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#14 Break up

Obviously, everyone on the stage was even more shocked. Someone whispered: "Oh my god, what is the origin of this girl, can actually make Mr. Gong and her dance the opening dance!"

    "Yeah! If I could dance with Mr. Gong, I would be willing to die!"

    "Hush! Don't be so loud! I heard that someone used to chase Mr. Gong, but just rushed over to hug him and was thrown into the sea to feed the shark!"

    "Okay, I just think about it ... how dare!" Although she said so, the hatred in her eyes was as real as it is! Did n’t that woman have Gongmochen as her boyfriend? Why should Mr. Gong dance with her? !

    At this moment, the music sounded, and as the musicians on both sides began to play accompaniment, Song Yi people danced in the field under the guidance of Gong Lingye.

    The lights fell from the dome as if all the light and shadow were dancing with their steps.

    Gong Lingye was tall and supported the Song Yi people's waist with one hand. He had a head taller than the Song Yi people, his eyes narrowed, and he seemed to be looking at her, with a little exploration.

    The girl in front of him, the black hair swan neck, and the long, rose-colored skirt, between the rotation, her strong and elegant, his deep and indifferent fit perfectly, is the master of the audience.

    As the music became louder and more aggressive, their dance steps became faster and faster.

    Gong Lingye grew up in a wealthy house like the Gong family, and is naturally familiar with any dance.

    At this moment, he saw that Song Yi people's pace was calm and calm, and his doubts were deeper.

    Therefore, he deliberately used very difficult, such dance steps, if not practiced for more than ten years, it is difficult to jump out of taste. However, he found that she was at ease in front of her, without any confusion, even more calm.

    Song Yiren also found that Gong Lingye was deliberately trying, but she didn't care.

    These things couldn't be easier for her.

    Not only does she know how to dance and social etiquette, she also dabbles in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy.

    The Song family at the time was Ningcheng's premier giant.

    As a Song family, she spends most of her time studying and working, but there are some things that have been irritated since she was born.

    In the end, a difficult waist brought a sound of inhalation around him.

    After the music ended, the two on the stage looked at each other and all danced together.

    As the surrounding lights turned on, all the people seemed to be refreshed, and the hall was filled with the sound of inhalation.

    Walking down the stage, the Song Yi people went to the bathroom.

    However, when she was about to walk out of the compartment, she heard what she said.

    "Have you ever heard of Yu Ruo Nuan's family? Ha ha, her dad sold two daughters before, don't know how much money she sold by her dad?"

    "Oh, look at her fairy face, it was sold to Gongjia again, sure the price is not low!"

    "Don't you think that the Gong family is just playing with her? After she gets bored by Gong Shao, she still throws it away like garbage?"

    "Did you not find her? Gou attracted Gong Shao, not even Gong Xiaogong!"

    "Yeah, why did you say Gong Shao danced with that woman? I have never seen Uncle Gong dance with anyone!"

    "Wanting, didn't you find it? Just now Uncle Gong is just because Gong is not here, so I will help for the time being!"

    "Yeah, if Yu Ruonuan had seduced Gong Shao, how could Uncle Gong treat her! By the way, it would be better for us to gamble.

    "I bet for a month!"

    "One month? Too long, I bet 10 days!"

    "Three days, I bet that he must have dumped the tramp for three days!"

    At this moment, the compartment door behind them opened, and the Song Yi who was being discussed by them walked out calmly.

    The three girls suddenly had embarrassment on their faces, especially the one named Jiang Wanting. Her face was a little ugly, but then she returned to normal.

    She looked at the Song Yiren through the mirror, trying to see an embarrassment on her cheek.

    However, she failed.

    The Song Yi people washed their hands slowly, and when they dried their hands, she turned around and said to the three women: "Can I take part in your gambling?"

    The three were shocked.

    "I bet for one year, and one year later, it was not him who dumped me, but I dumped him!" Song Yiren raised his lips, threw the paper into the side basket, turned and left happily.