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There are a lot of blessings on the phone, he hurried past, at 9 pm, he received her news as scheduled.

    When he opened it, he even thought that he should have told her that it was his birthday today. Well, perhaps the news she sent this time is not the past conversations that were not clever.

    It's just that when he clicked on, there was only a simple sentence above: "I'm tired, and I've been disturbed in the past few months."

    After reading it, he was stunned, even exited the interface and glanced at it again, only to be sure that she sent it.

    The calendar on the wall seemed to be laughing at his self-righteousness. He re-opened it and responded to her with only one word: "Okay."

    Sure enough, everything stopped on the last day of those three months, he was there with her, it was never special at all!

    After that, he never saw her again, as he knew, all the encounters were just her intention. She is tired of playing, and naturally will not appear in his world again.

    After that, life seemed to be back to its original state, everything was as dull as before, time was inadvertent, and it was more than two years.

    He did not expect that a girl whom he thought would disappear completely in his life would one day suddenly appear at his small party.

    At that time, she was no longer the girl with straight straight hair and a seemingly naive smile in her past impressions. She changed her wavy hair, and she became bright and charming after seeing him for more than two years. Just the right nature, as if that was really the first time they met.

    She changed her appearance, changed her name, and even became the chief designer of a perfume brand. The ridiculous past disappeared. He even thought that maybe she had forgotten him long ago.

    After all, there are too many passengers in her life, and he is not a special one.

    However, she approached again, disturbing his calm mood again and again.

    Until, she finally dragged him off the water ...

    Xuan Yuan Che leaned on the back of the sofa, his eyes falling on that box of lipstick.

    He had never done such a ridiculous thing in his life, and even thinking about it now felt incredible.

    When did you start to be tempted by her?

    He traced back to the past, but found something, it seems that it is really in the day after day, the potential is dark and long, waiting to be discovered, but has already been integrated into the minutiae of life.

    So much so that despite the frivolous hatred she said to her, she felt the first time in her life after hearing what Gong Lingye said.

    He thought that since he couldn't throw away, he might as well go face to face. It's better to be suspicious, suspicious, reluctant, and hesitant.

    Bei Mingmo was originally minded because of the extra person behind her, but because of a tricky email, she was quickly distracted.

    So that it was two hours after the end, she realized that Xuanyuan Che did not seem to have left.

    She turned her head and saw that he was typing on his mobile phone, as if he were working, and the whole person looked serious and focused.

    With a sigh in her heart, she suddenly had a hunch that the peace she wanted in the future might be gone.

    Hey, maybe leave everything to time!

    Bei Mingmo picked up his cell phone and sent a message to the Song Yi people, telling about what Chu Mingyao came to see her today.

    Putting down the phone, Bei Mingmo turned his head to look behind him, but unexpectedly met Xuanyuan Che's eyes that he just lifted up.

    She looked slightly embarrassed and looked for a topic: "How do you dress like this?"

    Xuanyuan Che's heart was a little bit bottomless, and he asked, "Not good-looking?"

    Bei Mingmo thought for a while: "No, I just didn't see you go through like this."

    "This is the first time," he said. For the first time, my brain pumped, dressed like this to chase her.

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "But it is also very good, young. The style changes from time to time, or it adds freshness to life."

    After she finished speaking, seeing him being silent, she was about to turn around and continue to be busy, but the man behind him asked: "I was old before?"

    Bei Mingmo looked at him again in surprise, and then shook his head: "No, I never did."

    He asked no more, she turned around and continued to work, and there was silence in the office.

    And thousands of miles away, the Song Yi people just got up and saw the news from Bei Mingmo.

    She turned her head and rushed to the man beside her: "Chu Mingyao started with Momo, but it didn't work."

    "He should only reveal some information to intimidate and want her to panic, so as to analyze Ziheng's location." Gong Ling Yedao said: "I will strengthen the manpower and protect her family."

    Song Yiren nodded: "Is there any possibility of Chu Mingyao turning over in the matter of heaven?"

    Gong Lingye pinched her small face: "Don't believe me?"

    Song Yiren laughed: "It seems that Chu Mingyao really jumped the wall."

    Indeed, as the two expected, Chu Mingyao only threatened and tried Beimingmo in the past.

    However, after touching the nail, he found that he had no chance at all. Instead, after leaving the building, his phone was almost knocked out.

    At this moment in the country or at night, he narrowed his eyes: "What's the matter?"

    "President Chu, the police came to investigate and obtain evidence, there is no clue." Wang Xindao: "We may have really planted this time."

    Chu Mingyao pinched his phone, and suddenly felt the style in the sky was outrageous.

    He suddenly thought of a winter many years ago. He returned home on winter vacation. Song Yiren was reading at home. When he saw him go home, she asked him, "Brother, how do you translate this sentence?"

    He walked over and saw an English proverb above. He said: "It means that in this world, all good and evil will eventually be reported, and the sky will not spare anyone."

    Song Yiren nodded at the time and smiled, "It turns out this way, no wonder I didn't translate it literally!"

    Chu Mingyao thought of this and smiled softly.

    Are there any reports? If so, how could the Song family die?

    Song Yuncheng saved his life and helped his wounds, a scalpel, did not know how many lives were saved;

    Xu Qing has always been charitable, and there are no shortage of subsidized students and people who are ill and have no money to seek medical treatment;

    Besides Song Yiren, although she hasn't had her own career, she was kind and helpful since childhood, and her classmates and teachers like her very much.

    Ha ha, aren't they all dead yet?

    Chu Mingyao laughed in the wind, what proverbs are deceptive!

    He only believes that the future is in his own hands. Although he lost this time, as long as he is alive, he will have a chance to make a comeback!

    Just as Chu Mingyao was preparing to return to China to face everything positively, a sudden news shocked the Internet.

    [Tiangong Group F country aircraft base has just exploded. It is reported that the group ’s vice president Gong Mochen is at the center of the explosion and his life and death are uncertain! 】

    As soon as this news came out, it almost occupied the headlines of China's hot search.