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#419 Stunning

The prosperous and luxurious atmosphere from the shop made Song Yi people feel a little trance.

Beside him, Gong Lingye turned her head and said to her, "Nuan Nuan, eat and drink today, try to be careful."

Song Yi nodded and took Gong Lingye's arm into the bustling hustle and bustle.

In the hall, Yixiang Yingying, many guests have arrived. When the Song Yi people walked in with Gong Lingye's hand, the whole hall was completely quiet for a moment.

Everyone's eyes turned around, looking at the pair of people who had just walked in.

The man is tall and tall, the facial features are exquisite and profound, and a cold air field makes the whole hall seem to sweep through the wind.

The woman's facial features are beautiful, and an ice-blue dress is more set against her black hair.

Her makeup is very light, but it just magnifies all the advantages, especially a pearl flower on her chest, which makes people seem to rely on vision alone to smell the full fragrance.

When they walked in this way, the guests around them unconsciously gave way, and they secretly began to guess their identity.

The upper class society of Country J has always looked down on Hua Guo and Ning Guo. In addition, Gong Lingye rarely has positive news, so there are really many people in Country J who do not know him at all.

At this moment, some people started to talk about: "Is that the fourth of Shangguan's family? I look like the facial features and the owner of Shangguan are somewhat similar."

"It should be. I didn't expect that the eldest boy is more outstanding than his brothers! The one next to him should be his wife?"

"The true Langcai looks like a woman, just don't know which family his wife is from?"

"I have figured this out! That woman is a daughter of a small broken family in Hua Guo, and her father is still in jail because of economic problems, which is a far cry from Shangguan's family!"

"This woman, in addition to having a beautiful appearance, how can that kind of family marry into Shangguan's family?"

"Oh, if you look at the arrangement of Guanguan's owner today, you know that he definitely intends to change his wife for the heir he wants!"

"Heir to fancy? Already determined?"

"Oh, even if I'm not sure, eight or nine will not leave ten. Think about it, when was Shangguan's last banquet in this main hall?"

"It's the seventieth birthday of the old man!" The man was startled: "Brother or you are sober!"

"So, speak carefully and do things." The man patted his friend's shoulder.

At this time, Gong Lingye and Song Yiren had come to Shangguanao.


"Well, Ah Ye, I'll take you to meet some business friends." Shangguan Ao said, putting his arm directly on Gong Lingye's back.

He did not mention the Song Yi people, and apparently did not intend to introduce her to others.

Why didn't the Song Yi people know his intention? She doesn't care too. After all, she has her own career. No matter whether Shangguan is proud or not as her half daughter-in-law, she doesn't want to sniff!

Gong Lingye stopped, "Uncle, I'm not sure if Nuan Nuan is here alone."

"Is my family and friends, what are you afraid of?" Shangguan said proudly: "Several sister-in-laws will accompany her."

Gong Lingye still insisted, but the Song Yiren gave him a reassuring look: "Ling Ye, you and Uncle go by. I don't understand those things in the business, so I won't mix it up."

"Okay, I'll be with you later." Gong Lingye said before leaving.

At this time, the waiter passed by Song Yi and handed her a glass of red wine.

She took it, smiled politely, and just raised her eyes, she saw two more women in front of her, it was her two sisters-in-law.

"Four younger sisters, I have never had a chance to talk to you before, but now I have a chance." The sister-in-law said, pointing to the rest area beside you: "You didn't know anyone here on your first day. In the past, we sat and we Introduce you sisters here."

Song Yiren smiled: "Okay." Then he followed the two women to the rest area.

Sure enough, there are already a lot of young women, Yan Yanhuan thin, each with their own unique beauty.

"Come, let me introduce to you, this is my fourth sibling Yu Ruonuan." Dasao said to everyone.

Then, the second sister-in-law helped to add: "The four younger sisters are from the Imperial City of China, and this is the first time we have come to our country J."

"Sister Ruan Nuan, come for the first time, then we will take you to the city tomorrow!"

"What's the meaning in the city? It's better to go to our house. There is a club in my house. There are many things to play in!"

"There is a golden nest in your house. How do you see a simple girl like Ruan Nuan playing those? Why don't we go to my skydiving base to play skydiving, young people like it!"

"Let's go to my house, there are many wines suitable for girls in our winery..."

Everyone talked, and then someone asked: "Right, if it's warm, what was your mother's home in the Imperial City?"

"Yeah, Shangguan's home is the world's three largest automakers, and there are several large private oil fields abroad. Can you marry into Shangguan's home, surely it's great?"

"Yeah, let's listen to us!"

The Song Yiren had not spoken yet, and the second sister-in-law said: "The family of the four younger sisters is also doing business in the Imperial City. It is a building material, right, fourth younger sister?"

Song Yi people sneered, it seems that these two sister-in-law brought her over, that's the purpose!

In a country like J that advocates money and rights, what could be more humiliating than a family history?

"My mother's business is bankrupt." Her eyes were straight and straight: "I am married to Ling Ye, and it has nothing to do with my family."

"That's because of love?" Someone chuckled and laughed: "We are born like this, do people really believe in love?"

"Why not?" Someone said, "You see how beautiful Ruo Nuan's sister is. She looks much more beautiful, and Shangguan Sishao is also a man. How could she not like it?"

"Hey, women, there are people all day long, no one has a prominent family background, God knows how long men can spoil you?"

"It's not, in this world, it's immutable, only benefits." The woman said, and explained to Song Yiren: "If it is warm, you are minded, look, the woman who talks to your husband over there, you know Who is she?"

Song Yiren heard the words and turned to see that Gong Lingye was talking with a woman in a white dress. Beside her, Shangguan Ao seemed to be introducing them.

Her heart suddenly became clear, and it seemed that Shangguan Ao planned to drive her away from Gong Lingye!

After two seconds, Shangguan Ao left, Gong Lingye said to the woman, and then they came over to the rest area.

"That was Xuanyuan Yao, the eldest lady of the Xuanyuan family. The Xuanyuan family has done a lot of business in country J, and it is second only to the Shangguan family. I heard that the Shangguan family has always been interested in marrying them." Someone said to Song Yiren: " But Shangguan Wushao is one year younger than Xuanyuan Yao, and his temperament is totally unworthy, so..."

Song Yi raised his eyebrows and pretended not to understand each other's hints.

At this time, Gong Lingye and the two had already come over.