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#35 Full of hormonal breath

Song Yiren remembered that when he was working on driverless cars together, Chi Jingyu, the prodigal second ancestor, dismantled a new car given to him by his father in order to thoroughly study the entire braking system.

    At that time, a middle-aged house-keeping man from their group met with a direct pain and said that it was cheaper to dismantle him.

    And their bereavement behavior also gave them high rewards, which greatly improved their work efficiency ...

    Song Yi people think of the past, a little trance.

    Chi Jingyu beside him was unable to control her, and she started to move her hands. She also laughed at her with a smirk: "Beauty is amazing, expert!"

    Song Yiren's throat was a little blocked, and she thought of all the pictures of staying up and struggling together in the past. She smiled: "Together?"

    Over there, Bae Jun has already brought out his toolbox.

    Chi Jingyu and Song Yi each took tools and started to repair the car.

    Bae Jun was shocked to see that Song Yiren and Chi Jingyu Mingming met for the first time, but the two fully cooperated with each other. It only took more than ten minutes to find the problematic place. The debugging and repairing were extremely efficient.

    In the end, Song Yiren said: "The brake arm worm is improperly corrected, causing the brake cylinder push rod to extend too much, resulting in the brake system not being able to exert normal braking performance."

    Beside him, Chi Jingyu made a gesture to her: "Bingo!"

    The two smiled at each other, closed the hood, and turned to rush into the car, said: "Try?"

    Bae Jun re-launched the car, and this time there was no problem at all. He drove directly into the warehouse and only needed to change the bumper afterwards.

    The Song Yi people looked at the oil in their hands and stepped up to go to the villa.

    However, she had just taken a step and saw Gong Lingye at the door of the villa.

    He seemed to have stood here for a while, and the shadow of the eaves enveloped him all, and his figure appeared a little blurred in the harsh sunlight.

    When he saw her coming, her deep eyes locked her, and the outline of her face was more deeply and sharply outlined by shadows. At the moment, her lips were pressed, giving a sense of inexplicable oppression.

    Song Yiren walked to Gong Lingye in the beginning, did not want to say hello, but thinking of HQ news, she had a profound and vivid experience of this man's danger, so she nodded politely: "Mr. Gong."

    Gong Lingye didn't speak. The inquiry and complexity in her eyes made Song Yi people feel a little numb.

    Is he doubting her relationship with Chi Jingyu? However, Yu Ruonuan had never seen Chi Jingyu before, and even if Gong Lingye had his eyes open to the sky, it would be impossible to find out.

    Song Yi people comforted themselves, went to the bathroom, and carefully cleaned the motor oil on their hands.

    As soon as I came out, I heard that Pei Jun introduced Chi Jingyu to Chong Gong Ling Ye, and then explained briefly: "I was tracked when I picked up Mr. Chi today. There was a barrier on the road, so there was something wrong with the car.

    Gong Lingye nodded and Chongchi Jingyu reached out: "Welcome to join Tiangong."

    Song Yi was surprised that Chi Jingyu actually agreed to enter Tiangong, because she always knew that Chi Jingyu and those of their previous team didn't like bondage.

    Therefore, he did not want to join Haisheng at the beginning, but followed the Song Yi people to secretly provide Haisheng with R & D services on the top team.

    She was puzzled. Was it because Chi Jingyu had something wrong, so she regarded Tiangong as a haven? Will other comrades also have trouble?

    But now at Gongling Yejia, Song Yi can only suppress all doubts.

    At noon, Gong Lingye and others did not come out for dinner. Until the evening, they did not know whether they were out or busy. Song Yi people had dinner and were ready to go for a walk.

    I do n’t know how long Gong Lingye ’s affairs can be handled. Song Yi is a little troubled because the robot game is about to take place. She did n’t go to the team for two days, which will inevitably drag the team ’s progress.

    The last ray of sunlight fell from the horizon, and the sky was gradually dyed black. The Song Yi people walked to the flower bed at the door of the villa and unexpectedly saw a blooming pansy.

    Anyway, nothing happened. She turned on the camera and squatted down, planning to take a picture, and heard several car sounds, all of which seemed to be soaring.

    She grimaced, seeing that the lights of the car were approaching, so she hurried to the shadow.

    Soon, the car arrived at the door of the villa, and there were three cars in a row. All of them came down to men, and the Song Yi people smelled bloody.

    Among the group of people, Amian was the first. He wore a black vest. In the dim light, the muscles of the arms and shoulders were particularly clear, as if they were coated with a dark salad oil.

    There were several mottled blood marks on the camouflage trousers, which walked silently and showed a full hormonal breath.

    Several people walked quickly under his leadership, and there was no conversation, and the Song Yi people saw that several of them were injured and were gangsterous.

    In this kind of scene, you don't need to guess and know what they went out to do. Song Yi didn't want to come out and caused her to be suspected. So, she waited for a while for everyone to go in for a while before she came out of the shadows.

    Back at the villa, Song Yi went straight to the second floor. The light in the next bedroom was not on. It is estimated that Gong Lingye was still in the study.

    When the Song Yi people walked to the bedroom, they didn't notice that there was something on the ground. It was a slip when they stepped on it. The whole person fell back suddenly. Although they finally stabilized, the mobile phone in his hand slipped from the palm of his hand and flew out. far.

    She stood up straight and found that her phone had slipped to the door of the study.

    So, the Song Yi people walked lightly and stooped to pick up the phone.

    At the moment, in the study, A Mian is reporting: "Emperor Shao, the clearing is over, but we have found that there is a force behind those people, and the leader of that force is in the city of the emperor, and will go to Ye Lan tomorrow night Clubhouse ', this will be our best chance to destroy them, I will bring all the brothers over ... "

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "No, I will meet him tomorrow."

    A Mian's face changed: "Young Emperor, your body hasn't recovered, it's too dangerous ..."

    "He didn't know my hole card, so he just counted it. Everyone has been injured a lot recently, and it's too much to spend in frontal fighting." Gong Lingye knocked on the desktop: "You arrange it, this matter is confidential, don't disclose it to the fourth person- — ”

    In order not to make a sound, Song Yi took off his shoes, walked lightly to the door of the study, and stooped to pick up the phone.

    At this moment, the study door was suddenly opened.

    She still kept the stooping motion of picking up her mobile phone. When she saw Gong Lingye, A Mian, Bae Jun and a man who could not name her eyes sharply, she squeezed her mobile phone in the palm of her hand. Thin layer of sweat.

    "Young Emperor, she—" A Mian took the lead.

    Gong Ling waved her hand at night: "You go to arrange first."

    Having said that, the three left quickly, and Gong Lingye walked slowly to the Song Yi people.