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#120 I am her parent

Next to it, Gong Lingye seemed to notice that Song Yi's emotions were wrong. He picked up a popcorn and fed it to Song Yi's lips: "Warm, do you like this car?"

    I remember when they were in the cafe, Song Yiren asked Chu Mingyao when the car was released.

    Song Yi nodded, his mind has not yet returned: "Well."

    "In the future, we will develop a more advanced one." Gong Lingye clenched her hands: "Nuan Nuan, this task will be given to you."

    After two seconds, the talent of Song Yi suddenly turned around and said: "What are you talking about?"

    "Why, I have no confidence in myself?" Gong Lingye's eyes were particularly scorching in the dim light.

    "No." Song Yiren looked at him: "Do you really think I can?"

    "I have read your work report in the AI ​​Department, and I am confident in your major." Gong Lingye said, "In the past, Tiangong mainly focused on real estate, finance and other industries. AI started later than Haisheng, so temporarily They ca n’t compare with them. But now the company focuses on this aspect, the funds and other ratios will be given priority. You can work hard and you can tell me the first time you encounter any difficulties. "

    Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye's serious eyebrows, and there was a warm current in his heart, as if he had recovered his original blood again: "Well, I will work hard."

    In fact, she had long planned to join Tiangong and wait for her to make achievements in Tiangong. Hai Sheng would definitely come to dig people.

    She found another opportunity to pretend to accept Haisheng's olive branch, so as to enter Haisheng, crush Chu Mingyao from the inside, and recapture her company!

    The screen gradually darkened, the advertisement ended, and the movie began.

    This is a romance film about the love between the male and female at first sight, but because of the gunfire and chaos, they mistakenly thought that the other party betrayed themselves, but they reunited on the battlefield many years later, and fell in love and killed each other.

    Song Yi people rarely watch romantic movies in movie theaters, but did not expect that the originally low-expectation movie emotions and pictures are in place. At the beginning, she also ate popcorn while watching leisurely.

    But in the back, when he saw the female host pierced through the collarbone with bullets, the male host clearly wanted to save, but had to turn around, suddenly moved.

    The girl in the front row was already wiping tears, and the boyfriend next to her stretched out her arm and pulled her closer.

    When Song Yiren was trying to control her emotions, she felt that she was hooked and fell into a familiar embrace.

    Gong Lingye had already lifted the handrail between them. She collapsed so far that she was completely nestled in his arms. He hugged her, resting her chin on the top of her head, and picked up popcorn and fed it to her mouth. , Whispered in her ear: "Nuan Nuan, if you misunderstand me later, remember to tell me, I will explain it to you."

    Song Yi's heart moved, she thought about it: "Okay, at the end of my movie, I ask you something."

    "Good." Gong Ling nodded at night and continued feeding.

    After watching a movie, the audience cried because the final result was that the male host was seriously injured in the war and was sent abroad. The female host thought he was dead, so he left alone.

    Many years later, the two met again in a foreign country, but they were already in the year of the flower armor, and they met each other with a smile, only to sigh.

    Song Yiren also felt that his heart was a bit blocked. When he was pulled out by Gong Lingye, he saw her sad and squeezed her face: "Warm warm, we won't."

    After talking, Gong Lingye suddenly thought of his 32-year-old Kan, and he felt a sigh of relief.

    He has always felt that he can face everything calmly.

    He did not believe in God or evil, and he never felt that it was a curse. He only felt that it was related to the inheritance or other things of their family.

    I can't find out at this time, it's just because the medical technology is not so developed.

    Or, this is actually a conspiracy, but the other party's method is too secret, he has not been able to investigate.

    In any case, in fact, he has long been ready to be away at any time.

    But now, for the first time in her life, she would worry about what she would do if she was really gone?

    Will she be sad? Or, will anyone bully her?

    Although he believes in her abilities, there are things in this world that are unpredictable.

    He didn't want to go, he didn't want to walk with care, otherwise he would not feel at ease.

    Song Yiren didn't know what Gong Lingye thought. She was led out of the theater all the way by her, and she began to organize the language in her mind.

    The night breeze is gentle, blowing on the cheeks, and the summer night is particularly comfortable.

    Gong Lingye turned around and asked Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, what did you want to ask me just now?"

    Song Yiren thought for a moment and directly said: "I want to know, you to Miss Gu ..."

    Gong Lingye froze for a moment, then raised her lips and said: "Nuan Nuan, do you want to know, what is my affection for listening to snow?"

    Song Yi people are a little uncomfortable, their eyes look far away, and some are erratic.

    Gong Lingye pulled her face over and looked at her: "Nuan Nuan, I have no male or female feelings for her, just treat her as a sister."

    "At that time, I was fierce for you because she drank the wine you put there, because she was indeed in poor health, and drinking a glass of problematic wine might cause cardiac arrest. Understand, naturally it will be biased towards her. "He said one by one:" But, I really only like you between men and women. "

    His eyes were deep and his tone was serious. The Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye, only to feel that the haze that had been covering their hearts disappeared all at once.

    After rebirth, for the first time, she worked hard to take a step from that heavy defense, willing to believe in and approach him.

    "I believe you." Song Yiren said, putting on his toes, he would put on the mask to Gong Lingye.

    He caught her hand and buckled her waist: "Kiss before wearing."

    She had no choice but to let him hold her and kiss under the street light.

    She couldn't stand steadily, so she raised her arm and wrapped around his neck.

    That night, when Gong Lingye sent the Song Yi people downstairs, the dormitory aunt smiled enthusiastically: "Parents don't sit up?"

    Song Yi: "..."

    How could this aunt know that Gong Lingye looks like a parent?

    However, when she turned to look at the man next to her and found the other person's expensive ascetic breath, not laughing, the majesty of the superior was exuded all over her.

    It seems that it really is so!

    She quickly answered for Gong Lingye: "It's okay, my uncle is still going to work tomorrow morning, no need to go!" How can he get up? By the time he hasn't been kissed by him yet?

    The aunt looked confused: "Uncle? Isn't he your brother?"

    Gong Lingye rubbed Song Yiren's hair at the right time: "Be good, don't call me old."

    After all, he lowered his voice in her ear again: "Brother Love."

    Song Yiren's cheeks turned red, and he ignored him, and quickly went upstairs.

    Below, Gong Lingye looked at her rabbit-like disappearing back, and her lips twitched with joy.