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#22 How do you repay me?

Feeling the enthusiasm flowing down from his body, the Song Yi people were stunned.

    She forgot to grab Gong Lingye's cell phone, and just stood on the bed blankly, feeling that something flowing down her legs would drip down.

    Suddenly, she seemed to be frightened, jumped off the bed as soon as she jumped, too late to wear shoes, and flew barefoot to the bathroom.

    The door was slammed shut, and the Song Yi quickly took off his underwear. The whole person was even more shocked.

    Before, because she was nervous, she didn't pay attention to her underpants. The aunt's towel was put on the pants, and at this moment, the aunt's towel was soaked for more than half.

    She quickly took the paper to wipe it, and felt her crippling abdomen, and her brain slowly started to work.

    She only had a pain in her lower abdomen, and her soreness was not due to anything else, but because Yu Ruo Nuan had been suffering from dysmenorrhea, so her waist and abdomen fell.

    The blood on the bed is also traceable, because there are traces of aunt's blood on the edge of her underwear.

    Therefore, nothing happened between her and Gong Lingye!

    But when she woke up and saw the red clusters, she thought ...

    Song Yiren feels that she has grown so big and has never been so embarrassed!

    Moreover, that Gong Lingye knew nothing at all, and deliberately misunderstood her, admitting a whole bunch of nothingness!

    With a burst of red and white on his face, Song Yiren took off the aunt's towel and saw a pack of unwound aunt's towels on the side shelf, five pieces for daily use and night use.

    She picked it up and found that there was exactly one night use missing.

    Having no idea how to express his feelings at this moment, Song Yi took a piece, put it on the pad, and scrubbed his body, and then walked out of the bathroom.

    As soon as he came out, he saw Gong Lingye leaning against the wall outside. He had a casual posture, but because of his formal attire, he seemed lazy and abstinent.

    The fire of the Song Yi people suddenly jumped up: "You know that nothing happened to us, why did you just say that ?!"

    Gong Lingye stood straight and looked down at her from the top: "So Miss Yu is inviting me to sit down and sleep with you? Unfortunately, I have cleanliness and can't accept the bloody fight, why not wait a few more days?"

    Song Yi people squeezed their fists tightly and their chests undulated. It took a while for the flames to be relieved.

    No, no, she started running out of control frequently this morning, perhaps because she had never been with a man like this, which made her instinctively nervous. Once nervous, she was prone to make mistakes, and she could n’t continue to do so.

    After all, she is still in perfect shape. Although this dress and the aunt's towel were probably changed by Gong Lingye, they did not have a relationship after all.

    She took a deep breath, regained her composure, looked up at Gong Lingye, and said seriously: "Thank you for Mr. Gong's rescue last night! Thank you!"

    "Okay, let's talk about what happened last night." Gong Lingye glanced down at Song Yiren's bare feet, white and small, and maybe still a little nervous at the moment, her toes curled tightly, at first glance, she looked alert and unprovoked. It was a little ... cute.

    He said: "Want to know who is bothering you?"

    Song Yi raised his eyes and nodded sincerely: "Can Mr. Gong tell me?"

    "Yes." Gong Ling night said: "This matter is also due to me. Jiang Wanting is jealous that you can dance with me, so find someone to destroy you."

    This guess, Song Yi people had also thought before, at this moment was confirmed by Gong Lingye personally, she was also at ease.

    At least, it's not just Chu Mingyao's people, he shouldn't be so open-minded!

    "But don't worry, they won't find you in the future." Gong Lingye said here and leaned a little towards the Song Yi people. Suddenly, he drew closer to each other. His voice was deep and cruel: "Because of those people yesterday, I have cleared the people behind, including me. "

    Song Yi was shocked, and suddenly he took two steps back, but Gong Lingye suddenly grabbed his waist.

    She has not taken care of his movements at this moment, and is only sure to ask in general: "Do you mean to clear the field ..."

    "I have always believed only that people will not continue to be demons if they die." Gong Lingye's eyes were all cold, his body lowered a little, and he leaned in the ear of Song Yi and said slowly: "You killed yesterday People fainted, leaving a mess of mess, I helped you destroy the dead, so busy, how do you repay me? "

    His gentle breath fell on her ears, but Song Yiren felt that coldness had jumped from the soles of the feet, and the whole body became cold. What kind of existence did she provoke?

    However, her brain is still thinking: "When I came out, maybe it was captured by the surveillance. And, their call records or something ..."

    "The surveillance from MSRA to the incident and several streets nearby was destroyed last night. As for the call records, you don't have to worry about it." Gong Lingye locked Song Yi's eyes: "You can go anywhere in the Imperial City with confidence , No one will deal with you again. "

    She was horrified by the man's means and efficiency in front of her. Song Yiren asked, "Why help me?"

    "I don't oppose violence to solve the problem, but I don't like to use some inferior means." Gong Ling night said: "What's more, things still happen because of me."

    "Anyway, thank you for saving me." Song Yiren said in earnest: "I have nothing now, you will help me this time, I will remember, if there is a useful place in the future, I will definitely return!"

    Gong Lingye heard the words and looked at her for a few seconds.

    He thought of her decay and cruelty when she met several gangsters yesterday, and remembered her calmness and calmness on weekdays. Many times, the girl in front of him gave people a feeling of exhausting the vicissitudes.

    However, a few days ago he had investigated her files and various materials, and there was nothing suspicious. There was even no trace of the girl she might have contacted with the girl from Ning Guo a few years ago.

    So, maybe many things are really coincidences?

    It's just that she just couldn't tell the woman's first time from her aunt, and after being teased, he looked like a blushing and jumping feet. The youthful vitality of the 20-year-old girl is undoubtedly revealed.

    That's right. Girls should be like girls. Maybe people have multiple faces. Her multiple faces are just a little more complicated.

    "Okay, I remember, and I will remember me in the future." Gong Lingye said, his big hand suddenly caught the back of Song Yiren's head, and then he tried hard to catch her in his arms.

    She was shocked and immediately reached out to his chest.

    "Want to touch my chest muscles so quickly?" Gong Lingye looked at her with a smile.

    Song Yi was so popular that she didn't expect that this man was talking in private ...

    She looked into his eyes: "I'm your nephew's girlfriend, so if you count it down strictly, I should follow him and call you uncle."

    "Oh, I'm not as big as your niece!" He chuckled, and then arrogantly said: "That's just your performance with Gong Mochen, why should I perform with you?"

    The implication is that he always does whatever he wants, whatever he wants.