Lie Xiaoruo had no regard for anything, and put on his coat and hurried to the Emperor City River.

    At the moment, He Wanshuang also arrived nearby, but he saw nothing but passersby.

    She stood at the bridgehead and was about to call the other party, but found out that the other party did not know what software she used, and her cell phone had no call records at all.

    She waited a few minutes and saw that no one had appeared, and was about to leave, she saw the man just now!

    The man was really arrogant, already striding towards her, but wearing a mask on his cheek!

    Just when he had arrived in front of her, Lie Xiaorou had rushed over in the distance and saw the man at a glance!

    She quickly rushed in and shouted, "Stop!"

    Only the man jumped directly from the bridge pier and disappeared.

    Lie Xiaorou chased over and saw only He Wanshuang.

    At this moment, the fire in my heart finally has a place to vent!

    She raised her hand and fanned at He Wanshuang.

    He Wanshuang dodges instinctively, because the ground is slippery and he almost falls over. He still can't fall into the river by holding the fence next to it.

    "He Wanshuang, are you worthy of my brother? You are married to him, why do you seduce Gong Lingye?"

    Lie Xiao was so angry that he reached out and grabbed He Wanshuang's arm: "Where is my brother not good to you, you have to wear him a green hat like this? You said, how long have you been with Gong Ling Ye?"

    Not only did she congratulate Wanshuang on betraying Lieyuan Shen, but also Qigong Ling Yeming looked as good as Song Yiren. How could she turn around and get involved with He Wanshuang? !

    "He Wanshuang, tell me, who was the child in your stomach?!"

    Lie Xiao's strength was so great that he pinched He Wanshuang's arm. She wanted to pull away, but she couldn't pull it at all. Seeing that the other party didn't mean to stop at all, she slammed hard--

    Her arm was pulled out, but Lie Xiaorou in front of her didn't stand firm because of the strength she just had, and she fell forward.

    The ground was slippery for some reason, she fell back to the ground all of a sudden, and there was a gap in the guardrail. Lie Xiaoruo sent the whole person forward under the action of the inertia of the fall, and then straight into the water Fell down!

    He Wanshuang was shocked and quickly reached out to pull her, but the other party was too fast, she only caught a piece of air, and then, it was the sound of the woman falling into the water!

    The Dicheng River is a canal that runs through this city. It has long been melted by ice and snow. In addition, it has rained up and rained a few days ago, and there is plenty of water. There is also a drop in the area.

    He Wanshuang stood in amazement on the bridge pier and found that Lie Xiao fell down and never got up again!

    She was frightened and shouted at the people around her: "Help! Someone has fallen into the water! Help!"

    Soon, someone came around, but looking at the water below, no one dared to go down.

    Seeing that no one moved, He Wanshuang quickly picked up her mobile phone and prepared to call the police. However, she didn't know who had bumped her hand. Her mobile phone fell into the water without even a splash of water.