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#146 Get angry

During the talk, Gong Lingye had come to Song Yiren.

    "Nuan Nuan, your dinner is over?" He took her hand naturally: "It happened to be over on my side too, let's go home."

    Let's just say, take the Song Yi people and go to the elevator.

    But at this time, Luo Tianqi suddenly came towards Bei Mingmo, hugged her shoulders, and the eyes were full of surprises: "Azi?"

    The air was silent for a few seconds.

    Immediately, Bei Mingmo patted Luo Tianqi's chest: "Tianqi, you are drunk and admit the wrong person."

    Luo Tianqi frowned, and the surprise at the bottom of her eyes faded a little. Go, then, slowly loosen Bei Mingmo, the voice was very low, as if murmured: "Yeah, Azi left, leave me alone, You are not Azi ... "

    There was a corner of the carpet behind him, and when he stepped back, he was tripped. The drunken man almost lost his balance and fell back almost instantly.

    Bei Mingmo quickly reached out to pull, but there was a faster figure on the opposite side.

    Xuanyuan Che helped Luo Tianqi, because the movement was very fast, and Bei Mingmo just stretched out his arm. Suddenly, Xuanyuan Che took two steps forward.

    Bei Mingmo's heels were a little high, and he didn't stand firm. He reached instinctively and pressed it against Xuanyuan Che's arm.

    She finally stood firm, and when she closed her hand, she heard the man in front of her saying, "I'm sorry."

    The voice is indifferent, without a trace of fluctuations and temperature, just like in memory.

    Bei Mingmo has closed his hand, raised his eyes, and raised a proper smile at the corner of his lips. The voice is also polite and polite: "It's okay, all take care of friends."

    After the episode, the elevator had arrived, Gong Lingye pulled Song Yi people in, and directly pressed the floor.

    Seeing this, the Song Yi man reached out and pulled him. He took her hand and gave no chance to resist.

    On the second basement floor where the rest of the people pressed, Bei Mingmo leaned to the ear of Song Yiren and said, "Warm baby, remember to keep me as a jade."

    As soon as he finished talking, he received Gong Lingye's eye knife.

    Bei Mingmo shrugged, his eyes were provocative.

    He Wanshuang, who had been silent since he first came in, suddenly covered his mouth after entering the elevator.

    On one side, Ling Shaofeng couldn't control his mouth: "Beauty, isn't she pregnant?"

    He Wanshuang raised his eyes, his eyes suddenly became a little cold, and gave him a cold look.

    Aside, Lie Yuan slapped Ling Shaofeng's shoulder, motioned him to shut up, and rushed to evening frost: "This lady, sorry, he drank too much."

    He Wanshuang ignored them. When the elevator reached the first floor, he came out in front of Gong Lingye first.

    "Xiaoshuang, Nuan Nuan and I will send you back first." Gong Ling night said.

    He Wanshuang seemed better in her stomach. She waved her hand: "It's okay, Brother Ye, I have a friend to pick me up."

    "Friend?" Gong Lingye wondered.

    He Wanshuang said: "Well, my high school classmates, I sent her a message."

    After hearing this, Gong Lingye said nothing, and pulled the reluctant Song Yi into the car.

    Earlier, the driver asked: "President, where are we going?"

    Gong Ling Night Road: "Go to 'Xixie Xiaozhu'."

    The driver turned around and the Song Yi turned his head: "I won't go."

    "Good, obedient." Gong Lingye pulled the baffle down and said, "I haven't had enough to eat today. The food at Xixie Xiaozhu tastes good. I will take you to eat it."

    The Song Yi people really don't know, there is such a quiet place near the city center.

    Although it is not large, the three-storey classical pavilion with its Qushui stream is particularly elegant among the lush trees.

    The two entered the private room, and Gong Ling ordered some special dishes here. The waiter left, leaving only two in the private room.

    Song Yiren always wanted to go, she was still angry, she didn't know how to come here for supper with him.

    They sat on the tatami in ancient times, sitting opposite each other, and at the moment the door closed, Gong Lingye came to the Song Yi people.

    He stretched his arms and hugged her into his arms, whispering: "Warm, don't be angry?"

    Song Yi said nothing.

    Gong Lingye said again: "My family has received a global endorsement for Nuan Nuan. He is a rich lady, and she still has a month's salary?"

    Song Yi bit his lip: "Poor."

    After she finished speaking, she suddenly realized that she had actually answered his words. This tone was like acting like a spoiler.

    This perception annoyed the Song Yi people, and his face was hot for a while.

    Gong Lingye hooked her lips instead of tearing her through, but said: "Did you see the text message I gave you tonight?"

    Song Yiren hasn't really seen the mobile phone, because when she was in the private room, she had been thinking about a parameter matching problem.

    Gong Lingye picked up her mobile phone, took Song Yi's finger to unlock it, opened the inbox and passed it.

    Song Yiren finished reading, and thought: "Do you want to give me a bonus?"

    Gong Lingye nodded: "So don't get angry with me?"

    Song Yiren knew he deliberately coaxed her, at most ten times?

    What happens if he sees the team she called in?

    As far as she knows, Chi Jingyu was also invited by Gong Lingye, and it seems that because Chi Jingyu offended someone before, she joined Tiangong as a haven.

    And she invited them all this heavyweight!

    She tickled her lips and seemed to look forward to that day.

    Gong Lingye saw the same expression of Song Yiren's little fox, and her lips raised: "So, reconciled?"

    Song Yi people did not answer this sentence.

    Gong Lingye thought about it and took out his mobile phone: "Nuan Nuan, I was scolded for you today."

    Song Yi people do not believe: "Who dares to scold you? Not afraid of Emperor Shao Qingqing?"

    Gong Lingye opened Weibo: "Look for yourself."

    Song Yiren saw at a glance that Gong Lingye even made a comment like that. The netizen's reply was even more funny, and he was scolded to wake up.

    Song Yiren was amused, took out his mobile phone, found Gong Lingye's scolded comment, and then clicked in and replied: "The annual salary is 10 billion yuan. Yes! "

    She was using a trumpet, and she was not afraid of being picked out by others. When she finished replying, she suddenly froze again.

    She frequently made these childish moves today. What happened?

    Gong Lingye saw Song Yiren's comment and raised her lips: "Nuan Nuan said that I was only a few thousand yuan away."

    Song Yiren couldn't help saying: "Gong Lingye, do your employees know that you are like this?"

    Gong Lingye grabbed her by the shoulder, and her tone suddenly became serious: "They don't know, because I only do this in front of you."

    Song Yi people looked up at him.

    His eyes were deep and locked her tightly: "Because I always know what I want, I want to be with you, so you are angry, I just want to coax you back. I do n’t want to be misunderstood or some Necessary anger, let each other go farther and regret each other's life. So, it doesn't matter what others think, you just come back. "