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Song Yi people ran to the door of the villa area, but failed to catch up with Gong Lingye's car.

    She stood on the side of the road, looking at the wide asphalt road, tears rolling down.

    She didn't know why she suddenly had such unbearable emotions. Such unreasonable things couldn't hold her back.

    She was like a child who was abandoned by an adult in a strange world. She was lonely and helpless. She looked at the direction of the disappearance of the car with her eyes. Obviously, there was nothing there.

    Song Yiren didn't know what she had got home, but when she went back, she found that when she ran across the grass, there was snow on the ground, and her cotton mop and socks were wet, and it was now ice and sink.

    Her hands were also frozen, her fingerprints could not be unlocked for a long time, and even pressing the password, her hands were stiff as if she were not her own.

    When she entered the room, she ran into Song Ziheng who heard the movement.

    Song Ziheng saw Song Yiren's loss of soul, and quickly passed: "Sister, what's wrong with you?"

    He said, go to the Razonyi's hand, only to find that the cold was scary, and even her feet were freezing red.

    Song Ziheng quickly pulled Song Yiren to sit on the sofa and put her hand in her palm.

    The boy ’s hand is not too big, smaller than Gong Lingye ’s, but still warm and dry.

    Song Yiren only felt that his body began to warm up a little bit.

    She turned her eyes, looked at the time, and then said: "Zi Heng, I'm going to the airport."

    "Sister!" Song Ziheng saw Song Yiren's appearance at this moment.

    He frowned: "I want to go with you!"

    "I'm fine, just because your brother-in-law is going on a business trip, and I thought of Chu Mingyao's trial today, so I'm more excited to do this. Don't worry, I'm fine." Song Yiren gradually returned to reason, saying, "You can't , The person behind the scene must be looking for you now, we are at a critical stage, and there are no uncertainties at all! "

    Although Song Ziheng wanted to go to Ningguo, he also understood that the Song Yi people were right. The people behind the scene had not yet appeared. He could not show up now, nor could he disrupt all plans because of him.

    But he was still a little worried: "Sister, then you can keep the phone open at any time, what's the matter, call me the first time!"

    Song Yi nodded: "Okay."

    She had recovered warmth, and quickly got up soon after seeing it: "I'll clean up and get ready to go."

    At the moment, Gong Lingye has arrived at Dr. Tan.

    He asked: "Dr. Tan, after lowering the metabolic rate, will my whole person stay awake or something? Can I control myself to wake up halfway?"

    Dr. Tan said: "Once the metabolism is lowered, the whole person will be in a state of sleep, so nothing will happen to the outside world, but the body will have some basic senses. Mr. Gong, if you want to wake up halfway, you can Yes, but generally the shortest frequency is to wake up once a week. "

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay, I'm going to prepare now. After a week, you wake me up, I still have things to do."

    Dr. Tan responded: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye walked to the side of the room and called Gu Zhiyun.

    Soon, Gu Zhiyun answered: "Ling Ye, is there anything wrong so early?"

    Gong Lingye ticked her lips: "Uncle Gu, you should know what I mean by calling."

    He paused and said, "I'm at the Blood Institute."

    Gu Chiyun seemed to have waited for two seconds over there before speaking: "Ling Ye, I don't know what you mean."

    "Uncle Gu, I saw that the flowers in your flower garden were extremely strong, so I took away some soil." Gong Lingye sighed: "But I didn't expect that there were really no small discoveries."

    Gu Zhiyun heard this and knew that there was no need to say anything secretly.

    He simply and honestly said: "Yes, but I didn't expect you to find it so quickly. Ling Ye, you are very smart, but unfortunately, she has a weak life and is not healthy since childhood, and you are not willing to be my son-in-law."

    Gong Lingye's tone also faded: "You do these things, do you know Xue Xue? Have you ever thought about how she would look at you?"

    Gu Zhiyun smiled: "She won't know! And you, did you not intend to tell her?"

    Gong Lingye silently did not continue this topic, but said: "Where is that medicine?"

    Gu Chiyun smiled deeper: "Ling Ye, I just praised you for being smart. You should know that since I have decided, how can I still keep that medicine?"

    "So, you mean no solution?" Gong Lingye asked calmly.

    "Yeah, it's a pity, I'd rather let it rotten in the ground, and would rather use it to listen to Xuedang's most common tonic, rather than use it to save your life!" Gu Zhiyun said here, tone Suddenly sharpened: "How did our Gu family treat you at first? As a result, my wife was called up to see your mother on her stomach and let her die on the way back! Listening to Xue being cut out, she never ate a bite of milk from her mother, I have never seen my mother. For so many years, I have been hovering on the line of life and death. How do I calculate these accounts? "

    "I confess that my mother's illness caused an accident in your family, but it wasn't us who caused everything." Gong Ling Yedao said: "All these years, we have been making up, but you are enjoying all our make up, But turning around turned our trust and guilt into sharp weapons! "

    "Don't tell me this!" Gu Chiyun pinched his phone and his chest undulated: "I only know that if it weren't for you, my wife was still alive and listening to the snow was healthy! I wouldn't have to face white-haired people sending black hair people!"

    "So, Uncle Gu, you will not compromise anyway?" Gong Lingye asked.

    "Yes!" Gu Zhiyun said with a sneer: "Even if you use Tingxue as a threat ..."

    Gong Lingye also smiled: "This is the grievance between our two, and it has nothing to do with listening to Xue. Even if I want to live again, I can't take her as a bargaining chip."

    "Oh, Gong Lingye, don't think you are so noble!" Gu Zhiyun, who teared his face, never looked like his warm elders. He gritted his teeth and said: "That medicine is gone! With only a little extract , You can't research alternatives, you just wait to die! None of your palaces will ... "

    Gu Zhiyun's words were not finished yet, and the back suddenly stuck in his throat.

    Because, the daughter who had never gotten up so early suddenly opened the door and looked at him in shock.

    Gu Chiyun quickly turned off the phone and screamed in a panic: "Listen to the snow!"

    Gu Tingxue's chest fluctuated, and the shock in his eyes was slowly replaced by disappointment and anger: "Dad, what did you just say to Brother Ling Ye, is it true?"

    Gu Chiyun shook his head and quickly reached out to help listen to Xue Xue's shoulder: "No, listen to Xue, you listen to Dad explain ..."

    "I just heard it!" Gu Tingxue looked into his father's eyes. At this moment, he only felt that his amiable father became strange and scared her: "When your phone rang, I was already at the door, I was all heard it!"