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Wang Dong directly opened the result and played with the taste: "Ouch, the resolution to change the president was almost unanimously passed, but we still have a shareholder who insists on letting President Chu take office!"

    He said nothing, everyone looked at Chu Mingyao.

    Dozens of pairs of eyes were taunts, and Chu Mingyao only felt that his face was burning.

    He got up suddenly and was about to leave.

    Behind him, Dong Dong said: "Mr. Chu, oh no, we have to change our minds! Should you listen to the results before you leave? After all, you are also a minority shareholder, and you should be present when you choose a new president later. ! "

    Chu Mingyao's hand clenched into a fist.

    Wang Dongdao: "Since everyone agrees to remove the current president Chu Mingyao, and Mr. Chu Mingyao needs to hand over all the formalities within one month, then we now need to select a new president."

    Someone suggested: "I have already thought about this, everyone should have heard of Dannis? He used to work for a listed company on the verge of bankruptcy, and turned the tide to bring the company back to glory. Now Dannis just resigned from the previous company, he I said on Weibo that I plan to take a break. I think we can contact him and hire him to take over as president of Haisheng. "

    Dong Dong nodded: "Well, I also know him, his ability is good, and he can be considered as a candidate."

    Next, someone proposed a few more, and at this moment Chu Mingyao had walked out of the meeting room.

    He came out of the Haisheng Building, and Lao Yuan saw that there were also reporters in the underground parking lot.

    At that moment, the fire in his heart almost destroyed him!

    Why are all the people who came to expose him? He has torn the wound, why should he be seen in the bloody inside? !

    He did not dare to go to the parking lot, but found a debris warehouse and walked in.

    This warehouse must have been unattended for a long time, it was all dust, and it was a choking smell.

    Chu Mingyao closed the door and leaned alone on the corner. At that moment, his hatred and unwillingness burned his chest. His blood was roaring in anger, but he couldn't do anything!

    I don't know how long I stayed in the room. There was no window in the room. Chu Mingyao was covered with dust, until he felt that his stomach was empty.

    It was quiet outside and there was no sound. Perhaps, it was already evening and everyone was off work?

    Chu Mingyao did not dare to look at the mobile phone, he had already shut down the phone.

    He carefully opened the door and determined that there was no one outside before turning to the bathroom.

    In the mirror, the man was all gray, as if it were the humblest dust.

    He stretched his hand and hit the mirror with a punch.

    Suddenly, the broken mirror pierced the skin, and blood spilled, but Chu Mingyao didn't feel pain.

    He turned on the faucet, reached over the bloody hand, and watched the water wash down, and the blood flowed down the pool.

    He smiled lowly, laughing wildly.

    "Xu Qing, what if you don't give me shares? You are not dead yet! Your baby daughter is also dead! Your man is also dead! Your family of three is under the ground, but I am still alive ..."

    "Song Yiren, even if you get engaged to me, what if your eyes never fall on me? You are not dead yet, no man really loves you!"

    "You are all dead, but I, or, I won ..."

    He said frantically, then stumbled and turned to the underground parking lot.

    It was already evening, even if the persistent reporters had already left. The huge parking lot at the moment was empty.

    Chu Mingyao came to his car, pulled it away, and slammed on the accelerator to open it.

    He habitually opened the news, but reacted suddenly, and quickly turned off the car radio.

    The neon outside had lit the sky. He crossed the road several times, almost hitting pedestrians, but was pulled back by reason at the last minute.

    He is not dead, he cannot give up. After all, there is hope as long as you live!

    He kept nagging this sentence to himself until he realized that he had unknowingly drove to the villa area.

    Back home, the servant was shocked to see Chu Mingyao's dust, and quickly handed over clean clothes.

    Chu Mingyao waved his hand and walked straight in.

    He walked into the bathroom, washed himself repeatedly, and looked at the mirror again.

    The mirror was slightly blurred by water vapor, and Chu Mingyao looked at himself and smiled again.

    This is the villa of the Song family, who lives here now, isn't he?

    He took a deep breath, forced himself not to panic, and returned to the bedroom in his bathrobe.

    Su Yunfei is not trapped under the bed for 24 hours, and at the moment, she is in the corner of the bedroom.

    Perhaps she had been imprisoned for too long. When she saw Chu Mingyao, there was obvious consternation in her eyes, and she could not help but shrink inward.

    Because of her weight loss, her cheeks have been recessed, her eyes are large and protruding, and her original beautiful face looks a little scary at the moment.

    Seeing her, Chu Mingyao suddenly seemed to have something to vent. Although this woman had made him appetite, but at this moment the fire in his heart could not wait for Su Mi to come over.

    And Su Yunfei is the best vent target!

    He walked towards Su Yunfei step by step, then grabbed the woman by the collar and dragged her towards the bed.

    She was terrified, struggling constantly, her fingers accidentally caught Chu Mingyao's wound.

    Suddenly, Chu Mingyao's pupils shrank, and she threw her on the ground: "Bitch! Since you don't want to be in bed, then I'll do you, right on the ground!"

    He said, pressing hard up.

    Su Yunfei only felt that, as if experiencing the most terrible torture in the world, the man in front of him could crush her almost at all times.

    Things that were pleasing in the past became tormented and painful at this moment, and she even thought about it: it would be nice if she died now.

    I don't know how long it took, he finally ended, throwing her aside as if throwing a rag bag.

    She couldn't move, she couldn't even make a sound, the whole person seemed to be a canoe that would fall apart in the storm.

    However, when Chu Mingyao was about to leave the room, Su Yunfei suddenly felt uncomfortable in his stomach, and then suddenly vomited.

    Chu Mingyao's footsteps stopped suddenly, looking down on Su Yunfei on the ground.

    She was still retching, and her thin face was as white as paper.

    He squinted his eyes and suddenly remembered that when he and Su Mi did that day, Su Yunfei seemed to have had a nausea, but he was on the head and didn't care, and later forgot.

    So, now it seems ...

    Chu Mingyao sneered, picked up the phone, and called the family doctor.

    Not long after, Dr. Li came over, and Chu Mingyao said directly to Dr. Li: "Dr. Li, help me to see if Miss Su is pregnant."

    Dr. Li nodded and smiled, "Okay, I will take a blood test for Miss Su."